Thursday, 7 January 2016

Vol. 9, no. 19

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner - Alleged Improper Destruction of Records by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

France - Loi relative à la gratuité et aux modalités de la réutilisation des informations du secteur public

Ministère de la culture et de la communication (France) - Archives des monuments historiques dans les directions régionales des affaires culturelles

U.S. Office of Inspector General - Evaluation of the Department of State's Freedom of Information Act Process for Requests Involving the Office of the Secretary 

Archives New Zealand - Appraisal Report and Schedule: Veterans' Affairs New Zealand (for Comment)

Library of Congress - BIBFRAME AV Assessment: Technical, Structural, and Preservation Metadata 

De la communauté / From the community
Society of American Archivists - Case Study: Preserving Cham Manuscripts in Vietnam 

Guidance for Implementing "Documented Information" Clause Using Processes and Controls of ISO 30301:2011 Management System for Records

JISC - How and why you should Manage your Research Data: a Guide for Researchers

Surveying the Open Data Landscape

The Conflict Antiquities Trade: a Historical Overview

Free eBook- FRBR Before and After: a Look at our Bibliographic Models

Free eBook - Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject Specialists

The American Archivist, vol. 78, no.2 (Fall/Winter 2015)

Information & Culture: a Journal of History, vol. 51, no. 1 (2016)

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 67, no. 1 (January 2016)

Revue électronique suisse de science de l'information, no. 16 (décembre 2015)

Colonnes: bulletin de liaison des centres d'archives d'architecture, no. 31 (2015)

Patrimoines, revue de l'Institut national du patrimoine, no. 11 (2015)

IFLA Metadata Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 2 (December 2015)

It's about Time: the Newsletter of the Port Hope (Ont.) Archives (Winter 2016)

Association internationale des archives sonores et audiovisuelles - Recommandations pour la production et la conservation des objets audionumériques

Book - Post-Yugoslav Constellations: Archive, Memory, and Trauma in Contemporary Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Literature and Culture

Book - Records Management (Tenth Edition)

Book - Management of Electronic and Digital Media (Sixth Edition)

Book - Online GIS and Spatial Metadata (Second Edition)

Book - Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics

Book - Colonial Heritage, Memory and Sustainability in Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects

Book - Town & Crown: an Illustrated History of Canada's Capital

Livre - Patrimoine littéraire en ligne: la renaissance du lecteur?

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Truth, Lies, and Manufacturing Memory
October 28-29, 2016, Toronto

Online Course - How to Tell a File's Format: Five Open Source Tools

ARMA International Virtual Conference
January 12, 2016

Free Online Course - Digital Curation: an Introduction
Starting January 17, 2016

Massive Open Online Course - Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum
Starting January 18, 2016

Massive Open Online Course - Engaging Citizens: a Game Changer for Development?
February 1 - March 7, 2016

Second European Association for the Digital Humanities Symposium
March 7-12, 2016, University of Leipzig (Germany)

Standing on the Digits of Giants: Research Data, Preservation and Innovation 
March 8, 2016, London (UK)

Re:Humanities 2016: Bleeding Edge to Cutting Edge
March 31-April 1, 2016, Bryn Mawr College (Pennsylvania)

Archives Matter Conference 2016: Queer, Feminist and Decolonial Encounters
June 3, 2016, London (UK)

Sur le web / On the web
Library and Archives Canada Video - Wallot-Sylvestre Seminar: Libraries, Books, and the Digital Future

Library and Archives Canada Podcast - Shot Stone: Curling in Canada 

Join the Conversation: New Canadian Library and Information Management Discussion List and Facebook Page

International Council on Archives - World-Wide Directory of Repositories Holding Artistic & Literary Archives

Le journal d'Anne Frank est un cadeau

Texas State Library and Archives Video - Why is 75 Years such a Common Retention Period? who Decided?

Getty Institute - Digitizing Photography Incunabula

Podcast - Will Future Historians Consider these Days the Digital Dark Ages?

Podcast - Rare Books Uncovered

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Law and information groups challenge far reaching retroactive Conservative law

La destruction du registre des armes à feu en cour

Chrétien's nemesis is back and that's good for access to information 

Copyright term extension in Trans-Pacific Partnership restricts access, costs consumers

Public Domain Day outside the USA: what Canada and the rest of the world get 

My Estimate of when your Canadian Expeditionary Forces Service File will be Digitized

Library and Archives Canada - Hockey Marching as to War: the 228th Battalion

Canadian Librarians Track Down Fugitive Federal Government Documents

Alberta - The legislature library: books and documents plus a hamburger, tin of caviar and bag of dirt

Royal BC Museum launches program to encourage handwritten letters

Samuel Holland's historic map of Prince Edward Island returning to U.K.

Québec - La cassette du discours de Jacques Parizeau sera remise aux Archives nationales

BAnQ Gaspé : l'histoire au bout des doigts

Them Days (Labrador) - Introducing the New Project Researcher

Long-lost concerto found deep in University of Toronto basement archives

University of Toronto iSchool Introduces New Co-op Program

University of Toronto - SSHRC Supports iSchool Doctoral Research

University of Waterloo Special Collections & Archives - Red Riding Hood

Compute Canada Grant: Web Archives for Longitudinal Knowledge

Canadian university libraries threatened by soaring academic publisher prices

Transforming Ottawa: a look back to Ottawa's future

As historically accurate as possible: Vancouver man hooked on Lego megaprojects

10 Vancouver photos from the 80's… the 1880's

Old Skating Photographs from Toronto

Belleville (Ont.) - Community Archives on the move

Prince Albert (Saskatchewan) - A historical treasure trove

Lake Country Museum and Archives (B.C.) - Mystery curlers: can you identify these men from 1918?

Vernon (B.C.) man trying to reunite mysterious keepsake box with rightful owners over the holidays

Thunder Bay Public Library offers 3D printing services

Hidden Messages and Code Words: Bill Alldritt's Letters as a Prisoner in First World War Germany

Job openings and job seekers/grads in Canadian libraries

Amériques / Americas
Argentina - Administration gets ready to shake up National Archive of Memory

Watchdog: State Department archiving issues go beyond Hillary Clinton's emails

ARMA Recommends Federal Information Governance Rules Changes

Library of Congress - APIs: How Machines Share and Expose Digital Collections

NARA - The Search for Hitler's Political Testament, Personal Will, and Marriage Certificate, Part I

Digital Copyright Reaches the Supreme Court (Perhaps)

Smithsonian Institution Archives - Word-processing files need love, too

Guard sues because federal inmate mistakenly gets his personnel information

Public Records Request on Rhode Island Truck Tolls Yields 1882 Maps of Providence

Harvard's Find of a Colonial Map of New Jersey Is a Reminder of Border Wars

University of Texas Harry Ransom Center Receives Grant to Digitize Gabriel García Márquez Archive

University of California at Los Angeles prof helps capture immigrants' accounts of their first days in America

North Carolina State University Libraries - Let the Bits Describe Themselves

Florida State University Libraries Special Collections - Accessioning a Rare Book Collection : Part II

The Newberry to Digitize 30,000 Pamphlets Documenting the French Revolution

Alaska - 40-year Baranov archivist retires

How do we save the Internet for history? This group is trying

New York City - Mayor Bill De Blasio aims to digitize old city records

New York City Faces a Daunting Records Management Initiative

New York Public Library Invites a Deep Digital Dive

New York Public Library's Erotica Collection 

How Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's words were freed from old floppy disks

Digital Stewardship in a Radio Archive: an National Digital Stewardship Resident Project Update

Digital Archive Launched Today, Chronicles 100 Years of Aerospace Achievements

FilmToaster: acclaimed Orangeburg photographer invents tool to preserve negatives

Hearing Voices: Librarian-Produced Podcasts

The Cat Photographer Totally Earned his Title 

Macaque monkey who took selfies can't be declared copyright owner of photos: judge

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - 1990s secrets revealed as cabinet documents released

Files in the National Archives of Australia withheld from public access in 2015

Chinese treasures on display in Canberra as part of first collaboration between national libraries of Australia and China

Library of Australian science and Fenner Archive closed

State Archives of New South Wales (Australia) - Decommissioning and digital archives: different models

University of Tasmania - Dennison Collection offers unrivalled pictorial insight into the development of Tasmania

New Zealand - WW1 project seeks citizen historians

Photos capture political upheaval in Korea

India - Mumbai's slum museum now joins world's most unusual exhibit archives

Europe / Europa
Europeana - E-Space Photography pilot: citizens love to share their memories 

French academic defies Anne Frank Fund, publishes diaries online

National Library of the Netherlands - And now… the results of our Researcher-in-residence Call for Proposal

Rare Color Photos Reveal Germany in 1900 Before it Was Destroyed by Wars

How Germany's love of silence led to the first earplug

Bulgaria Publishes Information on Former State Security Agents in Open Data 

Portuguese Web Archives - We archived the Web pages of the Portuguese Parliamentary Elections of 2015

Italy Says it Will Spend More than $300 Million on Cultural Projects

Sophisticated art thieves network operating at Rome airport uncovered

Italie - La super-bibliothécaire de Catane

Italian Diary Archive Rewrites History from the Bottom up through a Personal Story Commons

Suisse - 25 ans des Archives littéraires : sous le signe des avant-gardes

France - Archives LGBT : comment les Archives nationales participent-elles à leur sauvegarde ?

France - Un premier docteur ès archives 

Attentats : le Fonds Charlie, collecté par les archives municipales de Toulouse, est en ligne

À Quimper, la première bibliothèque diocésaine numérique de France

Le professeur-documentaliste : qu'est-ce que c'est?

Ireland - Declassified files: Dozens to remain closed for decades

Declassified files: British files being released much faster than those in Dublin

Ireland - Setting the bounds of the nation from the archives

Scottish Cabinet Papers from the Year 2000 Opened to the Public

Declassified records reveal Scottish executive's early days

£200k saves Scots author Muriel Spark's papers for nation

Scotland - Sherlock Holmes mystery cracked by Royal Botanic archives

Secrets censored for 30 years reveal dark history of UK terrorism

UK - Red tape and a three year Freedom of Information battle with Cabinet Office

Information managers lose a decade to track down papers for public release

New executive directors appointed to the UK National Archives

British Library - Bald's Leechbook now Online

CSI Medieval: researchers to uncover forensic secrets of Britain's historic wax seals

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Qatar - Digitising thousands of rare historical documents

Iran - Qajar documents kept at Munich State Archives

Egypt to restore its historical National Archives building

Who should keep Iraqi Jewry's archives, saved from Saddam, now on tour in US?

The National Library of Israel Presents: 10 Things we Did in 2015 

Breaking the Silence: former Israeli soldier branded a traitor for asking troops to tell their West Bank stories

Europeana - Get ready to discover sounds of Turkish culture and daily life in Istanbul

Turkey - Ottomans' archive keep documents covering Armenians' crimes against Muslims in Ganja

International Council on Archives - Invitation to Apply for Bursaries for the Seoul Congress September 2016

IFLA - On the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack dissenting voices must be protected

The NATO Archives commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the IFOR peacekeeping mission

W3C - A Metadata Standard as a Base for Universal Images

OCLC signs agreements with leading publishers worldwide

The United Nations library announced its most-checked-out book of 2015. It's kind of disturbing.

Special Report: Digital Humanities in Libraries

La valorisation à travers Wikipédia

L'archiviste vs #lesgens

The disappearing archive

Archive-it - State of the WARC: our Digital Preservation Survey Results

Archiving is evolving: here are the functionalities every enterprise should have

Lensless cameras and HDR sensors: computational photography may change everything

Information governance in 2015: did we learn anything? 

Expectations for 2016: a year of cloud challenges

The e-book Industry is in a State of Decline: 2015 Year in Review

Top 20 most-edited pages on Wikipedia in 2015

The triumph of email: why does one of the world's most reviled technologies keep winning?

Education on copyright is insufficient: interview with a teacher

Why Are Digital-Privacy Apps so Hard to Use?

Heat-Resistant Ceramic Parts Are Now 3-D Printable

L'économie collaborative accroît les inégalités patrimoniales 

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