Thursday, 12 December 2013

Vol. 7, no. 15

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
United States - Second Open Government National Action Plan

India - e-Governance Standard for Preservation Information Documentation (eGOV-PID) of Electronic Records 

India - Best Practices & Guidelines for Production of Preservable e-Records (PRoPeR) 

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision - OAIS Compliant Preservation Workflows in an AV Archive

State Records Office of Western Australia - General Disposal Authority for State Government Information

De la communauté / From the community
From Silence to Memory: Report on the Guatemalan Police Archives (now in English)

Collaboration to Clarify the Cost of Curation: Evaluation of Cost Models and Needs & Gaps Analysis (Draft)

Ithaka S+R - Stop the Presses: Is the Monograph Headed Toward an e-only Future?
Society for the Philosophy of Information - The Philosophy of Information: An Introduction

OCLC - Starting the Conversation: University-wide Research Data Management Policy 

IFLA - Statement on Libraries and Text and Data Mining

Article - The InterPARES Trust Project – Trust and Digital Records in an Increasingly Networked Society

Journal of Visual Culture, vol. 12, no. 3 (The Archives Issue)
The Electronic Library, vol. 32, no. 1 (2014)

Provenance: the journal of Public Record Office Victoria, no. 12 (2013)

Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 40, no. 2 (December 2013 / January 2014)

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (December 2013)
Archivistorique: journal des archives municipales de Béthune, no. 13 (premier semestre 2014)

MIS Thesis - Government Cloud Computing Strategies: Management of Information Risk and Impact on Concepts and Practices of Information Management 

Book - The Archive Effect: Found Footage and the Audiovisual Experience of History

Book - Delivering Research Data Management Services: Fundamentals of Good Practice 

Book - Web-Scale Data Management for the Cloud

Livre - Les archives audiovisuelles

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Massive Open Online Course - Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, Evidence, Action (University of Toronto)
Starting February 24, 2014

Free online Course - CopyrightX
Spring 2014

Webinar - Achieving Thresholds for Discovery: Addressing Issues with EAD to Increase Discovery (Recording Available)
December 5, 2013

Getting Started in Digital Preservation (Presentations Available)
December, 6, 2013, London
Webinar - Certification of Digital Preservation Repositories (Video and Slides Available)
December, 9, 2013

Sur le web / On the web
UNESCO publications now freely available through a new Open Access Repository

Video - NARA: Guidance on Managing Social Media Records

Video - Steven Spielberg at the National Archives

Podcast - Talk with Kate Theimer, Achivist, Writer, and Editor

Vidéo - Storification automatique de vidéos

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Screen-printed underwear, outdated safety videos among items illegally using copyrighted government material
Conservatives resist move to change PMO policy on deleting e-mails

Government of Canada Acquires Historically Significant Documents About the 1758 Siege of Louisbourg
This is the First Ever Photo of Canada

Dismantling of Fishery Library 'Like a Book Burning,' Say Scientists

University of Manitoba - Scientists go fishing for old documents

The Canadian Historical Association writes to the Acting Archivist of Canada on Whole-of-Society-Approach

The Canadian Historical Association and Bill C-7: Bill to Amend the Museum Act

Archives of Ontario and the World War 1 Centenary

Idolizing Riel, MP Gene Rheaume helped Métis (and one of Louis Riel's diaries) find a place
Ford donates Yousuf Karsh photos to Art Gallery of Windsor

New Edmonton Public Library digital space boasts 3D printers, book-printing machine

Banff Centre’s literary and publishing programs to focus on disseminating content

Mennonite Archives of Ontario - Lorraine Roth's collection finds archival home

Le patrimoine de la MRC de Drummond mis en valeur

White Rock Museum & Archives (B.C.) renews appeal for more funds

Quebec family reminisces over 74-year-old National Geographic photo

LaSalette (Ont.) - Shedding light on church's history

Medecine Hat (Alb.) - Old directory perfect for archives

Afrique / Africa
A rare look inside Nelson Mandela's personal archive

Mali - Archives nationales : un besoin de fomation permanente

Tunisie - Pour l'ouverture immédiate des archives nationales

Amériques / Americas
Haiti quake destroyed or damaged 60 years of archives

Cayman Island - Government record keeping ‘troublesome’

US - The War On Military Records: The Era of Big Data has Arrived on the Battlefield and we Need to Find New Ways to Deal With it

Using Search Tools to Declassify Presidential Docs: Starting with Reagan's

Slowly They Modernize: A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks

Appointing the first Historian of the National Archives

Layers of meaning at National Archives’ ‘Records of Rights’

Turn up the volumes: the efforts to reconstitute Thomas Jefferson's library

Robert F. Kennedy’s Papers: Finally Open to the Public

Hospital Donates Records of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to JFK Library

National Geographic opens its cartography archive with Google Maps Engine

The Artful Accidents of Google Books

Vermont’s history frozen in time, space

Crossing the River: An Interview With W. Walker Sampson of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Missouri University College of Education Partners on Digital Archive to Capture Struggle Against Apartheid

George Mason University to host C-SPAN’s historical archive

Preserving Indiana University's classic movie archive presents a 'reel' challenge

University of Texas in Austin - Academic library stockpiles heavy metal for future study

Pioneering Photographer Robert Cornelius Credited With World’s First Selfie c. 1839

Immigrants and the Great Recession: A do-it-yourself historical archive

1960s and 70s American "third camp" socialist archives now online

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
New Zealand - Government digital archives $10 million blowout

New Zealand - Rare Shackleton Antarctic photos unveiled

Hong Kong's colonial era records remain intact

India - Pak Punjab government to digitise land records

Europe / Europa
National Library of Norway - What is being digitized?

16th-century Book of Hours looted by the Nazis could become the world's most expensive book

Confiscated Histories: Access to ‘Sensitive’ Government Records and Archives in France

France - La Cour de cassation adopte la signature électronique

Un ensemble exceptionnel de lettres de François 1er et de son entourage rejoint les collections des Archives nationales de France

France - Les manuscrits médiévaux de la bibliothèque municipale de Chartres sont en ligne

France - 100 ans d’archives du Théâtre des Champs-Elysées sont en ligne avec un nouveau portail numérique développé par Jouve

France - La bibliothèque de Nantes dévoile un manuscrit inédit de Jules Verne

Scottish passports planned in sixties, archive reveals

Historic Book of Aneirin put online by National Library of Wales

UK - Law Commission seeks change in law to protect archive stories from Contempt of Court action

UK prepares to launch internet archive without internet access
How the UK's national memory lives in a ROBOT in Kew

UK National Archives - First accredited archive services announced

Preserving the online reaction and comments on Nelson Mandela's passing, as part of the UK web archive

British Library - Political party web archives

Britsh Library hits one million Flickr images

Fascinating archive of WWII propaganda posters shows how Britain boosted morale at home and abroad
Oxford and Cambridge to jointly purchase ancient Jewish archive

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Iraq - How did Saddam seize the Jewish archive?

IFLA, ICA and UNESCO - Towards a Sustainable Information Society: Collaboration on the Vancouver Declaration

Social Media as a Primary Source: A Coming of Age

Historians and Web Archives

3-D images, with only one photon per pixel

24 fun and practical gifts for archivists

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