Thursday, 1 September 2016

Vol. 10, no. 1

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Librarian and Archivist of Canada Speech - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Institut national du patrimoine (France) - Rapport d'activité 2015

Queensland State Archives (Australia) - General Retention and Disposal Schedule (Updated Version)

NARA - 2015 Senior Agency Official for Records Management Annual Report

UK Information Commissioner - Statement on Changes to WhatsApp and Facebook's Handling of Personal Data

De la communauté / From the community
Corporation des biliothécaires professionnels du Québec - Mémoire pour le renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec 

Centre d'archives régional des Îles de la Madeleine - Mémoire sur le renouvellement de la politique culturelle du Québec

Architecture of the Portuguese Web Archive: Search System Version 2

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - Data on the Web Best Practices

Cloud Security Alliance - Big Data Security and Privacy Handbook: 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy

Article - Utilisation d'un format commun pour structurer les métadonnées de corpus oraux : objectifs, enjeux et méthode

La Gazette des archives, no. 242 (2016)
Arbido : périodique de l'Association des Archivistes suisse et de Bibliothèque Information Suisse, 3/2016

International Journal of Information Management, vol. 36, no. 4 (2016)

South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science, vol. 82, no. 1 (2016)

Reflexion 2016: Library and Archives Canada's Summer Students Magazine

Taiwan National Archives Newsletter, vol. 26 (2016)

Archives Society of Alberta Newsletter, vol. 35, no. 4 (Summer 2016)

Telling our Stories: South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) News, vol. 7, no. 4 (September 2016)

Burlington Historical Society (Ontario) Gazette, vol. 12, no. 7 (September 2016)

Ph.D. Thesis - Social Media, Red Squares, and Other Tactics: the 2012 Québec Student Protests

Book - Evidence and the Archive: Ethics, Aesthetics and Emotion

Book - Postcards from Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Book - The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting

Book - Maya Cultural Heritage: how Archaeologists and Indigenous Communities Engage the Past

Book - Open Access and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Policy and Infrastructure

Book - Weapons of Math Destruction: how Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy 

Book - Data Visualization: a Guide to Visual Storytelling for Libraries

Book - Sentient Relics: Museums and Cinematic Affect 

Book - Dear World, how Are You? The True Story of a Little Boy on a Big Quest

Book - Intelligence and Information Policy for National Security: Key Terms and Concepts

Livre - Le patrimoine, une passion, des hommes

Livre - Les archives de la mise en scène: spectacles populaires et culture médiatique 1870-1950

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Alberta Ballet & the Documentation of Performance: Opening Reception
September 7, 2016, Edmonton

Trent Valley (Ontario) Archives Open House
September 10, 2016, Peterborough

Library and Archives Canada - Signatures Series: Interview with Bado (Guy Badeaux)
September 20, 2016, Ottawa

Community Oral History Workshop
September 23, 2016, Medicine Hat (Alberta)

Metadata Intelligence and the CMMI Data Maturity Model
November 16, 2016, Toronto

Library of Congress - Mapping a Growing Nation Exhibition 
Until December 2020, Washington D.C.

Parliamentary Web Archive Workshop: General Public
September 23, 2016, London (UK)

Webinar - Manage your Team's Data, Attach Metadata, and Publish to ICPSR Using SEAD
September 26, 2016

Culture 4d: Digitization, Data, Disruptions, Diversity
September 29-30, 2016, Tallinn (Estonia)

Forum des archivistes genevois - Table ronde consacrée au développement professionnel des archivistes
3 octobre 2016, Genève (Suisse)

Massive Open Online Course - Creative with Digital Heritage
Starting October 10, 2016

Access and the Archive: the Role of Documents Projects in a Digital Age
November 18, 2016, University of Michigan

Sur le web / On the web
Video - Vancouver History App (Starting at 20:44)

Five year review of OAIS and ISO 16363

The Monumental Archive Project

Big Data Europe

Slidecast - Whats New in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Slidecast - Small GLAM and Batch File Upload: How to Use Pattypan

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Statistics Canada celebrates best census since 1666

Transcripts of Canadian parliamentary debates since 1901 are now online

As Europan Union publishes strong Net Neutrality rules, Canada cannot afford to fall behind

Secret cabinet document lost at Department of Fisheries and Oceans during Hunter Tootoo's final days as minister

How Canada Post stamped out my letters to parliamentarians

Irish names translated by Library and Archives Canada as "gobbledygook" in census

Library and Archives Canada - Stelco archives now acquired

La hausse des demandes généalogiques de Métis irrite certains Autochtones

Alberta Indigenous voices captured for Folkways legacy

The First Newfoundland Film

Archives of Manitoba - One Manitoba soldier: writing from a farm house

BAnQ - Le traitement de vos versements : comme au hockey, un match en trois périodes

BAnQ - Claudine Vallerand : de la maternelle à l’École des parents

Musical scores by Canadian composers now searchable in University of Calgary's library catalogue

Le Devoir fait le ménage dans ses archives

Blend of past and present brings Vancouver history alive with new app

Toronto Public Library - Is There an Archive in Your Attic? Check your Old Shoeboxes for Hidden Treasure!

11 Powerful Artifacts from the Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto

Interviewees wanted: descendants of the Winnipeg general strike

Elijah Harper inspired Winnipeg librarian to make change

Women and Music in Edmonton: a Music Geek's Experience in the Archives

Réouverture de la salle de consultation des Archives des Musées de la civilisation

Des subventions pour construire un centre d'archives à Saint-Claude (Manitoba)

Diagnostic images of patients in Saskatoon lost in archives: health region

Laval (Quebec) health archives move to private firm denounced

Alberta - Meet Athabasca's new keeper of the past

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives - An archivist's night at the movies: revealing the power of archival records

One hundred years after disappearing, Berlin (Ontario) shows signs of revival

All the way from 1864: a look inside the time capsule found at the old Peterborough (Ontario) County jail

Vente d'archives du Monastère des Augustines

Excavating Neil Young's Archives: Six or Seven Full-Length Films Coming, Says Manager

Ontario man finally laid to rest after ashes went unclaimed in U.S. for nearly 40 years

Saalem Humayun, CBC/Radio-Canada - My experience at the Association of Canadian Archivists' Annual Conference

Le pouvoir des images : identité, histoire et mémoires

Then and Now: Archival Mashups

Cinéma québécois - Huard, Legault, Dolan et cie vont-ils disparaître?

Correspondance : fidèles aux postes

Afrique / Africa
Algeria - Restitution of Liberation War's Archives, Matter of Principle for Algerians

Watch Nelson Mandela's 1st TV interview ever, just unearthed by Dutch archivist

South African History Archives - He slipped in his cell: a request for records to explain a death in detention

Amériques / Americas
Archives nationales d'Haïti, 20 août 2016, 156 ans déjà 

Belize - Moving data management from paper to electronic

How An All-Woman Brazilian Sound System Is Keeping Vinyl Culture Alive
President of the United States social media to reset with new administration

NARA - The Wartime Films Project: Choosing our User-Centered Design Pilot: a WWI App

NARA - Hacksaw Ridge Biopic Commemorates Selfless Service of Desmond Doss

State Declassifies Documents on Legendary Tony Poe and his Secret Army

Inside the Federal bureau of way too many guns (or an archivist nightmare)

How a Court Decision on Remastering Could Completely Change Copyright Law

War of 1812 Pensions Project fully funded

Unprecedented Access to Cooper Hewitt's Collection Following 18-Month Mass Digitization Effort

Riding the rails at the Harvard Film Archive

University of Southern California - Over 800 New Indexing Terms to be Added to Visual History Archive Thesaurus

University of Nebraska-Lincoln stays ahead of the digital humanities game 

Trans-ing History on the Web: the Digital Transgender Archive

The Scramble to Preserve the World's Rarest Sounds

The truth about the Hemingway Heist

Digital archive project captures Punjabi-American life 

Why Did we Stop Teaching Political History?

Why Milwaukee's Online Newspaper Archive Vanished Overnight

The immediate future of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library has students of D.C.'s past concerned

Preserving Philly's data

Ypsilanti Library (Michigan) Launches African American Oral History Archive
American realities: photographing the death of the American dream

Charles M. Conlon's images of baseball's golden era hit auction block

Appeal seeks to overturn Blurred Lines copyright verdict

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - Indigenous Remote Archival Fellowship

What the CIA Said about Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam Before he was Ousted

State Library of Queensland acquires Australia's biggest Bee Gees collection

Archive New Zealand - Training and supporting your users

South Korea - Government to set up archive on North Korea human rights

Community-based Inventorying of Intangible Cultural Heritage gears up in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

India - Prime Minister's Office seeks reputed candidates for post of National Archives director-general 

India - Camp to archive and digitise historical records
India - In Ajmer, archival films may soon become history

Europe / Europa
European Copyright Leak Exposes Plans to Force the Internet to Subsidize Publishers

Archives Portal Europe announces new API functionality

From Marxism to McDonalds: 120 years of Russian photography: in pictures

A History of Russia in a Massive Photo Archive

Andrei Tarkovsky's Polaroid photographs to be auctioned

Kyrgyzstan history documents found in political archives of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Czechoslovakia and India through the archives

Mussolini message to future revealed under Rome obelisk

The improbable story of the man who won history's biggest murder trial at Nuremberg

A suitcase full of secrets found in Amsterdam's Jewish quarter after 70 years

Raoul Wallenberg's Journey from Grocery Salesman to Holocaust Hero

Germany - Leipzig flat made famous in Capa war photo becomes poignant memorial

How to Keep a Zibaldone, the 13th Century's Answer to Tumblr

Iceland - Letter gets there by hand-drawn map

Gibraltar - Public encouraged to visit the archives

Malta - Has the Freedom of Information Act worked?

Malta - Paper trail retraces a 400-year-old murder
Vu de Bruxelles : la Cinematek de Belgique en version numérique

En Belgique, on chasse les livres comme les Pokémon

France Passes Copyright Law Demanding Royalties for Every Image Search Engines Index Online

La Bibliothèque nationale de France sort ses archives... de jeux vidéo

Faire de l'histoire sur Twitter ? Entretien avec @LarrereMathilde

National Library of Ireland - Ulysses Centre at Newman House gets planning approval

Belfast family with connections to Rising prepare to release archives

Ireland - Anne Byrne (101) donates 62 years of music to archive

National treasures: what objects has the UK fought to keep in the country?

UK Parliamentary Archives - Revealing Parchment's Hidden Stories

Barnardo's archives reveal early lives of UK's first fostered children

UK National Archives - My Tommy's War: James Stanley Crossley 

Victoria & Albert Museum acquires Tommy Cooper archive of jokes and props, but no fez

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Jewish avengers unapologetic for targeting Nazis after WWII
UNESCO Director-General welcomes creation of world's largest marine protected area

How to construct tomorrow's information management profession

Pourquoi l'absence de gestion documentaire coûte cher ?

What's the relation between crowdsourcing cultural heritage and Wikimedia?

The Fierce, Forgotten Library Wars of the Ancient World

The Mysterious History of the Ellipsis, from Medieval Subpuncting to Irrational Numbers

Libraries of the future are going to change in some unexpected ways

Dropbox hack leads to dumping of 68m user passwords on the internet

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