Thursday, 11 May 2017

Vol. 10, no. 37

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Archives of Ontario - Finding Municipal Records Research Guide (Updated Version)

BAnQ - Aide-mémoire concernant la gestion des documents et des archives des offices municipaux d'habitation dans le contexte d'un transfert de compétences

UK National Archives - Managing Digital Continuity

De la communauté / From the community
Surveillance Studies Centre - Left to their own Devices: New Report on the Privacy Implications of Wearable Technology in Canadian Workplaces

IFLA - Statement: Libraries safeguarding cultural heritage 

Heritage Alliance - The Heritage Manifesto 2017

Educause - Transforming our Libraries from Analog to Digital: a 2020 Vision

Introduction to the Principles of Linked Open Data

Sedona Conference - Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery (Fourth Edition)

Article - Histoire et humanités numériques: nouveaux terrains de dialogue entre archives et recherche

International Journal on Digital Libraries, vol. 18, no. 2 (2017)

Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, vol. 29, no. 2 (2017)

New Review of Information Networking, vol. 22, no. 1 (2017) 

Information & Culture: a Journal of History, vol. 52, no. 2 (2017)

Library of Congress Magazine, vol. 6, no. 3 (May/June 2017)

National Archives of Australia - Government Agencies Information Network e-Bulletin, no. 3 (2017)

Wikimedia Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Newsletter, vol. 7, no. 4 (2017)

ISO 15836-1:2017 - Information and Documentation - the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set - Part 1: Core Elements

Mémoire de maîtrise (Université de Montréal) - Le Web de données et le Web sémantique à Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec : constats et recommandations fondés sur l'initiative de la Bibliothèque nationale de France

Master's Thesis (Archival Studies, University of Manitoba) - Defining "Community" in Models of Community Archives: Navigating the Politics of Representation as Archival Professionals

Book - The Silence of the Archive

Book - Information Disposition: a Practical Guide to the Secure, Compliant Disposal of Records, Media and IT Assets

Book - Film Museum Practice and Film Historiography: the Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000)

Book - Defining Documents in World History: Nationalism & Populism (320 B.C.E.-2016 C.E.)

Book - Made with Creative Commons

Book - Mining Multimedia Documents

Book - Privacy in the Workplace (Fourth Edition)

Book - Popular Music, Cultural Memory, and Heritage

Book - Ghosts, Landscapes and Social Memory

Book - Optimizing Discovery Systems to Improve User Experience: the Innovative Librarian's Guide

Book - Courts, Privacy and Data Protection in the Digital Environment

Livre - Archives nationales de Luxembourg : Blackouts / Trous de mémoire

Livre - Lire le manuscrit médiéval : observer et décrire (deuxième édition)

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Archives of Ontario - Doors Open Toronto 2017
May 27, 2017, Toronto

First Nations Records and Information Management Symposium
June 5-6, 2017, Vancouver

UK National Archives - Cataloguing and File Preparation e-Learning Courses

Webinar Series - Personal Identifiers for the Digital Preservation Community
May 18 - June 13, 2017

Fears of Unrestrained Vice: Venereal Disease and the First World War
May 24, 2017, London (UK)

Managing National Security Information Course 
May 25, 2017, College Park (Maryland)

Researchers, Practitioners and their Use of the Archived Web
June 14-16, 2017, London (UK)

Workshop on Understanding Asian Papers and their Applications in Paper Conservation
July 11-13, 2017, London (UK)

Photography/ Archives/ Ireland
November 3, 2017, Dublin (Ireland)

Sur le web / On the web
Bibliothèque francophone numérique maintenant en ligne

Baladodiffusion - Gestion des archives personnelles : entrevue avec l'archiviste Marysol Morand

Interpares Trust - Blockchain Terminology Project

Nouveau blogue - Archives nationales participatives (France) : projets collaboratifs de transcriptions, annotations et indexations

Videos - Researcher Privacy & Learning Data Principles

Podcast - Digital History Open House

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Indigenous people want museums to heed Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls to action

RCMP created metadata-crunching tool to glean criminal intelligence

CSIS suspected Soviet spies of stealing Mackenzie King's diary

Canadian rock legend Michel Pagliaro donates personal archives to Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada: agreement with Western University

Improving Library and Archives Canada Website

A peak inside what could be Canada's portrait gallery

Archive digitization: a coordinated effort by CBC/Radio-Canada to preserve and showcase our heritage

Sharing Canada with Canadians: New Website to Feature Photostories created by the National Film Board of Canada

Polaroids and patriotism: old family pictures get star treatment at the Royal Ontario Museum

Digging Deep: Researching Gaelic Heritage at Nova Scotia Archives

Preserving Labrador's history, Them Days magazine seeks archivist

Québec rejette une demande d'accès à l'information faute d'espace sur une clé USB

BAnQ - 100 années du Devoir enfin numérisées

BAnQ - Annie MacDonald Langstaff : courage et détermination

BAnQ - Ça coûte cher être officier dans l'armée britannique

B.C. was home to notorious First World War internment camp for Europeans

Archives of Manitoba - How to Live in Wartime

Canadian libraries in the 45th US presidency: an actionable guide

Centaines d'objets du cinéma légués à l'Université Laval

McMaster University - New medals display sheds light on the extraordinary life and career of Henry Thode

McGill University needs volunteers to transcribe historical weather reports

Dalhousie University - Master of Management Students: who Are they?

Archives de Montréal -  Expo 67 au jour le jour : le mois de mai

Toronto - Photo exposition of Black Lives Matter demonstrations vandalized downtown

Edward Snowden Criticizes Winnipeg Police & Mayor Bowman

New equipment helping researchers at Tusket (Nova Scotia) archives

Lambton County Archives (Ontario) expanding storage with renovations

First Nations artifacts on display at Peterborough Museum and Archives (Ontario)

Nelson (B.C.) - City to give away old university books

How Toronto genealogists helped find a Scottish soldier's grave 100 years later

Belgian grave-hunters solve 100-year-old mystery of missing First World War Canadian airmen

After Toronto librarian takes aim at Little Free Libraries, its co-founder pushes back

Afrique / Africa
The Archive of Malian Photography

Sénégal - Les archives d'un massacre au service d'une histoire officielle mensongère

Sénégal - Les archives photographiques de la présidence en état de détérioration très avancée

Togo : le gouvernement lève les restrictions à l'accès à l'information

Apartheid state secrets revealed in explosive new book

Amériques / Americas
Controversy continues over ban on copying public records by Cayman Islands court

US Library of Congress celebrates disco with Gloria Gaynor performance 

Library of Congress - Journalism, Behind Barbed Wire

Inquiring Minds: Researching Jewish Cuisine at the Library of Congress

National Archives Display Marks Wartime Draft 100th Anniversary 

The Indian Removal Act Is on View at the National Archives for the First Time

National Archives Examining Employee Training After Richard Nixon Library's Trolling Tweet about James Comey

Head Nurse of the National Library of the Medicine?

The Challenge of Rescuing Federal Data: Thoughts and Lessons

Missouri State Archive Helps Preserve Water-soaked Documents

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Digitizes Earthquake Records

How the Federal Government Saved Literature in Tennessee 

John F. Kennedy speaks from his Harvard University past

Stanford University library acquires nearly century-old diaries kept by Japanese immigrant in San Francisco Bay Area

Stanford University Libraries, Hoover Institution gather thousands of archival materials on Iran

Automating Digital Archival Processing at Johns Hopkins University

Group looks to open access to genealogy records

Internet Archives - Over 200 terabytes of the government web archived

The quest to crack and preserve vintage Apple II software

Jason Scott Is Archiving CD-ROMs and Floppy Discs from Closets around the World

Archive of Nation of Islam Documents Pulled from Auction

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Rare surviving 17th-Century wall map of Australia discovered in Italian home

Sacrificed generation: mystery unsolved for Japanese interned in Australia during WWII

Great Australian photographs: Migrants by David Moore: an audio essay

Australian biosecurity officials destroy irreplaceable plant samples from 19th century France

Victorian (Australia) state ward whose records read like gossip working to change system

State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales (Australia) - The Information Professionals: Toward 2020 

Thailand - Patimok manuscript being prepared for royal cremation ceremony

Singapore - What does the National Archives' Oral History Centre do?

Taiwan - Over 260,000 files on Chiang Kai-shek released online

South Korea - Ex-President Park's records transferred to state archives

Indonesia - Archiving Key to Protect Indonesia's Cultural Assets

Indonesia's Old Manuscripts Are Waiting to Be Deciphered

India - Assam to convert Bhupen Hazarika's Kolkata house into archive

Karnataka gets hyperactive about heritage, begins digitising historical records scattered across India 

India - Manuscript museum to come up in Kerala state

India - Living on the Edge: Marginalia in Sanskrit Manuscripts

Europe / Europa
Europeana Fashion is the third thematic collection to join the Europeana platform 

World's last living Nazi war crimes prosecutor passes on chilling message about conflict

A Rare Look at the Archives of the German Secret Police

German officials reveal cause of 2009 Cologne archive collapse

Russian Ministry of Defense Publishes One-of-a Kind WWII Archive Videos

Russia Declassifies Secret Report on Horrifying Nazi Crimes in Wartime Ukraine

Romanian medieval documents compiled in digital database

Dans les archives de la Securitate roumaine

Croatia - Pre-1990 State Archives to Be Opened

Truth and Reconciliation Commission may be launched in Finland already after summer

Standardization for information and records management in Netherlands

Spain Tries to Keep Transparency Process a State Secret

La France déclassifie 89 documents archivés sur l'affaire Mehdi Ben Barka

Irish telly's best ever ads remembered as they're restored and preserved by Irish Film Institute Film Archive

Ireland - Ex-IRA man Anthony McIntyre seeks disclosure of US-UK legal correspondence

Uncovering the gems from a goldmine of HarperCollins' Scottish archive

British Parliament Ditches Parchment for Paper

British Library - Okinawan manuscripts digitised

UK National Archives - Battles and Dynasties: a Collaborative Exhibition

Canterbury tale of rare book is solved on Skye

Over 20 years of digitization at the Bodleian Libraries

University of Reading - Incredibly rare William Caxton print discovered

University of Surrey bags £1.1m to trial blockchain for healthcare, voting and digital archives

Volunteer Mae Moss blogs about her experiences at the Guardian News and Media archive and the questionable coffee

Bright young thing: the early work of Cecil Beaton in pictures

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Iran - National Archives Holds 3m Files

A large archive of Syrian photographs is excavated

Égypte - L'avenir des archives juives

International Accord strengthens ties between repository networks worldwide

La mémoire numérique : nouvel âge des ténèbres ?

The Disappearance Act: on Preserving Non-Fiction Interactives

Preserving Digital Fossils

How do metadata records change over time?

Évaluation de la qualité des contenus numériques: regard sur la méthode d'audit de contenu

How Information Architecture Improves Customer Experience

Librarians in the 21st Century: it Is Becoming Impossible to Remain Neutral

Regulating the internet giants: the world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

Best librarian characters in fantasy fiction

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