Thursday, 1 February 2018

Vol. 11, no. 22

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Privacy Commissioner of Canada - Position on Online Reputation (Draft)

Rapport sur le secret de la défense nationale en France

NARA - Moon Collectors, LLC Partnership Agreement (for Public Comment)

De la communauté / From the community
Creating the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Proactive Disclosure Under the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation Act

Landscape of Injustice - Settler Colonialism and Japanese Canadian History

Secretary General of the International Council on Archives - Speech

International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives - The Safeguarding of the Audiovisual Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy (Revised Edition)

OSSArcFlow: Investigating, Synchronizing, and Modeling a Range of Archival Workflows for Born-Digital Content - Ten Digital Dossiers

Island Culture Archival Support - Annual Report 2017

Creating and Managing a Digital Library

Rights to Culture: Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property, Copyright and Protocols

Article - The Right to Be Forgotten and Implications on Digital Collections: a Survey of Association of Research Libraries Member Institutions on Practice and Policy

Journal of Film Preservation, no. 97 (2017)

I2D: Informations, Données et Documents, vol. 54, no. 4 (2017)

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 69, no. 2 (2018)

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, vol. 12, no. 2 (2017)

National Archives of Australia - Government Agencies Information Network Bulletin, no. 1 (2018)

Historic Libraries Forum Bulletin, no. 39 (2018)

La Pomme : bulletin périodique de la Fondation archives vivantes (Suisse), no 24 (2018)

Archives Association of Ontario - Off the Record (Winter 2018)

The Burlington Historical Society (Ontario) Gazette, vol. 14, no. 2 (2018)

Topics in Canadian Librarianship, vol. 2, no. 1 (2018)

Ph.D. Thesis (University of Guelph) - Saturn's Ark: the Improvised Archives, Politics, and Performances of Sun Ra

Mémoire de maitrise (Université de Lyon) - Écrire la carte : les apports intellectuels de la cartographie numérique

Book - Digital and Document Examination 

Book - Science for the People: Documents from America's Movement of Radical Scientists

Book - Archive of the Average Swede 

Book - (Post)Colonial Histories: Trauma, Memory and Reconciliation in the Context of the Angolan Civil War

Book - First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography

Book - Industrial Heritage and Regional Identities

Book - Effective School Librarianship: Successful Professional Practices from Librarians around the World

Book - Collaboration and the Academic Library: Internal and External, Local and Regional, National and International

Book - Investigating the Cyber Breach: the Digital Forensics Guide for the Network Engineer 

Livre - Présences tsiganes : enquêtes et expériences dans les archives

Livre - La mémoire en acte: quarante ans de création musicale

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Fourth Annual Big Data and Analytics Summit Canada
February 7-8, 2018, Toronto

Archives au pluriel : le Montréal de 1914-1918 
21 février 2018, Montréal

Archival Association of British Columbia Annual Conference
April 13, 2018, Victoria

5e Journée des archives du Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec
17 avril 2018, Trois-Rivières

Crowdsourcing Conservation Event
February 19-20, 2018, University of Strathclyde

International Workshop on Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage
June 3-7, 2018, Heraklion (Greece)

Things Come Together?: Literary Archives from, in and for Africa
September 10, 2018, University of Birmingham

Bibliothèques et archives à l'ère des humanités numériques
3-5 octobre 2018, Paris

Voices of the Home Fronts 
October 19-20, 2018, Kew (UK)

Transkribus User Conference 2017 (Videos Available)
November 2-3, 2017, Vienna

Symposium on Refugee Rights in Records (Proceedings Available)
January 10, 2018, Budapest (Hungary)

Digital Preservation Coalition - What I Wish I Knew Before I Started (Slides Available)
January 24,  2018, London (UK)

Sur le web / On the web
Voilà: Canada's New National Union Catalogue

Dalhousie University - Rudyard Kipling Scrapbooks Digital Exhibit

Web Archiving at Queen's University

Video - Copyright and Creative Commons: Publishing with Open Licenses

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - All the Memes

Archivist's Alley Podcast - Episode 1: Siobhan Hagan and Marmia

Vidéo des Archives nationales de France - Présentation du projet ADAMANT

Task Force on Technical Approaches to Email Archives - Bibliography

Slides - Outlook: Email Archives, 1990-2007

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Top Canadian Copyright Cases for 2017

Protect your Design: Recent Developments in Canadian Copyright Law

The right to be forgotten comes to Canada

Surprise! Canada has had a Right to Be Forgotten all along

Why a Canadian right to be forgotten creates more problems than it solves

Canada needs a national data strategy

La blessure des pensionnats autochtones

Court decision quashes hopes for Northerners to reopen rejected residential school claims, lawyer says 

Solicitor-client privilege keeping 98-year-old document on sick First Nations children under wraps

Library and Archives Canada - The literary season has just wrapped up; did you see it go by?

Skyhawk, Skyshield, and the Re-Classification of Canadian History

Georgette LeBlanc (parliamentary poet, works in the archives department at Université Sainte-Anne) hopes to inspire Canadians through poetry

Data privacy officers hard to find in Nova Scotia

Archives of Manitoba - New Parliament Buildings still under construction in 1918

Depuis 50 ans, les livres imprimés doivent être conservés par l'État québécois

BAnQ - Le dossier du rôle d’évaluation et documents préparatoires : qui doit le conserver ?

BAnQ - La caricature selon Hunter

Priorisation et stratégies de conservation : le débat français sur les archives essentielles vu du Québec

A new experiment in crowdsourcing the law: flagging negative treatment on CanLII Connects

Announcing the Canadian School Libraries Research Archive

New Northern BC Archives Graduate Research Scholarship

Ubitquity Featured in Blockchain@UBC Real Estate Transaction Case Study

Five amazing items at UBC Library's Rare Books & Special Collections that every UBC student should see before graduating

UBC - iSchool students dive into records management

McGill University - Archiving queer histories: Lucas LaRochelle digitalises queer occupancy of space

University of Alberta Bruce Peel Special Collections - Remembering Tommy Banks

University of Saskatchewan Archives and Special Collections - Remembering our Dear Friend

Canadian Centre for Architecture announces online access to Álvaro Siza archive

City of Ottawa pitches super library to Finance Minister Bill Morneau

A day, well two days, at the archives… Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library - (Really) Old City Hall in the Digital Archive

Toronto Public Library - Seven Science Fiction and Supernatural Books by Early Ontario Writers (Free Downloads)

Indigenous speaker series aims to tell untold history of Edmonton

Le Musée de la mode de Montréal est intégré au Musée McCord

Windsor - Trouver des trésors dans ses vieilles boîtes

After 30 years, Truro (Nova Scotia) archivist hangs up her white gloves

Brandon General Museum and Archives (Manitoba) funding slashed, faces an uncertain future

Le programme de soutien au traitement des archives de la BAnQ, un des appuis indispensables au Centre d'archives régional des Îles de la Madeleine

Souvenirs d'un autre Ordre : retour sur une société secrète francophone au Manitoba

L'étonnante histoire du manuscrit perdu de Réjean Ducharme

Alberta RCMP look for owner of WWII German army passport

Memory books can help older loved ones recall their past

Afrique / Africa
Rwanda - Government sees need to bring back library science degree

Namibia - National library and archives to close doors temporarily

Tunisie - Sit-in devant le siège de l'Instance vérité et dignité pour réclamer le sort réservé aux dossiers des victimes

Amériques / Americas
Digital cultural archive of St. Kitts-Nevis is growing

U.S. Council of State Archivists - Update: Preserving Electronic Government Information

Society of American Archivists - Statement on the Value and Importance of the U.S. Census

NARA - Grant Allows Digitization of 19th Century Navy Deck Logs

Iterative Collaboration at Library of Congress Labs

Library of Congress - Digital Scholarship Resource Guide: Text analysis (part 4 of 7)

Inquiring Minds: Digital Artist Gives New Life to Historical Scenes and People

National Library of Medicine - Connecting Computing Research with National Priorities

Video Game Companies Seek Digital Millennium Copyright Act Exemption for Online Video Game Preservation

The U.S. Government Once Nuked a Bunch of File Cabinets

How Photographers Captured the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During WWII

State Archives of North Carolina - New Digital Collection: Secretary of State Wills

Connecting Harvard history to its surroundings

Replica of Aztec manuscript at University of Texas provides a window to ancient world

University of Texas - Grappling with the past: on exhibiting minstrelsy materials

Northeastern University - Digital archive preserves groundbreaking moment in civic activism

How should the Penn University Archives handle controversial, or even pornographic, materials?

Rice University creates Jewish history archives

Preserved film of 1954 basketball games that inspired Hoosiers to be stored at Indiana University archive

University of Iowa - Revealing the Secrets of an Early Coptic Manuscript

Puerto Rico's oral history is even more important after hurricane, University of North Carolina professor says

These Decaying Film Canisters Could Hold Secrets to Saving Species from Extinction

We Shall Overcome' Is Put in Public Domain in a Copyright Settlement

The Archives of the Episcopal Church selects Arkivum PERPETUA as their assured data safeguarding and digital preservation solution

Boston Public Library Launches a Crowdsourced Project to Transcribe 40,000 Documents from its Anti-Slavery Collection: you Can Now Help

Repository Spotlight - Hard at Work: the Carhartt Archive

Curating Band-Aids, Both Modern and Vintage: Margaret Gurowitz, chief historian for Johnson & Johnson

How a Library Handles a Rare and Deadly Book of Wallpaper Samples

Alcatraz inmates survived infamous 1962 escape, letter suggests

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
The cabinet files: hundreds of top-secret and highly classified cabinet documents have been obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Broadcasting Corporation agrees to return secret documents found in old filing cabinets

The cabinet files prompt parliamentary investigation into extraordinary breach

Australian Broadcasting Corporation dismantles sound libraries and axes staff to improve budget

Portraits with fridges, cars and televisions: the evolution of the family photograph in Australia

New South Wales State Archives turned off by Microsoft cognitive terms

State Archives and Records of New South Wales (Australia) - Approaches to managing social media records with long-term retention periods

Papua New Guinean Lake Murray villagers seek repatriation of long-lost artefacts from Australia

New Zealand - Ambitious project to digitise hundreds of thousands of probate records complete after nine years

Un institut de mémoire et de documentation sur le nucléaire à Tahiti

Japan - State secret oversight board head calls for rules on document disposal

Cambodia - Project to digitise prison history

Valuable artefacts and archives returned to Vanuatu

India - Rare documents on Gandhi's death handed over to Archives department

India - Jammu and Kashmir: Amitabh Mattoo reviews functioning of Archives, Archaeology, Museums and Culture department

Europe / Europa
Engaging the Crowd with Holocaust Oral Testimonies

New initiatives to deal with Germany's colonial heritage

Czech security forces archive founded ten years ago

Georgia - Film rolls by acclaimed late director Goderdzi Chokheli found after 25 years

Greek national library begins 10-million move

Poland - A collection of 1200 film programs in the Digital Library of the University of Lodz

L'Institut polonais Frédéric Chopin de Varsovie va numériser toutes ses archives

Unique archive donated to Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute

Archives de l'État en Belgique - Les procès-verbaux du Conseil des Ministres sont en ligne 

France - La Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l'antisémitisme ouvre ses archives

National Archives of Ireland - New release of Government archives

Ireland - From Dolores O'Riordan to Ground Zero: TG4 releases news archive

Band Aid Donates Archives to Ireland's National Library

The 846-year-old ancient right to live in Ireland you should know about

British government's new anti-fake news unit has been tried before and it got out of hand

The wonder of the Parliamentary Archives: why all MPs should visit the stores in Victoria Tower

UK National Archives - Modelling our digital archival data

UK National Archives - Catalogue as Data: the Prize Papers from the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War

UK National Archives - Frost Fairs on the Thames

UK National Archives - Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley: extraordinary mother and daughter

British Library - A New Playback Tool for the UK Web Archive

From Beowulf to Chaucer, the British Library makes 1,000 years of rich literary history freely available online

British Film Institute launches vast free online archive of animation, exploring a century of British cartoons

Reports of the Juries: original negatives found in National Science and Media Museum

First database of burial grounds in England and Wales to be created

Case study: Network Rail uses cloud to get its digital data preservation plans on track

Archive of WWI pilot's letters up for auction

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Announcing the Digital Library of the Middle East Prototype

What secrets is Israel's state archive hiding from the public?

Affaire des enfants juifs yéménites disparus : pourquoi Netanyahu rouvre les archives ?

An Internet Archive Seeks to Rekindle the Egyptian Revolution's Spirit

#StolenMemory campaign of the International Tracing Service

International Internet Preservation Consortium - 2018 Winter Olympics Collection Building: Get Involved

What galleries, libraries, archives, and museums can teach us about multimedia metadata on Wikimedia Commons

Twitter is opening up its full archive to the broader developer community

Does your Historical Novel Contain a Protest? Some Primary Source Documents on Social Activism

Collecting, preserving, and verifying online evidence of human rights violations

Archiving the alternative press threatened by wealthy buyers

The Old Family Photos Project: Lessons in Creating Family Photos that People Want to Keep

Why Historians can be valuable Members of the Humanitarian Family

Google - Facilitating the discovery of public datasets 

Giving you More Control of your Privacy on Facebook

Why we Forget Most of the Books we Read and the Movies and TV Shows we Watch

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