Thursday, 15 March 2018

Vol. 11, no. 28

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec - Avis sur le projet de loi 164

European Commission - Final report of the High Level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation

Open the Government - Closing Democracy's Window: the Growing Culture of Secrecy in Washington and the Erosion of the Public's Right to Know

De la communauté / From the community
Le goût de l'archive à l'ère numérique (pour commentaires)

International Alliance of Research Library Associations - Research Library Values Statement

Record: the University of Sydney (Australia) Archives 2017

Preprint - Open Metadata for Research Data Discovery in Canada

Book Chapter - Indigenous Information Literacy: Nêhiyaw Kinship Enabling Self-Care in Research

Préface - Qu'est-ce que l'archéologie des média ? 

Paper - Defining the Role of Libraries in the Open Science Landscape: a Reflection on Current European Practice

Paper - Knowledge Graphs in the Libraries and Digital Humanities Domain

Information Research: an International Electronic Journal, vol. 23, no. 1 (2018)

The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction, vol. 5, no. 1 (2018)

Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Studies, vol. 68, no. 1 (2018)

Wikimedia Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Newsletter, vol. 8, no. 2 (2018)

Society of American Archivists - Archival Outlook (March-April 2018)

Mémoire de maîtrise (Université Paris Nanterre) - La généalogie à l'ère numérique : nouvelles approches, nouveaux défis

ARMA International TR 31-2018 - Implementing Electronic Messaging Policies 

Book - Archiveology: Walter Benjamin and Archival Film Practices

Book - The Oxford Handbook of Intellectual Property Law

Book - Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums

Book - Museums in a Time of Migration: Rethinking Museums' Roles, Representations, Collections, and Collaborations

Book - Digital Humanities, Libraries, and Partnerships: a Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community

Book - Jane Austen's Fiction Manuscripts

Book - The GDPR Handbook: a Guide to Implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Graphic Novel - Archival Quality

Livre - L'ADN, un outil généalogique

Livre - Nouvelles générations du patrimoine en Afrique

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Beyond Borges: Telling Tales of Future Libraries
March 22, 2018, Vancouver

Indigenous Writers' Gathering
March 28, 2018, Ottawa

Legal Issues for Archives
March 29, 2018, St. John's (Newfoundland)

Genealogy Day at the Archives of Ontario
April 5, 2018, Toronto

Workshop on Digital Archives
March 21, 2018, London (UK)

The Role of Archives in Addressing Refugee Crises
March 29, 2018, Richmond (UK)

Memory, Identity and Trust 2018
April 25-27, 2018, Dundee (Scotland)

Second Workshop on Scientific Archives
August 13-14, 2018, Washington D.C.

15th Image and Research International Conference
November 21-24, 2018, Girona (Spain)

Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (Videos Available)
February 23-24, 2018, New York

Sur le web / On the web
Historical Reminiscents Podcast: Open Source Public History

Video - Sunshine Week 2018 at the U.S. National Archives

Library of Congress Video - The Share-VdeE Project: Fulfilling the Potential of Bibframe

UK National Archives Podcast - The Archives of the Future

An Archivist's Tale Podcast - From Latent Data to Active Knowledge Making (Brenda Scruggs Gunn)

Archivist's Alley Podcast - Community, Culture & Creativity

Baladodiffusion - Auguste Prudhomme, archiviste de renom

Libraries, Archives, Museums with Open Data Policies 

Documenting the Now Slack

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Let Canada Be First to Turn an Open Access Research Policy Into a Legal Right to Know

Information governance: we have a lot of catching up to do in Canada

Former Information Commissioner Legault rules Harper Conservatives violated policy by muzzling government scientists, and Trudeau Liberals ignoring recommendations needed to stop muzzling

Section 68 of the Access to Information Act: published materials

Fight over secret residential school documents back in court

Google Is Back In Canadian Court to Fight Global Search Censorship

National Association for Information Destruction-Canada Testimony Leads to Government Action

Library and Archives Canada Mismanaged, Court Told: it Was Craziness…

Library and Archives Canada - No Favouritism, Court Told

Bibliothèque et Archives Canada et bibliothèque centrale d'Ottawa : un mariage qui profite aux deux

Library and Archives Canada - New Rare Book: Tupper Family Bible

Statistics Canada loses, mishandles hundreds of sensitive census, employment files

Correctional Service to hire its own IT after being drastically hit by Shared Services's data centre outage

The Politics of the Archive: new work explores the National Film Board Still Photograph Division

National Heritage Digitization Strategy: Update (March 2018)

B.C. Archives hold rulings that shaped our history

Mystery portrait of Capt. George Vancouver revealed at Royal B.C. Museum

Meet Serge, a Customer Service Reference Archivist at the Archives of Ontario

Royal Ontario Museum - The Rules of Taxonomy: how Species Are Named

Archives of Manitoba - An Officer's View of the Great War: Francis Collinson's Scrapbook

Archives of Manitoba - Cecil Bradbury: from First World War veteran to HBC employee in the Eastern Arctic

From arugula to zucchini: Yukoners swapping seeds and advice at seed library

La Fédération professionnelle des journalistes du Québec demande à Québec de renoncer à amender la loi sur l'accès à l'information

Québec - 100 ans, c'est trop long, affirment les généalogistes

BAnQ - Les Canadiens de Montréal et Joe Malone en séries éliminatoires

Glenbow Museum explores the art of the self-portrait with the Artist's Mirror

Canadian Centre for Architecture - The Quest for a Universal Translator for Old, Obsolete Computer Files

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives - What's in the Archives? LGBTQ2+ Kids' Lit

Announcing the inaugural Canadian Web Archiving Coalition Coordinating Committee membership

Sifting through University of British Columbia's rare books and special collections section

Looking back on seven years at the University of British Columbia Digitization Centre

University of British Columbia - Meet Ashlynn Prasad: emerging archivist and Association of Research Libraries Mosaic Fellow

University of Waterloo Special Collections and Archives - Fine art and Archive

Algoma University - Delving in to the History of Residential Schools

Algoma University - Crystal Shawanda's Wikipedia article just grew a little

McGill University library offers peek inside Jean Drapeau's mind

University of Victoria - Beyond text: the book as art

Dalhousie University Welcomes Master in Information Management Grad as New Records Manager

Red Deer (Alberta) - Recreation archives available to public thanks to grant

New archivist finding treasures at the Colchester Historeum (Nova Scotia)

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (Ontario) - Recent Acquisition Highlight: Peel Railway Records

Peterborough Museum and Archives (Ontario) readies the city's future protectors

Drummondville - Le Musée national de la photographie, vaste et lumineux

A grateful nation's gift of a gun recalls a painful episode from Canada's military past

Anglo-Celtic Connections - Celebrating 12 Years Blogging

Afrique / Africa
African Development Bank Board Approves Records Management Policy

Nigeria's security: military reveals strategy to improve on information management

South Africa - Oral history aims to heal

Amériques / Americas
U.S. Department of Justice Announces Launch of National Freedom of Information Act Portal

U.S. Sets New Record for Censoring, Withholding Government Files

Agencies Struggling to Respond to Freedom of Information Act Requests for Email

NARA - Roles and Responsibilities for Records Management Programs

National Archives Microfilm Duplication Goes Fully Digital

Law Library of Congress digitally releases U.S. Reports from 1791 to 2004

Library of Congress saves the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and other online web cultures

National Library of Medicine - The Research Ecosystem: on the Future of Scientific Communication

Department of Defense - Suppressed Afghanistan War Data Now Published

Could the open government movement shut the door on Freedom of Information?

A big part of a journalist's value comes from the fight to uncover public records

How public records requests helped teens, but still so much to do

Society of American Archivists - Capitol: Capturing Common Ground

Society of American Archivists - Impressions on Collection Development Policies and Practice

State Archives of North Carolina - Interactive Record Type Guides

State Archives of North Carolina - Administrative Office of the Courts' Electronic Records and Imaging Policy: Part 1

Q&A: Oregon's new public records advocate talks transparency

Data collection bill will make Florida the most transparent state in the nation

Hawaii Declines Requests for Records on False Missile Alert

Federal Funding Impact Story #9: Mississippi University for Women

Yale University - Beinecke Library acquires Clumber Park Chartier; digital version online

The Historian's Laboratory: the Beckman Legacy in the Caltech Archives

Largest Witchcraft Collection in North America Opens at Cornell University

Carnegie Mellon University Acquires William H. Putch Archives

How the photographers behind the Women's March are capturing and archiving history

How a Rare Book Appraiser Passes Judgment in 30 Seconds or Less

This Guy Is Trying to Archive Random Early Video Games Before they're Lost to History

Parsimony and Elegance as Objectives for Digital Curation Processes

Lost for decades, the Alcoholics Anonymous original manuscript will be auctioned for millions

Karl Marx Letter Sold for More than $53,000 at RR Auction

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - Uniting Church tackles email retention in response to Royal Commission

State Archives and Records of New South Wales (Australia) - Top digital trends affecting records, information and content management

Playing Sherlock: how a chair unlocked the story behind a portrait of a New Zealand wars soldier

Japan - Alteration of documents shakes trust in public papers

First Electronic Reading Room Has Been Opened in Kazakhstan

Film preservationists suggest regional archives because of India's diversity

Pakistan - Punjab: government to start digitising archival material

Europe / Europa
European Union - Global digital archive provides accessible link to the past

Picture of girl in Auschwitz is even more haunting transformed with colour

Germany - Files record Stasi scorn for Labour in the 70s

Transkribus volunteer tackles Danish handwriting

Manuscripts believed to be of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt presented in Budapest

Slovakia - The Bratislava city's memory is not only about kings but also ordinary people

Malta - Minister admits he has granted discretionary power to remove court documents online

France - Secret-défense ou l'État de non-droit

France - Politique des archives publiques : les femmes ordinaires seront les premières sacrifiée

French village finds messages from WWI-era US soldiers

The IFI Irish Film Archive at Maynooth University opens

National Museum of Scotland goes virtual in online first

Erskine Hospital - First World War hospital admissions data goes online

UK National Archives - Digital archiving: the seven pillars of metadata

UK National Archives - Manage your collections: new version now live

UK National Archives - Surveying our transparent papers: volunteers in Collection Care

UK National Archives - Suffragettes, 1912: rather broken windows than broken promises

UK National Archives - Surveying our transparent papers: volunteers in Collection Care

British Library - Memories of Stephen Hawking in An Oral History of British Science

British Library - Working with BL Labs in search of Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose

British Library - Mozart's Diary where he Composed his Final Masterpieces Is Now Digitized and Available Online

The UK Web Archive: Mental Health, Social Media and the Internet Collection

UK - Second businessman begins right to be forgotten fight with Google

Cambridge University - Most extensive Royal Commonwealth Society photograph release yet

Rare collection of Royal Charters to be preserved by Lincoln project

Tens of thousands of unseen post-war images of Manchester unveiled online for first time

Secrets over Patrick "Guiseppe" Conlon's pub bomb prison death

How a Trove of Lost Jane Goodall Footage Became One of the Best Documentaries of the Year

Teenager's rare Beatles photos of first US tour expected to sell for £250,000

Re-discovering a piece of history: Roger Bannister negs

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Palestinian Museum's digital archive project to preserve heritage

Israel May Declassify Jewish Agency Archives Dealing with Racist Absorption of North African Jews

Missing Files on Israeli Yemenite Children Who Disappeared in the 1950s Made Public 

Saudi Crown Prince, Archbishop view fragments of one of oldest Qur'an manuscripts

Ancient manuscripts in Iraq saved from ISIL

Unesco Persist Joins Forces with Digital Preservation Coalition

Crunch Time: the revised ISO 15489 and the future of recordkeeping  

International Tracing Service - I have to search name by name

The Libraries that Preserve the History of Small Islands

Managing Static and Active Metadata in Support of Content Preservation

A Pragmatist's Guide to Developing Corporate Archive Policy

The government's role in constructing the data-driven economy

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