Thursday, 19 April 2018

Vol. 11, no. 33

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Library and Archives Canada - Departmental Plan 2018-2019 

Swiss e-Government Standard - Linked Open Data

Public Record Office of Victoria (Australia) - Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for Health Practitioners

De la communauté / From the community
Educopia Institute - News on the Margins: Surfacing Marginalized Voices in the Newspaper Collections of Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Historic Libraries Forum - Cataloguing Incunabula

Unesco's Geneva Declaration - Human Rights and Culture Heritage: Committed Cities Working Together

Open Standards for Data Guidebook

Open Science Training Handbook

Article - Managing Copyright in Digital Collections: a Focus on Creative Commons Licences

Article - Lessons from DataRescue: the Limits of Grassroots Climate Change Data Preservation and the Need for Federal Records Law Reform

The Reading Room: a Journal of Special Collections, vol. 3, no. 1 (2018)

Information & Culture: a Journal of History, vol. 53, no. 2 (2018)

Free eBook - Remote Capture: Digitising Documentary Heritage in Challenging Locations

Book - Text, Lies and Cataloging: Ethical Treatment of Deceptive Works in the Library

Book - Letters to the Contrary: a Curated History of the Unesco Human Rights Survey

Book - The Known Citizen: a History of Privacy in Modern America 

Book - Reclaiming Fair Use: how to Put Balance Back in Copyright (Second Edition)

Book - Practising Community-Based Participatory Research: Stories of Engagement, Empowerment, and Mobilization

Book - The Monumental Challenge of Preservation: the Past in a Volatile World 

Book - Museums and Written Communication: Tradition and Innovation

Book - Performing History: how to Research, Write, Act, and Coach Historical Performances

Livre - En quête d'archives : bricolages méthodologiques en terrain médiatiques

Livre - Le travail invisible des données : éléments pour une sociologie des infrastructures scripturales

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta - Genealogy Workshops
April 29 and May 27, 2018, Calgary

A Century of Ontario Photographs
May 15, 2018, Toronto

Library and Archives Canada - Signatures Series: Tomson Highway 
May 15, 2018, Ottawa

Introduction to the British Columbia Archives with the Greater Victoria Public Library Summer Reading Programme
August 15, 2018, Victoria

Library of Congress Webcast - Engaging our Veterans to Preserve their Histories
April 23, 2018

Detecting Semantic Shift in Large Corpora by Exploiting Temporal Random Indexing
April 23, 2018, London (UK)

Thirteenth International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems
April 24-27, 2018, Vienna (Austria)

An Introduction to Moving Image Metadata 
May 2, 2018, London (UK)

Is this Permanence: Preservation of Born-digital Artists' Archives
May 11, 2018, Yale University

Webinar - Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & American Library Association: an Equitable Future for Libraries and the Profession
May 15, 2018

Digitization and Libraries: the Future of the Past
May 30, 2018, Roma (Italy)

Creative Commons Certificate
Starting July 2018

Archives matérielles, traces mémorielles & littératures des Afriques
25-27 septembre 2019, Aix-en-Provence (France)

Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data Interest Group (Presentation Available)
March 23, 2018, Berlin

Webinar - Next Generation Repositories: New Functionalities and Technologies for Repositories (Video Available)
April 18, 2018

Sur le web / On the web
La terminologie en science de l'information de l'École de bibliothéconomie et de sciences de l'information (Université de Montréal)

Osgoode Society Oral History now on Twitter

Coquitlam (B.C.) Archives Virtual Exhibit - May Day: the Celebration of Spring

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - Conference Season: Networking as an Introvert

Omeka Everywhere Now Available

Video - Managing Stress in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums Sector

British Library - Classical Podcast Number 1 : the First Orchestral Record Made in Britain and the Extraordinary Story of Norfolk Megone, Nelson and Bonaparte

Archifiltre : vos fichiers et dossiers, comme vous ne les avez jamais vus

Slides - University Futures, Library Futures: Aligning Academic Library Services to Emerging Institutional Needs

Slides - The Privileged Link: Open Access, Version of Record, or Let the User Decide?

Slides - Querying on a Decentralized Web

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Federal government should make robust reforms to Access to Information Act: report card

Fair dealing not to blame for publishers’ losses, education groups tells MPs

Canada to Explore Government Service Delivery with Alexa and Other Methods

Digitizing Canadian Collections funding call

This App Can Tell you the Indigenous History of the Land you Live on

There's a massive free catalogue of Indigenous films online: and we have six picks to get you started

Library and Archives Canada - Introducing Co-Lab: your tool to collaborate on historical records

Library and Archives Canada - 80-year extension on access-to-info request appears to be a record

Stephen Harper: Library and Archives Canada's million dollar man

CBC says it will carry on with destruction of broadcast archives once digitized

Manitoba government abandons plan to stop putting public notices in papers

Archives of Manitoba - Lieutenant John Boswell of the Winnipeg Rifles gets married during his leave

Nova Scotia - Province was warned about sloppy database security over a year ago

Nova Scotia filled its public Freedom of Information Archive with citizens' private data, then arrested the teen who discovered it

Nova Scotia - Man accused in privacy breach gets support from lawyer, tech community

Québec : mise en place d'un conseil du numérique

Québec assure la survie de 32 centres d'archives régionaux

Bonification du programmes d'agrément des services d'archives privées et de traitement des archives privées

Regroupement des services d'archives privées agréés du Québec - Un bel effort pour les archives, mais insuffisant

Société d'histoire de la Rivière-du-Nord - Réaction à la subvention du gouvernement pour les services d'archives agréés

BAnQ - Bris de fiançailles : quand une rupture mène en Cour

Une carte manuscrite du fleuve Saint-Laurent refait surface

La cinémathèque québécoise, témoin de l'évolution du cinéma et de la télévision d'ici

Digital Trends and Initiatives in Education: the Study the Association of Canadian Publishers Tried To Bury

University of British Columbia - Letters from Japanese-Canadian teenagers recount life after being exiled from B.C. coast

Algoma University - Annual Reports of the Shingwauk and Wawanosh Homes

Histoire de la bibliothèque de l'Université Laval : entretien avec Richard Dufour

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto) - Canada in Print exhibition catalogue wins prestigious award

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto - Friend of my soul, farewell to thee! The death of Thomas D'Arcy McGee

Les reliques du diocèse de London suscitent une frénésie internationale

Ottawa - City announces shortlist of five teams to design new central library

Toronto Public Library - Discover Stratford Ontario (Digital Archive Photos)

Edmonton's new historian laureate wants your grandmother's shopping list

Found Footage Festival (Calgary) will feature David Letterman's VHS archives

Un tribunal réussit son virage numérique pour moins de 135 000$

The Unrealized Potential of Courthouse Libraries

High River (Alberta) - Volunteer photo archivist receives prestigious award

$1.5M awarded for Delta Cultural Centre (B.C.) renovations

His father brought hundreds of Jewish tailors to Canada now he's stitching together their stories

Canadian discovers secret about slave roots

Une collection de black metal unique au monde

L'artiste Dominique Beauregard, les archives une source d'inspiration

OpenText may benefit from new data privacy rules: Industrial Alliance

Afrique / Africa
Ethiopia asks for permanent return of looted artifacts from Britain

Kenya's surveyors back digitization of land records

Kenya - Court suspends digitization of land documents at Ardhi House

South Africa - Declassifying Documents: where Are they, and how Do we Do it?

Amériques / Americas
White House quickly improves email security after report

Growing Pentagon Secrecy Draws Questions

John Moss and the Roots of the Freedom of Information Act: Worldwide Implications

NARA - More Philippine war files not yet accessible

NARA - Unidentified Flying Objects: Natural Explanations

NARA - Eleven Bookmobiles that Make Archivists Want to Hit the Road

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Condolence Mail Project

Newly-discovered Note Reveals Truman's Fight for Israel Recognition

Clinton Presidential Library Releases New Photos of Harvey Weinstein From the 1990s

Presidential library publishes digital archive of papers from Abraham Lincoln's first 33 years

Library of Congress to collect every e-book

Library of Congress - Papers of Benjamin Franklin Now Online

Library of Congress Digitizes Unique Japanese Censorship Collection

Library of Congress - New Recordings Online for National Poetry Month

National Library of Medicine - Quality Data, Quality Findings

Government transparency slowly wanes in Nebraska

Over one million digital items from California cultural heritage institutions now available through Calisphere

Preserving Hawaii's Plantation History

Uncovering Texas History, One Reel at a Time

The Great Society Congress: a Collaborative Approach to Digital Exhibits and Outreach

Indiana University - Trove of author Ray Bradbury's papers set for preservation's-papers-set-for-preservation

University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Pennsylvania - Digital Mappa 1.0 now online: new digital resource for medievalists

Rare photos of Depression-era Michigan CCC camps for black workers acquired by University of Michigan

New art instillation unveils Tulane University's archives as latent treasures

University of North Carolina - Ethics in Archives: Blogging for Transparency

Old Dominion University - Web Archives are Used for Link Stability, Censorship Avoidance, and Traffic Siphoning

University of Virginia - What Page Are you on? Making Online Texts More Reliable for Teachers and Students

Texas A&M Libraries obtain rare map of Texas

Four teenagers stole rare books from a university library in 2004, and now their heist is being made into a movie

Project Stand: Documenting Student Activism from the Margins

The Hottest Place to Play Retro Handheld Computer Games? Try the Internet Archive

Search Continues for Lost Weaver Films: Stories to Preserve Tacoma's Hollywood by the Sea

Five Years After Attack, Boston Marathon Digital Archivists Find Healing in Storytelling

Here's how The New York Times is trying to preserve millions of old pages the way they were originally published

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - There's no App for that: Adventures in Conserving Old Tech

The Morgan Library and Museum Acquires Rare Manuscript Illumination by the Master of Catherine of Cleves

The Rise and Demise of Harlingen Historical Preservation Society

Prince's Paisley Park is Seeking an Archives Supervisor

On working with archives: an interview with writer Saidiya Hartman

Gaps in the Collections

Vinyl records are becoming more popular than digital downloads

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Queensland Government Recordkeeping (Australia) - The cartographic art of mapping a BCS to an RDS

Queensland State Archives - Part three: what Some Land Records may Contain

State Archives and Records of New South Wales (Australia) - Reducing file share dependencies: the Aboriginal Housing Office's approach

State Archives and Records of New South Wales - Using auto-classification to classify unmanaged records

Public Record Office of Victoria (Australia) - Are Ministers public officers and do they create public records?

Museums Victoria tries to locate family of WWI soldier Mick Ward after buying his suitcase at auction

Important message for all Christchurch Office of Archives New Zealand customers

National Library of New Zealand - The Evening Post photographic collection

Lauded overseas, Japanese movies should be protected as cultural assets

Names of 3,607 members of Imperial Japanese Army's notorious Unit 731 released by national archives

South Korea - The City of Seoul Finally Released the Sketch of the Seoul Cinematheque (Tentative Name), the Dream of Chungmuro

South Korea - Collection of handwritten letters from Sewol victims' families published as a book

How Long-Unpublished Press Photos Bring Life to Chinese History

Pakistan - National History Museum to present archival content

Pakistan - Case records destroyed as fire breaks out at Karachi City Courts

Europe / Europa
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance - Safeguarding Access to Archives

Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents - Help us Process Tables in Transkribus

Lithuania's Polish MP again seeks publishing info on admitted ex-KGB agents

This Secret Archive Documented Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Study of the Holocaust: a Way Out of Data Confusion

Music of the Holocaust available to watch after 20 years in archive

Holocaust Is Fading from Memory, Survey Finds

Co-operation agreement between Bulgarian State Archives and Yad Vashem extended

Behold the Codex Gigas (aka Devil's Bible), the Largest Medieval Manuscript in the World

Switzerland - Saving the spirit of communities through cultural heritage

France - Lancement de la consultation Archives pour demain

Évaluation et sélection des archives : ressources en ligne

France - Le ministère de la Culture, les archives et Ubu

Archives de France - Un outil pour traiter les vracs bureautiques : Octave

Institut mémoires de l'édition contemporaine - Une abbaye pour conserver les manuscrits et les notes des auteurs contemporains

Digital Repository of Ireland awarded Core Trust Seal

Ireland - New collection of oral histories illuminates our troubled past

Five things you might not know about the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland

Modernist Periodicals at the National Library of Scotland

Pioneering Scots photographer John Thomson forgotten in home city

UK - Google loses right to be forgotten case

Interview with Jeff James, Chief Executive Officer and Keeper of the National Archives of the United Kingdom

UK National Archives - Digital archiving: context is everything

UK National Archives - Caviar is for battleships: intelligence and the late Victorian Royal Navy

British Library and Qatar National Library extend partnership to digitise 900,000 more images of Gulf history

British Library - The Plans, Maps and Views of Lieutenant-General William Skinner, Chief Engineer of Great Britain

Social Sciences at the British Library

Home Office destroyed Windrush landing cards, says ex-staffer

Windrush: Investigation urged over landing cards

Personal Diaries in the Archive of the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

Photographs of Derby Cathedral from 1880s found

Royal Air Force Duxford chaplain's account of Battle of Britain heroism

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Palestinians Uncover History of the Nakba, Even as Israel Cuts them Off from their Sources

Israel - Defense Ministry publishes archive of 1980s Tyre blasts in Lebanon

The Arc/k Project: building a virtual archive to keep the Palmyras of this world alive

Comité international de la Croix-rouge - L'expression artistique dans les camps de prisonniers de guerre (2)

International Tracing Service - My father was already dead when he was still alive

OCLC - What's changed in linked data implementations in the last three years?

How do I ensure my files remain accessible in the future?

How can I store my digital photos for ever?

E-Discovery in the Big Data Era

Big Data Maturity: you're Not as Mature as you Think

Google's latest artifical intelligence experiments let you talk to books and test word association skills

Et le web devint sémantique

Lac de données (ou data lake) : qu'est-ce que c'est ?

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