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Vol. 14, no. 7

                                                                 Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Library and Archives Canada's Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy: 2020-2023

Archives nationales de Luxembourg - Tableaux de tri 

Archives of New Zealand - General Disposal Authority GDA6 (DA558), Common Corporate Service Public Records (for Comments)

Public Record Office Victoria (Australia) - Victorian Government Reporting Service Records Disposition Authority

National Library of Scotland - Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019-2020

De la communauté / From the community
Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museum Project - Test 5 Results

Carnegie UK Trust - Making a Difference: Libraries, Lockdown and Looking Ahead

Article - Will the Last Archivist in Seattle Please Turn out the Lights: Value and the National Archives

Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 9, no. 1 (2020)

Arabesques, no. 99, 2020, (numéro spécial : la valorisation des collections patrimoniales par le numérique)

Online Window into the Vatican Library, no 15 (2020)

National Library of Wales - Welsh Political Archives Newsletter (2020)

Wikimedia Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Newsletter, vol. 10, no. 9 (2020)

Master Thesis (University of Manitoba) - I Have Become All Things to All People: Spirituality in Church Archives & Digital Preservation

Master Thesis (University of Manitoba) - Towards Transdisciplinary Archival Strategies: Canadian Cartographic Materials in a Digital Context

Book - Remnants of the Franco-Algerian Rupture: Archiving Postcolonial Minorities

Book - Tracing your Prisoner Ancestors: a Guide for Family Historians

Book - Quick Hits for Teaching with Digital Humanities: Successful Strategies from Award-Winning Teachers

Book - Photography of Protest and Community: the Radical Collectives of the 1970s

Book - A Place for Everything: the Curious History of Alphabetical Order

Book - Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access

Book - Repression, Resistance and Collaboration in Stalinist Romania 1944-1964: Post-communist Remembering

Book - The Efficient Library: Ten Simple Changes that Save Time and Improve Service

Book - Museums, History and the Intimate Experience of the Great War: Love and Sorrow

Livre - Retrouver le parcours d'un résistant : guide d'orientation dans les fonds d'archives

Livre - L'esprit de la révolte : archives et actualité des révolutions arabes

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
York University - Perspectives on Openness: Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing
October 20, 2020

Association of Canadian Archivists Sound and Media Archives Special Interest Section - Introductory Workshop: Film
October 28, 2020

Association of Canadian Archivists Sound and Media Archives Special Interest Section - Introductory Workshop: Video
November 5, 2020

Archives Society of Alberta - Social Media Training Workshop
November 27, 2020

Association of Canadian Archivists Sound and Media Archives Special Interest Section - Introductory Workshop: Sound
December 3, 2020

Archival Silences in the Present Moment
October 20, 2020

Defining the Black Reconstruction Archive
October 20, 2020

Preservation of Corona-evidence at the Danish National Archives
October 21, 2020

Three Oral History Metadata Synchronizer Webinars
October 26 - November 6, 2020

Publishing GLAM Data as FAIR Data
October 29, 2020

Indigenous Interventions: Reshaping Archives and Museums
November 13, 2020

Online Symposium - Photography beyond the Image
November 28, 2020

After the Crowds Disperse: Crowdsourced Data Rediscovered and Researched
December 1, 2020

Beyond Diversity Initiatives: Recruitment of BIPOC into Archives and Special Collections Librarianship
December 10, 2020

Rencontre académique éducation aux médias et à l'information (vidéos disponibles)
25 septembre 2020

Sur le web / On the web
Oxford County Archives (Ontario) Online Exhibit - Oxford County Gaol: 1854 - 1977

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - Passion Project Space

Vidéo - Montréal: territoire autochtone non-cédé ?

Video - Preserving Audiovisual Materials at NARA and the Pennsylvania Archives

Association of College and Research Libraries Video - Reopening Campus During the Pandemic: Treading Water in the Deep End

Vidéo de l'École nationale des chartes - Histoire d'un manuscrit de science-fiction retrouvé

Video - Understanding the Mechanical Behavior of Library & Archive Materials with Regard to Changes in Relative Humidity

Video - OpenRefine: Data Importing, Faceting and Clustering

Video - Collections and Facilities: Caring for your Resources During Covid-19

Video - A Fractured Inheritance: the Problems, Challenges, & Opportunities of Collecting Manuscript Fragments

Bristol Archives - British Empire & Commonwealth Collection

Smithsonian - Digital Jigsaw Puzzles: Fall Edition

Maastricht University - Treasure Hunting in the Jesuit Collection

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Opinion - Access to Information and Privacy: a headache in need of a cure

Former top spy calls for royal commission on disinformation, fears rising intolerance

Library and Archives Canada - Centuries of kinship: Exploring Métis identity through genealogy

Library and Archives Canada - Henry Ash and why internet connections are still underwater

Want to know about John A. Macdonald's racist past? Don't ask the government of Canada

Guy Berthiaume - Des clés pour comprendre le monde

Association of Canadian Archivists - Social Media as a Crucial Actor in Archival Conferences

A lifetime of history: Shirlee Anne Smith was key in transfer of Hudson Bay Company archives to Winnipeg

Sculpture hommage à Dany Laferrière à la Grande Bibliothèque

A decision by the Québec Access to Information Commissioner highlights the importance of compliance with both federal and provincial privacy legislation

Western University - Options for Access: Collections During COVID

University of Calgary Glenbow Library and Archives - Artificial intelligence and machine learning

University of Guelph Librarian to Discuss Cookbooks on CBC Radio

University of Guelph - How Covid-19 and comfort food have brought us back to community cookbooks

Landscape of Injustice - Connecting a family’s lost fleet to historical documents

Historians' archival research looks quite different in the digital age

Edmonton photographer donates treasure trove to Hockey Hall of Fame

Whistler Museum and Archives Society - Eldon Beck Comes to Whistler

Centre d'archives régionales Séminaire de Nicolet - Saint-Barthélemy : une église protestante à Nicolet

Johnny Cash was a real good hunter, says Newfoundland guide who took him hunting in 1961: new photos of the trip to Newfoundland uncovered by son of Cash's former manager

Afrique / Africa
Archives du Maroc: Prosper Ricard, inventoriste de l'artisanat sous le protectorat

Amériques / Americas
Jamaica - Debate begins on bill to simplify authentication of public documents

Mexico asks pope for loan of ancient books held in Vatican library

NARA - Transition Post 1: General Resources from NARA and GSA

NARA - Virtually visiting America's Cultural Institutions in the time of COVID

NARA - Harry S. Truman and the One More Club: the President Makes a Movie

Reclaim the Records - Billions of Digital Images and Associated Text Metadata Created through the NARA’s Digitization Partnership Program: we Want it all Back

Library of Congress - My Job: Andrew Huber: Helping Veterans Tell their Stories

National Library of Medicine - All for One… Health for All: the Role of Open Access, Evidence-Based Information to Improve Health for All Species

Ephemeral messages remove scrutiny from government

California Covid-19 Archive

University of California at Los Angeles Library seeks narrators for new Covid-19 oral history project

University of Houston - Estimating Energy Use for Digital Preservation, Part II

Washington State University - Mellon grant boosts digital stewardship of indigenous cultural materials

Wesleyan University - 1918 Influenza Documents the Past, Covid-19 Archives Preserve the Present

Preserving memories: University of Georgia's first and only media archive celebrates 25th anniversary

The importance of preserving universities' digital legacies

Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media - The Pandemic Religion digital collection: documenting religious practice during COVID-19

Continuing the Conversation: Amy Hildreth Chen Answers your Questions on the Literary Archives Market

Internet Archive - On Bookstores, Libraries & Archives in the Digital Age

This looks like history: South Carolina groups look to archive history of COVID-19 pandemic

Repatriating the archives: Lumbee scholars find their people and bring them home

New York - Chinatown Museum Gets $3 Million after Fire Threatens its Archives

Amazing archival photos show New York City in the 1940s and '50s

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia - Mr Squiggle, the man from the Moon

National Archives of Australia - Fantastic finds: Jack Sheedy's my Football Life

Japan - Researcher fights for Nagasaki to create archives of A-bomb attack

Tear up a rare Chinese manuscript worth $ 323 million because

India - Meet the fans behind some of the world's biggest online cricket archives

India - Archive library with 85-year history of Kannada cinema in the works, says Suneel Puranik

After 44 years, Delhi Archives to publish its fourth edition of city gazetteer

Europe / Europa
European Union web archiving: new cross-lingual collection on European Elections 2019

The archives of the Faberge family were handed over to the Kremlin museums

Nearly 80 years after the Babyn Yar massacre, Ukrainian researchers lift victims out of anonymity

En Espagne, les archives personnelles de Franco deviennent un dossier brûlant

Des fragments inédits de Machiavel découverts à la bibliothèque de Florence

Belgique - L'affaire Chovanec, un exemple de l'importance d'un cadre légal pour les archives des cabinets

Association française de normalisation - FAQ archivage électronique

Digital Repository of Ireland - Negotiating the Challenges of Working with Visual Material: Archives, Cultural Institutions and Digital Collections

UK Parliamentary Archives - Tottenham's Own: Bernie Grant MP

UK Parliamentary Archives - Baron Learie Constantine: Ten Things you need to know about the first Black Parliamentarian

UK National Archives - Creative writing competition launched for schools

UK National Archives - Bridging the Digital Gap: One Year on

From the Original to the Digital: the UK National Archives

British Library makes 40,000 maps and views freely available online

The BBC is releasing over 16,000 sound effects for free download

Bodleain Library - New catalogue: Archive of Michael Sayers

University of London - Preserving forgotten Zoroastrian Yasna traditions through film

Black Cultural Archives and WARC launch interview series to spotlight pioneering Black British creatives and marketers

The world's largest archive of magazines is in South-East London

Diving into English Records: an Essential Guide for Tracing English Ancestry

Taking Account of our Past - Cataloguing

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel - It Could Never Happen Here: Before the Bolsheviks Came

National Library of Israel - The Origin of the Jewish Hat

National Library of Israel to digitize 180 years of Australian Jewish news

National Library and Archives of Iran keeps about 900,000 paper documents on Tehran's history

Digital Archive Collects Arabic Book Covers of the 20th Century

Return to Iraq of Ba'ath Archives Raises Fears for Jewish Archives

Turkey - Disappearing ink: Illumination of Ottoman manuscripts 

Press release of the International Council on Archives concerning the reclosure of access to the 1940-1970 archives stamped secret

How to Develop an Effective Data Retention Policy

La gestion documentaire, une compétence de plus en plus indispensable

2.1 Million of the Oldest Internet Posts Are Now Online for Anyone to Read

Le Plan de continuité d'activité, un dispositif encore mal connu

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