Thursday, 14 October 2021

Vol. 15, no. 7

                                                         Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador – How to Run a Scanning Party

NARA – Climate Action Plan

UK National Archives – Orphan Works: Guidance for Archive Services on Reasonable Searches to Identify Rights Holders

Archives de l’État de Genève (Suisse) – Guide pour les recherches sur le patrimoine bâti

De la communauté / From the community
Association of Independant Museums – Successfully Managing Archives in Museums

Center for Research Libraries – Final Report from the New Shape of Sharing Online Forum

Pre-Print – Residential School Community Archives: Spaces of Trauma and Community Healing

La Gazette des archives, no 260 (2021)

New Review of Information Networking, vol. 26, no. 1-2 (2021)

Journal of the History of Collections, vol. 33, no. 3 (2021)

Journal of Documentation, vol. 77, no. 6 (2021)

Fontes Artis Musicae: the journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, vol. 68, no. 3 (2021)

Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 58, no. 1 (2021)

Wikimedia Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Newsletter, vol. 11, no. 9 (2021)

ISO 23081-2:2021 – Information and Documentation — Metadata for Managing Records — Part 2: Conceptual and Implementation Issues

Free eBook – Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional de Guatemala 2005-2017

Book (soon in Open Access) – Archives, Access and Artificial Intelligence: Working with Born-Digital and Digitized Archival Collections

Book – Data Science in the Library: Tools and Strategies for Supporting Data-Driven Research and Instruction

Book – Digitization of Economy and Society: Emerging Paradigms

Book – Driving Science Information Discovery in the Digital Age

Book – The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain

Book – Devour the Land: War and American Landscape Photography since 1970

Book – Mirror Reflecting Darkly: the Rita Keegan Archive

Book – Saving the Freedom of Information Act

Book – The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): a Commentary (Second Edition)

Book – The Informed Company: how to Build a Cloud-Based Data Stack to Explore and Understand Data

Livre – Passion de musées : de Québec à Lyon

Livre – Mon Bullet : journal de généalogie

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
University of Guelph – Old Boxes with Stuffy Papers: why Archival Research is Crucial
October 25, 2021

Table-ronde virtuelle sur le calendrier de conservation
27 octobre 2021

The Operation of All Wonderfull Things: Magic and the Occult at McMaster University Library
October 28, 2021

Association of Canadian Archivists – International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF): what Is it and why should my Archives Adopt it?
November 4, 2021

Association des Archivistes du Québec – Colloque de l’automne
2 décembre 2021

International Symposium: Confronting Antisemitism: Activating Archives, Libraries, & Museums
October 17, 2021

Using ADCTest for Quality Control in Audio Digitization Workflows
October 21, 2021

eArchiving Specifications Showcase
October 26, 2021

Preserving Australian video game history of the 1990s
October 28, 2021

NARA – Webinar on Cloud Transfers of Permanent Electronic Records
November 02, 2021

Archives Supporting Environmental Sustainability
November 8-10, 2021

Archives nationales de France – Stratégie de préservation numérique
9 novembre 2021

Shock of the Record Webinar – Truth and Trust: Untruth Especially in Oppressive Regimes
November 11, 2021

Personal and Family Archival Collections: Connecting the Pieces In the Complex Puzzle of the Holocaust Story
December 14-15, 2021

Estampes et dessins de l’école de Fontainebleau. Production, diffusion, collection
9-10 juin 2022, Paris

Partager les archives et les données archéologiques (vidéos disponibles)
21 septembre 2021

Sur le web / On the web
Video – Lost and Fonds: Declassification of Government Documents in Canada

Library and Archives Canada Podcast – Treasures Revealed Episode 4: the Halifax Gazette

Vidéo de BAnQ – L’éthique et l’intelligence artificielle

Dalhousie School of Information Management Video – Traditional Sacred Texts and the Art that Makes them Accessible

McGill University Library and Archives Podcast – Finding where we Belong: Indigenous Perspectives at McGill

Unesco Video – Strengthening the Resilience of African Memory Institutions in the face of COVID-19 and Beyond

Vidéo – Les MacGyver de l’Histoire: École des Chartes

Video – Preserving Email in Multiple Formats: an Overview of the Mailbag Project

Video – Advocacy and Electronic Records

Video – Fantastic Bits and how to Preserve them

Video – Ask An Archivist: an Interview With Bridgett Pride, Schomburg Center for Research in Black culture

OCLC Video – Wikipedia and Libraries

Slides – The Union Right of Access to Information

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

The End of History? Why we must Reopen the Archives

KGB archives show how Chrystia Freeland drew the ire (and respect) of Soviet intelligence services

Library and Archives Canada: Theses Canada decline

Québec – Protection des renseignements personnels : le nouveau cadre décortiqué

Ditidaht First Nation releases a video game to encourage language revitalization

Toronto Public Library – Hiking in Ontario: Photos from Digital Archive Ontario

Archives de Montréal – Les carrières de calcaire Martineau

Eastern Townships Resource Centre – Canada’s Great Eastern Exhibition: the rise and decline of the Sherbrooke Fair

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – What is the Whistler Resort Association?

Museum is Not Neutral: Vernon Museum (British Columbia) will provide a look into the collection of objects and archives

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) – An Otterville Sensation: the Mysterious Death of Henry Vansickle

Étude de l’objet archivistique à travers l’esthétique de l’art

Bibliothèques : lire et laisser mourir

Nova Scotia – Pictou County’s Vangie Way remembered for genealogical research, kindness

Afrique / Africa
Rencontre avec la Cinémathèque du Sénégal

Amériques / Americas
NARA – The Importance of Acknowledging our History

NARA and the International Council on Archives

NARA – The Nuremberg Laws: from Nuremberg to the National Archives

NARA – Department of State Records Now Available Online: Despatches from Special Agents, Notes to Foreign Missions, and Notes from Foreign Consuls, 1789-1906

A Survey of Spanish Posters and Related Graphics at the National Archives

I formally exert executive privilege: Trump sends letter to National Archivist warning him NOT to release documents from January 6 after Biden rejected his request to halt publication

National Library of Medicine – Every End has a New Beginning

South Dakota – State Historical Society puts more historic newspapers online

Delaware Public Archives – New Digital Collection: the Abram H. Draper Letters

At Hawai’i’s State Archives, an Enduring Ike

Northeastern University – The Race To Save Indigenous Languages, Using Automatic Speech Recognition

The New York Public Library mines its archive of 56m objects

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Tasmanian Archive (Australia) – Recently Digitised Material: July-September 2021

Queensland State Archives (Australia) – The separation of North and South Stradbroke Island

Vietnam – Archives : exposition virtuelle sur le lac de l’Épée restituée à Hanoï

Returning spoils of colonial conquest: forgotten manuscripts in European archives may hold important keys to Northeast India’s past

Europe / Europa
New European Economic and Social Committee materials available at the Historical Archives of the European Union

Archives de l’État en Belgique – Plongée au coeur des soubresauts de la société belge : près de 30.000 scans d’archives de la Gendarmerie désormais accessibles en ligne

L’oeuvre de Julien Green accueillie à la Bibliothèque nationale de France

The National Archives of Ireland commemorate the centenary of the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty

National Library of Ireland – Timpeall na Tíre: Connect with your locality through our digitised collections

Ireland – Data watchdog to ask minister why blood archives still exist

UK – Cabinet policy obliges ministers to delete instant messages

UK National Archives – Bandits, guerrillas, terrorists: the role of the Central Office of Information during the Malayan Emergency (1948-60)

British Library – 1848 Revolutions: the Czech perspective

Discovering Environmental History collections using the Archives Hub

University of Warwick – Go live at the Modern Records Centre

The UK needs more regional Black archives so it can celebrate Black British history in its entirety

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – The Star Austrian Poet’s Tragic and Forgotten Jewish Muse

Jerusalem Cinematheque Opens Up Israel’s National Film Archive

Afghanistan’s Film Archives Were Saved from the Taliban Once Before. What Now?

Archivists Create a Searchable Index of 107 Million Science Articles

The Philosopher’s Archive in the Digital Age: David Lewis and his Correspondence

Using Machine Learning to Predict Hard Drive Failures

How to Determine the Ownership of Information Stores

Four NFT Projects Took Investors’ Money and Disappeared in One Day

Il est temps d’arrêter d’associer numérisation et réduction des coûts

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