Thursday, 18 November 2021

Vol. 15, no. 12

                                                        Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan – Records Schedule Development Process: Quick Summary

European Commission – Recommandation on a Common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Archives nationales de France – Stratégie 2021-2025

U.S. Council of State Archivists – Choosing an Email Appraisal Approach

University of Berkeley – Digital Lockers: Archiving Social Media Evidence of Atrocity Crimes

De la communauté / From the community
Arolsen Archives: International Center on Nazi Persecution – Beyond Europe: Findings on the International Refugee Organization (IRO) in Africa and Asia, 1947–1951

Digital Research Alliance of Canada – New Dataverse Metadata and Curation Guides

Dutch Digital Heritage Network – A Practical Research into Preservation Strategies for VR Artworks on the Basis of Justin Zijlstra’s 100 Jaar Vrouwenkiesrecht

Baring Foundation – Creatively Minded and Heritage: Creativity & Mental Health Activity in Heritage Settings

Australian Evaluation Society – First Nations Cultural Safety Framework

Institute of Museum and Library Services – Annual Financial Report 2021

Article – Critical Digital Archives: a Review from Archival Studies

Article – No Manuals: Archives Administration 100 Years After Jenkinson’s Manual

RBM: a Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage, vol. 22, no. 1 (2021)

Computers, vol. 10, no. 8, 2021 (Special Issue on: Blockchain Technology and Recordkeeping)

DttP: Documents to the People, vol. 49, no. 3-4 (2021)

Digital Humanities Quarterly, vol. 15, no. 3 (2021)

Book History, vol. 24, no. 1 (2021)

Mémoire en jeu, no 14, 2021 (numéro spécial : le numérique comme environnement mémoriel)

Library and Archives Canada – Documentary Heritage and Official Language Minority Communities, vol. 2, no. 19 (2021)

Archives Society of Alberta Newsletter, vol. 41, no. 1 (2021)

Mennonite Historian: a Publication of the Mennonite Heritage Archives (Manitoba), vol. 47, no. 3 (2021)

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) – La représentation des archives et de l’archiviste dans la bande dessinée

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) – L’archivage numérique comme outil de patrimonialisation des luttes militantes : une étude sur les archives du mouvement antinucléaire en Alsace

Book – Looking Back, Moving Forward: 160 Years of Jewish Life in BC

Book – Adjusting the Lens: Indigenous Activism, Colonial Legacies, and Photographic Heritage

Book – Mass Capture: Chinese Head Tax and the Making of Non-Citizens

Book – Listening to the Lomax Archive: the Sonic Rhetorics of African American Folksong in the 1930s

Book – No Shelf Required 3: the New Era for E-Books and Digital Content

Book – The GDPR Challenge: Privacy, Technology, and Compliance in an Age of Accelerating Change

Book – Composition and Big Data

Book – Concise Guide to Databases: a Practical Introduction

Book – Media Matter: Images as Presenters, Mediators, and Means of Observation

Book – Ancestral Genealogies in Modern China: a Study of Lineage Organizations in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Book – On Revision: the Only Writing that Counts

Book – Beginning Microsoft 365 Collaboration Apps: Working in the Microsoft Cloud (Second Edition)

Livre – Gallica et RetroNews : deux eldorados généalogiques

Livre - Écosystème de la transformation de l'administration publique vers le numérique (par Daniel J. Caron)

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
University of Saskatchewan – Bakaan nake’ii ngii-izhi-gakinoo’amaagoomin: we were taught differently: the Indian residential school experience
Until Frebruary 2022

Transformation numérique: enjeux de transparence et de protection des renseignements personnels
19 novembre 2021

Jewish Public Library – Rare Book Workshop: Missing Inks: Jewish Texts In Controversial Contexts
November 24, 2021

Dalhousie University – Adopting Responsible Artificial Intelligence in Practice
November 29, 2021

Enjeux du postsecondaire en contexte francophone minoritaire: les apports des archives et bibliothèques
29 novembre 2021

Library and Archives Canada – Signatures Interview with Gabor Szilasi
December 1, 2021

Imprimer pour exister : enjeux de l’édition autochtone
3 décembre 2021

Première mondiale : dépôt d’archives numériques encodées sur ADN aux Archives nationales de France
23 novembre 2021, Paris

Décoloniser la recherche de provenance : expériences de co-construction des connaissances et de négociation du futur des collections coloniales
24-25 novembre 2021

Working with Siegfried, Wikidata, and Wikibase
December 2, 2021

Arctic Photography, Film Exploration and the Archive
December 2-3, 2021

Sur le web / On the web
Bibliothèque et Archives Canada – Ihtesham Rashid discute du Programme des collectivités du patrimoine documentaire

Video – Community Practice & Archives at the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre

City of Burnaby Archives 20th Anniversary Video

City of Thunder Bay Video – Celebrating Women in History

Library and Archives Podcast – Treasures Revealed Episode 2: Pannotype Puzzle

Podcast – Artist, Witness, Woman: Mary Riter Hamilton

Law Bytes Podcast – Scott Benzie on How Bill C-10 Ignored Canada’s Thriving Digital First Creators

From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Margery Allen and Mrs. Barker

American Library Association – New eLearning Website

UK National Archives Video – Rudyard Kipling: a Man of Letters

Video – Nothing is Stable: Conserving Cultural Heritage in a Changing World

Video – Exploring your Data with Open Refine

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Just what are they Trying to Protect?: Redactions to Records on Intelligence and International Affairs and the Writing of Canadian History

Library and Archives Canada – Welcome to our New Assistant Deputy Minister, User Experience and Engagement

Library and Archives Canada – Funding available to preserve the diversity and richness of Indigenous heritage

Library and Archives Canada – Breaking ground: 150 years of federal infrastructure in British Columbia, Cariboo Region: Railway Mail Service, Prince George to Prince Rupert

Saskatchewan’s new provincial archivist loves to learn about history

Nunavut – Government openness can’t wait for access to information law

Changes to New Brunswick information law an alarm bell, critics say

B.C.’s proposed Freedom of Information fee threatens Indigenous Peoples, families and communities

BAnQ – Big John, le dompteur de rapides

Residential school records once held in Canada now in Rome, researchers say

Update on Portage and the Digital Research Alliance of Canada

University of British Columbia Archives receives extensive collection of photographs and records from Department of Athletics & Recreation

New exhibits at University of Saskatchewan explore Canada’s dark history and the resilience of Indigenous People

McGill University – Macdonald Campus Magazine tells the story of life in wartime Canada

University of Winnipeg Researcher developing online tool to help find missing Indigenous tuberculosis patients

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Remembering Trips to Alta Lake

Collection at Lake Cowichan’s museum (British Columbia) to be archived online

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) – Oxford County’s WWII Victory Loan Campaigns

Société d’histoire et de généalogie Maria-Chapedelaine – Un emploi d’été enrichissant

Outdated terms referencing Indigenous peoples are being removed from School District 60’s (British Columbia) library catalogue

NFT – Juste pour rire lance sa galerie en ligne

As the DVD turns 25, why people still love collecting them, even with a shelf life

Naming the dead: B.C. man unravels the mysteries of veterans buried in unmarked graves

Introduction à l’Indicateur de sobriété numérique d’un SAE

Afrique / Africa
Nigeria’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Amériques / Americas
NARA – Celebrating 150 Million Digital Copies in the Catalog, Part 4: Highlights from the Presidential Libraries

NARA – Soviet-American Cooperation Regarding Hitler’s Führer Museum Documentation, 1945-1946

NARA – Hitler’s Downfall, the Hidden Army

NARA – More Department of State Records Now Available Online: Diplomatic Instructions, 1785-1906 & Consular Instructions, 1801-1834

Library of Congress – A look at Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative with Librarian-in-Residence Hana Beckerle

Library of Congress – Researcher Stories: Armand Lione and the Search for Native American History in D.C.

Library of Congress – By the People Turns 3: A Year in Review

National Library of Medicine – Turning Talent into Treasure

History of the Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model

Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model: Archival Repositories

Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model: International Standards

Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model: Government Publishing Office Interview

State Archives of North Carolina – Local Government Records Retention: Superseded/Obsolete

Texas State Library and Archives Commission – How Do I Recertify My State Agency Retention Schedule?

Maine State Archives Shares Railroad Accident Report of the Death of Civil Rights Leader James Weldon Johnson

WSFA donates decades of film, video and photos to Alabama archives department

Long Island University Unveils Digital Collection of Historical Documents

Oklahoma State University Library project unveiled at White House Tribal Nations Summit

University of Arizona – The Importance of Indigenous Librarianship: Q&A with Knowledge River Alumnus Alex Soto

How Getty Archivists Support Racial Justice: inside the ongoing work to reexamine hundreds of records to create better and more equitable archives

FromThePage – An Interview with Molly Kerr of History Revealed

The Whitney gives vast Andy Warhol research archive to Museum of Modern Art

The new Indigenous Americas hub on Google Arts & Culture

Lee Harvey Oswald’s U. S. Marine Corps Score Book Sold at Auction

Engaging Undergraduates in Primary Source Research: an Interview with the Authors of Two New Books

Why the US Needs a Truth Commission and an Archive of Racial and Cultural Healing

Early American Photo Archive Found in a Shed Sells for $300,000

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
New Zealand – Authors gather for literary protest against National Library’s internet archive deal

Vietnam – Digitalisation of art and culture archives in need of a boost

Quels sont les secrets des archives nationales du Tadjikistan ?

Azim Premji University (India) – Digital archive of school books launched

Europe / Europa
Diplomatic Reports on the Holocaust: an European Holocaust Research Infrastucture Online Edition

Ancient Olympia to be digitally preserved

WW2 breakthrough: Hitler’s secret hit list of 3,000 Britons to round up after invasion

Bibliothèque nationale de France – Baudelaire et quelques artistes de son temps

National Library of Scotland – Our collections and the Climate Crisis: outer Hebrides

National Library of Wales – Welsh language websites within the UK Web Archive

New national archive records experiences of Wales’ trailblazing political women

Anger over grotesque abuse of £600,000 case to keep Mountbatten papers secret

UK Parliamentary Archives – UK Disability History Month: Laws, Relationships and Sex

UK Parliamentary Archives – Benn Levy & the Bomb

British Library – A time for action, not words

British Library – The danger of supporting German Cathedrals during the Second World War

Transcribed from the boundary wall of the universe: early Dhammasattha manuscripts in the Burmese collection of the British Library

British Library – Miguel of Mazagon, Mumbai: Part One

University of Manchester – Palladium Project: development work on ePADD

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – A Celebrity’s Guide to Israel

Israeli boy discovers Nazi-era Gemara on side of road

The United Arab Emirates National Archives receives the historical documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Persian Gulf University (Iran) – Accessing history: the privilege of working with primary sources

International Committee of the Red Cross – An information environment out of control: turning disposable information into sustainable knowledge

Arolsen Archives, International Center on Nazi Persecution – Volunteers transcribe 10,000 names

Unesco General Conference adopts Open Science Recommendation

Privacy Concerns in Archival Records

OCLC – Interview: Collection Directions and Pandemic Effects

Les données ont-elles évincé ou éclipsé les documents? 1/3

How blockchain could revolutionize food supply chains and lower your grocery bill

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