Thursday, 3 February 2022

Vol. 15, no. 23

Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
Kitimat Museum and Archives (British Columbia) – Strategic Plan 2020-2030

European Data Protection Board – Guidelines 01/2022 on Data Subject Rights: Right of Access

Centre de coordination pour l’archivage à long terme de documents électroniques (Suisse) – Dictionnaire allemand-français spécifique

France – Instruction ministérielle sur la protection du secret de la défense nationale

Service interministériel des Archives de France – Standard d’échange de données pour l’archivage (version 2.2)

De la communauté / From the community
Digital Preservation Coalition – EDRMS Preservation Toolkit (Public Release)

WarcNet – Exploring Special Web Archives Collections Related to COVID-19: the National Library of Ireland

Research Libraries UK – Strategy 2022-2025

National Information Standards Organization – Draft Standards-Specific Ontology Standard

New York University – Guidelines for Preserving New Forms of Scholarship

Article – Collaboration and Mentorship in the Organization of an American Indian Family Collection: a Case Study in Service Learning at the University of Oklahoma

Glad : revue sur le langage, le genre, la sexualité, no 11, 2021 (numéro spécial : archives, genre, sexualités, discours)

Imago Mundi: the International Journal for the History of Cartography, vol. 73, no. 2 (2021)

The Electronic Library, vol. 40, no. 1-2 (2022)

Silhouettes: the Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Magazine, no. 51 (2021)

Burlington Historical Society (Ontario) Gazette, vol. 18, no. 2 (2022)

Book – Women, Feminism and Italian Cinema: Archives from a Film Culture

Book – Researching Historical Screen Audiences

Book – Metadata: Rethinking Photography in the 21st Century

Book – Temples of Books: Magnificent Libraries around the World

Book – Forgetting and the Forgotten: a Thousand Years of Contested Histories in the Heartland

Book – Understanding E-Carceration: Electronic Monitoring, the Surveillance State, and the Future of Mass Incarceration

Book – Privacy: Algorithms and Society

Book – Photography in the Great War: the Ethics of Emerging Medical Collections from the Great War

Book – Legal Data and Information in Practice: how Data and the Law Interact

Livre – Reflets de mémoire : le Québec en images

Livre – Cinéma et droit d’auteur : réflexions historiques et juridiques sur la paternité du réalisateur

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
The Dr. John Archer Library & Archives and the Saskatchewan Health Libraries Association presents Black History Month
February 8, 2021

Université Saint-Paul – Où se trouvent tous les documents ? Les leçons du Rapport Capriolo pour la conservation des archives ecclésiastiques
9 février 2022

Dalhousie University – Decolonization in the Info Professions
February 9 – March 23, 20221

Information Resource Management Association of Canada – Critical Data Studies
February 16, 2022

Archives Access and Exploitation: Dealing with Rights and Intellectual Property Restrictions
February 10, 2022

The New EU Copyright Exceptions: a Model for the World?
February 15, 2022

Born Digital Cultural Heritage Conference
February 16-18, 2022

National Archives of Ireland – Re-Performing State Memory
February 17, 2022

Indigenous Intellectual Property & Data Sovereignty
February 18, 2022

Archiving Knowledge, Latin American Perspectives
February 24-25 2022

Best Practices for Cataloging Objects
February 24, 2022

Archival Landscapes: South Africa
March 24, 2022

Sur le web / On the web
Information and Communications Technology Council (Canada) – WIL E-Learning Course Presentation: Cyber Forensics for Digital Identities

Video – Privacy Data Protection and Cybersecurity Developments in Canada and Abroad: Review of Lessons Learned

Friends of British Columbia Archives – The Importance of Being Bored: an Historian’s Adventure in Rethinking Colonialism in the Archive

Info Matters Podcast – The Buzz about Synthetic Data

Video – View Negatives with Your iPhone or iPad: No App Required

Archives in Context Podcast – Amy Cooper Cary and Stacie Williams, Society of American Archivists Publications Editor and American Archivist Editor

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Library and Archives Canada Dishonourable Mention

On again, off again Library and Archives Canada

Ford government loses appeal to keep ministers’ mandate letters secret at Ontario’s top court

Saskatchewan – Municipalities’ Guide to Frivolous or Vexatious Access to Information Requests

The Randolph Fields Fonds and the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

Peace River homestead exhibit faces uncertain future at Royal British Columbia Museum

BAnQ – Les archives, mémoire tangible et durable à l’ère de l’éphémère

Toujours pertinente, en 2022, la protection des données personnelles?

Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre uses pandemic closure to digitize collection

Mohawk Institute survivors creating archive of children at residential school say Ontario’s being dismissive

How artificial intelligence and immersive technology are being used to revitalize Indigenous languages

Bloomfield Plains Cree Texts and Sacred Stories Presented Online

McGill University – Archival Collections Catalogue interface tweaked for increase ease of use

Gaspésie – Des trésors patrimoniaux par milliers dans les chambres fortes de nos musées

Lloydminster Museum + Archives celebrates Archives Week

City of North Battleford (Saskatchewan) Archives Week display focus on the 1940s

The Associated Canadian Travellers donates to North Battleford Archives

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) – Half-a-Dozen Horses: Wild Horses in the South Peace

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) – When Rowing Was All the Rage

Welland (Ontario) receives nearly $100,000 to modernize city’s records systems

Stratford-Perth Archives (Ontario) – Reflections: a treasured set of photographs

Writer’s history articles inspire new Brant Museum and Archives (Ontario) exhibit

Brampton’s Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives celebrates Black History Month

St. Vital Museum (Manitoba) to expand online presence

Colonialism discussed: Museum and Archives of Vernon (British Columbia) continuing its Doctrine of Discovery discussions

La Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons de nouveau certifiée

Société d’histoire de la Haute Yamaska – Granby, ville industrielle (1882-2000)

Winnipeg man is using 3D printing to preserve Manitoba’s history

Employee Spotlight: Lauren Halsey, Associate Archivist with the City of Thunder Bay

Vie darchiviste : Mylène Bélanger et Chantal Guérin

Afrique / Africa
South Africa – Parliament’s botched digitisation may mean millions of precious documents were lost in fire

Amériques / Americas
Proving Provenance: the Fight for the Restitution of Mexican Antiquities

NARA Staff Collaborate for Improved Access to the 1950 Census

NARA – Department of State Records Relating to Refugees, Displaced Persons, Relief, and War Crimes During the World War II Era, Part 2: Decentralized Files

NARA – Department of State Records Relating to Refugees, Displaced Persons, Relief, and War Crimes During the World War II Era, Part 3: Related Agencies and Publications

NARA – Archivist Explores History of 1950 Census Indian Reservation Schedule

NARA – Maps as Storytellers: (Map of) Falmouth Neck, as it was When Destroyed by Mowatt, October 18th, 1775

The Public Interest Declassification Board Responds to the Director of National Intelligence’s Concerns about Over-Classification and the Need to Modernize the U.S. Classification and Declassification System

Library of Congress – Black History Month: Black Military History Crowdsourcing

Library of Congress Releases Growing Coronavirus Web Archive Collection

Library of Congress – Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud: an Interview with Khadijah Camp

Library of Congress to Create New Stereoscopic Photography Fellowship and Collection with National Stereoscopic Association

National Library of Medicine is a Leader in Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve User Experiences

Smithsonian – A Retro Look in the Archives Reveals Past Views on Language Derogatory to Native Americans

Maryland – Libraries Join State Project to Record, Archive Pandemic Stories

Cornell University – Nuclear Freeze documents digitized

George Romero and Bill Cardille archives helping to turn University of Pittsburgh into a horror haven

University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Improving Collections Metadata Using Donor Inventories

University of Michigan – Following a Data Citation through the Publishing Process

Project will digitize colonial records pertaining to enslaved and free Black people in Louisiana

Analyzing 25 Years of Privacy Policies with Machine Learning

Regaining control: Indigenous-owned and operated archives

In Living Color Producer Donates Show Archive to National Comedy Center

Black Lives Matter fence’s guardian seeks to preserve artwork: I want it seen

Preserving jazz in the Big Easy

Placing Archival Skills into the Hands of Individual Podcasters: Interview with Mary Kidd on Preserve this Podcast

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australian Society of Archivists supports an expanded Commission of Inquiry into Integrity Issues in the Queensland Government

Queensland archivist forced out amid interference

Former archivist slams huge integrity issues in Palaszczuk government ahead of review into Queensland’s anti-corruption watchdog

Queensland State Archives – Black Friday: Australia’s first ever general strike

The extraordinary life of an illegal copy of Portnoy’s Complaint: it’s a terrific Australian story

New Zealand – New $290m national archives facility to be built in Wellington

Help us: the National Library of New Zealand unsolvable dilemma

Europe / Europa
What’s inside the Mitrokhin Archive, the largest leak of classified KGB files in history?

New app tracks Holocaust as it happened in Prague streets

Google Vanquished a Rival in Prague. Payback Could Hurt.

Suisse – Les procès-verbaux manuscrits du Conseil fédéral depuis 1848 sont désormais accessibles en ligne avec la recherche de caractères

Réorientation et rénovation complète de la Bibliothèque nationale suisse

You take pictures, I paint: Picasso friend’s photos given to Swiss museum

France – Création d’une offre de service interministérielle dédiée à l’archivage des données publiques

France – Lancement du projet Socface : l’intelligence artificielle appliquée aux documents d’archives

France – La Bergerie nationale de Rambouillet et ses moutons mérinos s’exposent aux Archives nationales

France – L’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin confie cent ans d’archives à l’université de Bourgogne

Chris Mullin to resist police bid to identify Irish Republican Army pub bombing sources

UK National Archives – Conservation volunteers rehouse over 5,000 films and negatives

UK National Archives – The Right of Wreck

UK National Archives – The Battles of Tobruk, 1941-42 (Part two)

UK National Archives – Then and now: the People’s Palace in the ’20s

UK National Archives – The 1920s and all that jazz

British Library – How to be an effective ruler: the Basilikon Doron of King James VI and I

Behind the scenes at the British Library: Graham Jevon, Cataloguer for the Endangered Archives Programme

British Library to track 600 years of Black British music for new exhibition

New James Joyce artefacts and personal letters donated to University of Reading

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – A Vanishing World: what Will Become of the Yung Yiddish Museum?

National Library of Israel – Revealed: the Renowned Kabbalist’s Hidden Letter

Local and Global Memory in the Islamic Relief Archive

Arabie Saoudite: un mémorandum de coopération entre Archives du Maroc et Darah approuvé en CM

The International Council on Archives wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year

Les archives numérisées de la Société des nations vont-elles permettre une réécriture de l’Histoire?

Digital Preservation Coalition – Introducing the World Cup of Digital Preservation

FAIR-ists and Preservationists unite! A dialogue between optimists

Chats are the new letters. Here’s how to preserve them accordingly.

Reading mac 800k floppies, more complex than you’d think

Edit.Photo is a fast, free web app for editing your photographs

Smells Are Going Extinct, so Researchers Are Working to Preserve them

Cryptobros spent $3 million on Dune book, believing it gave them copyright

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