Thursday, 7 July 2022

Vol. 15, no. 45

                                                         Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
MITRE – Considerations for NARA on the Future of Recordkeeping

Archives nationales de Luxembourg – Tableau de tri : Centre socio-éducatif de l’État

Public Records Office Victoria (Australia) – Recordkeeping within a Microsoft 365 Environment

British Library and Other Institutions – Green Libraries Manifesto

De la communauté / From the community
Archives and Records Association UK and Ireland – Code of Ethics: Advice on Breaches

Society of American Archivists Case Study – More than Recipes: Enriching a Campus Common Read with Historical Cookbooks

Digital Preservation Coalition – Computational Access: a Beginner’s Guide for Digital Preservation Practitioners (Member Release)

Inclusive Terminology Project: Guidance on Discriminatory and Harmful Language for Cultural Heritage Professionals

OCLC Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums Project – Research Briefing: Ventilation

Association of Research Libraries – Library Impact Research Report: Faculty Publication Patterns at a Large Urban University and Correlation with Collections Use and Size

Association of Research Libraries – Research Library Issues 303: Future States of the Research Library

Center for Law and Democracy – Guide for Journalists on Documenting International Crimes

Article – Practices Before Policy: Research Data Management Behaviours in Canada

The American Archivist, vol. 85, no. 1 (2022)

Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, vol. 34, no. 2 (2022)

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 73, no. 8 (2022)

Association for Recorded Sound Collections – Newsletter, no. 159 (2022)

Mennonite Historian: a Publication of the Mennonite Heritage Archives (Manitoba), vol. 48, no. 2 (2022)

The Halcyon: the Newsletter of the Friends of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto), no. 69 (2023)

Open Access Book – Mapping Narrations – Narrating Maps: Concepts of the World in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

Open Access Book – Managing Licensed E-Resources: Techniques, Tips, and Practical Advice

Book – Printing for Kingdom, Empire, and Republic: Treasures from the Archives of the Imprimerie Nationale

Book – Across the Black Water: the Andaman Archives

Book – The Weeding Handbook: a Shelf-by-Shelf Guide (Second Edition)

Book – Collective Memory, Identity and the Legacies of Slavery and Indenture

Book – Digital Heritage and Archaeology in Practice: Data, Ethics, and Professionalism

Book – The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History

Book – International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights: the Berne Convention and Beyond (Third Edition)

Book – Clans and Tartans of Scotland

Book – Evidence-Based Cybersecurity: Foundations, Research, and Practice

Livre – Manifeste pour une post-photographie

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Provincial Archives of Alberta Exhibit – A Living Space by Gillian Willans
Until December 16, 2022, Edmonton

Preserving Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage and Historical Record
July 8, 2022

Canada’s Reconciliation Framework: Reflections and Advocacy Across Borders
July 13, 2022

Information Resource Management Association of Canada – Modern Analytics and Governance at Scale
July 27, 2022

Archives Association of British Columbia – Archives 101: Archival Practice for Indigenous Archives
October 10, 12, 17, 19, 2022 and January 23, 25, 30, February 1, 2023

Canadian Open Data Summit
November 7-8, Whitehorse

Europeana Aggregators’ Forum Online Outreach Event
July 11, 2022

Virtual Archival Education and Research Institute 2022
July 11-15, 2022

2022 LD4 Conference on Linked Data
July 11-14, 2022

AV Preservation Validation & Workflows
July 13, 2022

Archiving Black Histories: Curators in Conversation
July 16, 2022

Computational Access to Digital Collections
July 21, 2022

Reimagine Descriptive Workflows: an Australasian Perspective
July 27, 2022

DLM Forum Members’ Meeting
September 8-9, 2022

Bitcurator Forum
March 28-30, 2023

The Great Resignation Era: Attracting and Retaining Library Talent (Video Available)
June 14, 2022

Sur le web / On the web
Baladodiffusion de la Revue de droit de l’Université McGill – Cybersécurité et le droit, partie 1 : un guide pratique pour le 21e siècle

Archives & Things Podcast – Dr. Mary Louise McCarthy-Brandt, Remembering Each African Cemeteries History in New Brunswick

D’Archive Podcast – Melville, Marginalia, and Olson’s Moby Dick

Future Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Excavation Podcast – File Soon. June 1987: Archival Diasporas and the Urgency to Save During a Climate Emergency

Vidéo – Comment faire l’histoire de l’environnement et de sa protection ? Échanges entre archivistes et historiens

HSBC History: London Archive VR Tour

Instagram Documentary – His Name Is my Name

New Website – Queer Metadata Collective

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

The other side of the teeter totter: Copyright Advocacy and Reform in 2022

Feds urged to crack down on fake Indigenous art, copyright breaches

Library and Archives Canada – New Blog Series: Improving your online experience

What’s in Library and Archives Canada Vision 2030

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 – Digital Preservation in the Collection

Newly disclosed surveillance of medicare pioneers puts the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the wrong side of history

British Columbia – Mining Geoscience Data to Put It on the Map

A trunk of history: Newfoundland wartime artifacts discovered in family home donated to The Rooms

BAnQ – Voici 10 photographies aériennes de la Basse-Ville de Québec en 1982

BAnQ – Notre histoire en archives : Lac-Mégantic et son patrimoine documentaire

Bibliothèque de l’Assemblée nationale du Québec – Comment naissent et meurent les législatures

$4.8M Cape Breton facility to preserve knowledge of Mi’kmaw elders

Simon Fraser University – Got any pictures of Terry Fox?

McMaster University students helping build local 2SLGBTQ+ community archives

University of British Columbia – Tokyo maps of Edo Period

Association of Canadian Archivists @ University of British Columbia’s 13th Annual Seminar and Symposium

Not Just Immigrants: South Asian Canadian Legacy Project aims at preserving the community’s heritage

The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archive – Get out and Remember them

Les archives hospitalières laïques au Québec: le cas du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Whistler at 22% Interest: Part 2

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) – Fishing Expeditions in the Archives

Galt Museum and Archives (Alberta) – Art Installation at Fort Whoop-Up Incites Conversations on Decolonization

Galt Museum and Archive receives national recognition

Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation – Summertime in Canada

This new archive brings Newfoundland and Labrador queer history to life

How a Canadian team solved a century-old mystery to lay WW I soldier to rest

Afrique / Africa
Archives du Mali – 1962-2022 : il y’a 60 ans, naissait le franc Malien

Fête de l’indépendance: l’Algérie à travers l’histoire thème d’une exposition organisée par le Centre des archives nationales

Amériques / Americas
Mexico’s first Trans Memory Archive champions LGBTI pride

NARA – A (Not So) Final Resting Place: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cemetery Relocation Project in Hawley, Pennsylvania

Library of Congress – Average Jones: Solving Crimes via the Classifieds

The Neil Simon Collection: Now Playing at the Library of Congress

Top-secret D-Day map of Omaha Beach goes to Library of Congress

National Library of Medicine – Celebrating Independence Day: Fortitude in Philadelphia, 1776

What Went on in the Trump Environmental Protection Agency? Announcing a New Freedom of Information Act Archive

Preservation of Electronic Government Information – Web Archiving and Government Information

Fifty of the rarest, most fascinating finds in University of North Carolina Greensboro special collections & university archives

California State University Channel Islands – Historians and Library collaborate to create archive for student stories and artifacts

Historians document Oregon’s unique lesbian mecca

Lesley Gore’s Archive, Open to All, Arrives at the New York Public Library

Mickey Mouse could soon leave Disney as 95-year copyright expiry nears

Students Can Sue Over Yearbook Photos Published without Permission

Collection of Historical Ephemera Nearly Reaches $1 Million

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Reissue of Australian Society of Archivists Recordkeeping Review

Digitising the Australian National Herbarium

Australia’s rich performing arts history takes spotlight at National Library

New Zealand – A new Archives building for our nation’s taonga and heritage

National Library of New Zealand – Surveying 105,000 audio visual magnetic media items

Sound Recording Copyright Term to Be Extended to 70 Years in New Zealand

China to improve public access to national archives

Archaeological Survey of India faces uphill task of cataloguing and preserving piles of its archival treasure

Bangladesh – Young Rohingya photographers capture life in world’s largest refugee camp

Europe / Europa
La Cour européenne des droits de l’Homme repense l’accès aux archives de justice

New archival materials on European Space Agency-European Union relations at the Historical Archives of the European Union

Connecting Holocaust Researchers to their Answers: what Archivists Can Do to Strengthen the Field

Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary) on the restriction of access to the National Archives of Romania

The Norwegian library with unreadable books

Leiden University (Netherlands) – After the Collaborative Transcription: addressing the challenges of crowdsourced transcription

Reusing images of Italian cultural heritage from Wikimedia Commons will become more difficult

Creative Commons Expresses Views on Italian National Cultural Heritage Digitization Plan

France – De Gaulle et la guerre d’Algérie : dans les nouvelles archives de la raison d’État

La Bibliothèque nationale de France est plus le révélateur d’un problème que le problème

Scots archive restrictions a national scandal

UK – Cabinet Office rejects recommendations to improve transparency of its Freedom of Information handling

UK National Archives – Planning a visit to our reading rooms? Book a visit

UK National Archives – Beyond 2022: how the light gets in

UK National Archives – Fifty years of UK Pride marches: Pride and defiance before 1972

UK National Archives – Mind your manors: Hacking like it’s 1399

Les Prize Papers, archives des 35.000 captures de la Couronne britannique, vont permettre de réécrire l’Histoire

Academics plead against continued Covid restrictions at national archives

British Library – A Historical Narrative of the Ka?ba and the Hajj Season Reflecting on the Visual Materials Found in the India Office Records

British Library – US Radicals in Revolutionary Mexico

Tate capitulated to my legal demand: donor of disputed Francis Bacon archive responds to museum’s return of collection

Bodleain Library – The Earls of Clarendon catalogue is now online

Black Cultural Archives – A Journey into Archiving

To catch a rare-book thief

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – Revealed: Rare Documentation of the Portuguese Inquisition

National Library of Israel – Jews Shooting Jews: a Look Back at the Days of the Altalena Affair

National Library of Israel – What Made this Top Russian Jewish Author Descend into Madness?

National Library of Israel – Donating Pocket Money for Jewish Refugees in Cyprus

Newly Digitized Archives Detail Efforts of Vienna Jews to Escape Before WWII

International Committee of the Red Cross Library and Archives – Red Cross and Red Crescent Statutory Meetings

Archivist preserves every Super Nintendo Entertainment System manual online

The Pirate Library Mirror wants to preserve all human knowledge… illegally

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