Thursday, 8 September 2022

Vol. 16, no. 2

                                                         Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
United States Council of State Archivists – Preparing Archives for Records in Email: Phase 2: Testing Report

NARA – Assessing Freedom of Information Act Compliance through the National Archives and Records Administration’s 2021 Records Management Self-Assessment

NARA – Expanding the Use of a Role-Based Approach (Capstone) for Electronic Messages (Draft for Comments)

France Archives – La réutilisation des archives publiques

La photographie dans les collections de l’Institut national de l’audiovisuel (France)

National Collection of U.S. Government Public Information: Strategic Plan 2023-2027

De la communauté / From the community
10 Years of the IFLA Open Access Statement: a Call to Action

Petit guide Memoriav pour la sauvegarde des documents films et vidéo

MetaArchive Cooperative – Next Generation Digital Preservation Architecture (Version 3 for Comments)

OCLC Reopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums Project – Public Health Crisis Management Playbook for Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Towards a European Network of FAIR-enabling Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDRs): a Working Paper

Finding and Using Openly Licensed Images: a Quick Guide for Students

Web Archivability Guidance Refreshed and Republished

Educopia Institute – From Vision to Reality: Bringing Resilient Open Source Infrastructure to Library Publishers

Paper – Trajectories and Challenges for Data Governance Implementation in the Public Sector: a Systematic Review

Arbido : revue professionnelle pour archivistes, bibliothécaires et documentalistes (2022/2)

Acid Free: the Los Angeles Archivists Collective Magazine, no. 14 (2022)

Burlington Historical Society (Ontario) Gazette, vol. 18, no. 8 (2022)

Hallmark Heritage Society (British Columbia) – Preserve Quarterly Newsletter, vol. 50, no. 1 (2022)

Book – Intersectional Encounters in the Nineteenth-Century Archive: New Essays on Power and Discourse

Book – The Prisons Memory Archive: a Case Study in Filmed Memory of Conflict

Book – Folk Photography: the American Real-Photo Postcard 1905-1930

Book – Hidden Harmonies: Manuscript and Print on the North Atlantic Fringe, 1500-1900

Book – Frontiers of Memory in the Asia-Pacific: Difficult Heritage and the Transnational Politics of Postcolonial Nationalism

Book – Digital Literacy, Inclusivity and Sustainable Development in Africa

Book – Queering Mesoamerican Diasporas: Remembering Xicana Indigena Ancestries

Book – Beautiful Writers: a Journey of Big Dreams and Messy Manuscripts with Tricks of the Trade from Bestselling Authors

Book – Healing Historical Trauma in South Korean Film and Literature

Livre – Les devenirs numériques des patrimoines

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Exposition urbaine - Mémoires à faire : archives et artéfacts du Printemps étudiant de 2012 dans la ville de Québec
15 septembre au 15 octobre 2022, Québec

Unesco Massive Open Online Course – Access to Information Laws and Policies and their Implementation

Talking about Listening: Oral Historians in Conversation
September 12, 2022

Queering the Collection: LGBTQ+ Archives Lecture Series, Part 4
September 14, 2022

Reshaping the Collectible: Learning through Change
September 14-16, 2022

Cultural Heritage Data as Open Knowledge
September 15, 2022

New Data Types in Data Management and Archiving
September 15, 2022

UK National Archives – Black Ancestry for Beginners: the Guide to Tracing your Roots
October 5, 2022

Preserving America’s Legacy: a Conversation with David Ferriero, 10th Archivist of the United States
October 23, 2022

Queer Archives: Let the Record Show
November 1, 2022

Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis
November 14, 2022, Los Angeles

Sur le web / On the web
Baladodiffusion - 2012 : Mémoires à faire : où sont les archives du Printemps étudiant de 2012 dans la ville de Québec

From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Kenneth Gordon Newman

Archives Portal Europe – New Website

Video – Society of American Archivists 2022 Presidential Address

Society of American Archivists Archivists of Religious Collections Section – Videos now on YouTube

Video – 2022 Annual Business Meeting of the Society of American Archivists, College & University Archives Section

Video – Pictures of Nazi Deportations: Lecture by Dr. Christoph Kreutzmülle

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Have you tried the new Library and Archives website?

New Library and Archives Canada website – Survey Responses

Indigenous families, former patients seek access to federal Indian hospital records

New website charts Irish immigration to Newfoundland

New France document found in Nova Scotia donated to Quebec archives

BAnQ – Revivez l’ambitieuse construction du campus de l’Université Laval en 18 photos d’archives

La primordiale contribution du religieux au patrimoine québécois

McCord Museum – What’s Cooking in our Archives! A Taste of the Past

New Vancouver library focused on Black history opens its doors

100 Years of Boys & Girls House: Children’s Library Services at Toronto Public Library

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – The annual Alta Lake Regretta

Lake Country Museum & Archives (British Columbia) – History of Kokanee in the Okanagan: Part 1

Museum and Archives of Vernon (British Columbia) want everyone to get involved with Cultural Days events

Centre d’archives régionales du Séminaire de Nicolet – Création du diocèse de Nicolet (I) : le séminaire menacé de transfert

Afrique / Africa
Shining a spotlight on East Africa’s distinctive Islamic manuscript culture

Bénin – Deuxième édition de la Conférence information, bibliothèques, archives : pour la gouvernance de l’information et du numérique

South Africa – Eastern Cape wants volumes of its historical records repatriated from the Western Cape

Amériques / Americas
National Archives Authenticates 1908 Wright Brothers Film

NARA – A Summers Day in the Nation’s Capitol: Dawn Strikes the Capitol Dome (1936)

NARA – Sports in Courts: Savagery on Sunday

How Archives went from National Treasure to political prey

Library of Congress – Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

National Library of Medicine – When you Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant, what Do you See?

Twist in Florida State University missing comics caper: Some of the 5,000 stolen titles found in Strozier library

George Mason University students build digital archive for victims of China’s Anti-Rightist Campaign

From the Page – How can my archive crowdsource record indexing?

On brand: Woody Guthrie Center’s newest acquisition shines a light on well-known singer-songwriter Oscar Brand

New York City Subway Recorder Working to Preserve Part of New York’s History

Sacramento historians look to preserve, tell story of city’s first gay and lesbian newspaper

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Library of New Zealand – Exploring what we do not have

Papers of Pacific Colonial Pasts: a visit to the national archives in Samoa

Did this TikToker Find Unseen Photos of a 1937 Massacre in China?

Out of the Dust: Kazakh Researchers Bring Back Manuscripts that Might Open New Pages of Kazakh History from World Archives

India – Arunachal team in London to research on unsung heroes

Pakistan – Sindh University to digitize rare books, manuscripts

Europe / Europa
L’Association des archivistes français soutient les Archives nationales ukrainiennes

L’histoire des archives françaises, de la dynastie carolingienne à la Révolution française

Si Google s’octroie les archives de tous les écrivains français

Genetic mapping reveals ancestry between Ireland and Scotland

Ireland – Did your ancestors come from Armagh? Massive amount of new records released online

UK Parliamentary Archives – How we Made: the Two Elizabeths Royal Gallery Display

UK National Archives – Authentic representation in archives: Reflections from our fellows

British Library – GLAM Workbench update

British Library – Introducing Prime Ministers’ Papers from Robert Walpole to H. H. Asquith

British Library – Granville Archive available

British Library – The new Roy Military Survey Gazetteer

Cambridge University – Open source and cloud for managing digital collection materials

Investigating podcast preservation at the University of Kent

Digital preservation at the Library of Birmingham: Community Archives

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – This Was the Actual First Zionist Congress

National Library of Israel – Who Are you Calling a “Shluh”?!

Iraqi Jewish archives need to be returned to Iraqi Jews

Türkiye donates Ottoman-era trove of documents to Albania

International Council on Archives Photographic and Audiovisual Archives Working Group – Beyond Theory: Interview to Randi Cecchine

Keeping it reel: are old films ever safe in the age of digital?

The Collectors who Save Video-Game History from Oblivion

Information Sustainability in Marginalized Communities

Sloppy Use of Machine Learning Is Causing a Reproducibility Crisis in Science

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