Thursday, 20 October 2022

Vol. 16, no. 8

                                                     Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
BAnQ – Recueil des règles de conservation du secteur municipal

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador – Government Records Committee Activity Report 2021-2022

Ministère de la Culture (France) – Plan de sauvegarde des biens culturels

Archives nationales de Luxembourg – Tableau de tri du Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de l’Économie sociale et solidaire

Public Record Office Victoria (Australia) – Strategic Management Standard (for Feedback)

De la communauté / From the community
Survey Results: the Current State of Accessibility Features for Audiovisual Collections Content in Five Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative Institutions

Digital Preservation Coalition – Understanding User Needs: a Case Study from the National Library of Scotland (Member Release)

NF Z42-026 – Définition et spécifications des prestations de numérisation fidèle de documents sur support papier et contrôle de ces prestations (pour commentaires)

Council on Library and Information Resources – Accelerated Aging of Polyester-Based Legacy Audio Magnetic Tape Stock

Association of European Research Libraries – Secondary Publishing Rights Position Paper

Oral History Association – Guidelines for Social Justice Oral History Work

Article – Nailing Jelly to the Wall: Teaching Technology in North American Graduate Archival Education Programs

Fontes Artis Musicae: the Journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, vol. 69, no. 3 (2022)

Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 59, no. 1 (2022)

Library Management, vol. 43, no. 6-7 (2022)

National Library of Wales – Welsh Political Archives Newsletter, no. 53 (2022)

Bulletin des archives des Frères maristes, district du Canada, vol. 11, no 2 (2022)

Open Access Book – Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive: Dealing with the Berlin Sound Archive’s Acoustic Legacies

Book – Born-Digital Design Records

Book – Decolonising African University Knowledges, Volume 1: Voices on Diversity and Plurality

Book – The Fight for Privacy: Protecting Dignity, Identity, and Love in the Digital Age

Book – Semantic Web Technologies: Research and Applications

Book – Papyrus: the Invention of Books in the Ancient World

Book – The Arts and Humanities on Environmental and Climate Change: Broadening Approaches to Research and Public Engagement

Book – The Preservation of Art and Culture in Times of War

Book – Museums and Well-being

Livre – Droit de la propriété intellectuelle

Livre – L’État à la lettre : écrit politique et société administrative en France au temps des guerres de religion (vers 1560 – vers 1620)

Roman – Le secret de tante Rose

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Researching at the Archives of Ontario
October 21, 2022

Dr. Laura A. Millar: the Role of the Archivist in an Information Age
October 25, 2022

Film as Mediator: Cultivating a Cypriot Canadian Community Audiovisual Media Archive
October 25, 2022

Storytelling is our Superpower: Celebrating Islamic History Month
October 25, 2022

Preserving Personal Papers
November 3, 2022, Burnaby

Simon Fraser University Guided Tour and Curator Talk – Collecting the Collector & Processing the Process: a Two-Part Exhibition of the bpNichol Fonds
November 4, 2022, Burnaby

Friends Society of the Sir Alexander Galt Museum & Archives – An Evening with Brian Keating
November 16, 2022, Lethbridge (Alberta)

Activité de formation sur le Guide de gestion des archives des communautés religieuses
17 et 24 novembre 2022, Québec et Montréal

Filthy & Much Scrawled: how the Manuscript of a Clockwork Orange Came to McMaster University
November 24, Hamilton

Association of Canadian Archivists 2023 Annual Conference
June 28 – July 1, 2023, Charlottetown

No Time to Wait 6: Transparency, Teaching & Trust!
October 26-28, 2022

From Paper and Paint to Pixels: Preserving and Providing Access to Born Digital Literature and ArtPlace
November 3, 2022

Dutch–Australian Shared Cultural Heritage program
November 7, 2022

Web Archiving with Archive-It
November 18, 2022

Making More Sense With Machines: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Methods for Interrogating and Understanding ur Textual Heritage in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
November 29-30, 2022

Linked Data and International Standards for Cultural Heritage (Videos Available)
September 13-14, 2022, Bruxelles

Sur le web / On the web
Law Bytes Podcast – Canadian Civil Liberties Association’s Brenda McPhail on the Privacy and Surveillance Risks in Bill C-26

From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Michael Edward English

BAnQ – Nouveau site web

ePADD – Version 9.0

Hong Kong Government Records Service – Archives 50 Years: Exhibition and Thematic Website

Vidéo – Webinaire réutilisation des archives

Information & Records Management Society – Government Regulatory Technology Survey 2022

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Canada’s information laws are preventing us from understanding our own history

Access to information: a quasi-constitutional right in peril

Library and Archives Canada launches new call for proposals under Documentary Heritage Communities Program

Library and Archives Canada – Co-Lab updates for October

Archives nationales et chefs d’État : avons-nous le sens de l’histoire ?

Treasures from the Nikkei National Museum: Welfare and Farewells

Digital Research Alliance of Canada Funding for the Canadian Persistent Identifier Consortia

Archives of Ontario Archives and Information Management Systems

Beginner’s Guide: Finding Ontario Civil Birth Registrations

BAnQ – Quatre kilomètres d’archives à partir de 1573

BAnQ – La pêche à l’éperlan sur les quais de Québec

Bâtiments d’archives : réflexion et illustration

Brandon University will house decades of Brandon Sun community photo archives

Canadian Commission for UNESCO and McMaster University Library announce addition of Basil H. Johnston Archives to the Canada Memory of the World Register

York University Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections – Edges, Elephants, and Ads: September 2022 Highlights

University of British Columbia – Dipping into the Hawthorn Fly Fishing and Angling Collection

Westmount opens 100-year-old time capsule found in city hall’s cornerstone

Mauricie – Des trésors anciens dans la région

Le Centre d’archives régional de Charlevoix récolte 8 000 $

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Framing Whistler

John Brant letter book back at Six Nations, includes land records, goverances

Thunder Bay City archives inducts four women into Women’s History Month Exhibit

Curious about the news in 1853? Elgin County (Ontario) archivists are putting it online

Stratford-Perth Archives (Ontario) celebrate 50th anniversary with unique exhibit

Dundas (Ontario) history comes alive in glass negative photo show

Centre d’archives du Séminaire de Nicolet – Création du diocèse de Nicolet (7) : la victoire nicolétaine

Film sheds light on Japanese-Canadian man’s suffering during internment

Amériques / Americas
A Digital Archive in the Diaspora will Preserve Cuban Cinema

Il y a 30 ans, un incendie ravageait les archives de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

NARA – 60th Anniversary: the Cuban Missile Crisis

NARA – Throw a Nickel on the Grass and have a Doughnut

NARA – Harvest Time! Agricultural Records in the National Register of Historic Places

What are they hiding?: Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination records

Library of Congress – The Big Bang of Cinema: Library Researcher Finds First Copyrighted Film

A Fond Farewell to John Hessler, Library of Congress Polymath

Library of Congress – Performing Arts in the Coronavirus Web Archive: Part 4

National Library of Medicine’s Library Operations is Reimagining to Better Serve You

Society of American Archivists – Archival Repatriation Committee to Begin Work

Yale Library donates software collection to the Arctic World Archive project

See a Trove of Historic Documents from D.C.’s First Latino LGBTQ+ Advocacy Group

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia – There are no souvenir shops in Antarctica

National Archives of Australia – Selling the Wittenoom dream

National Archives of Australia – Pearls, gold and turtle soup

National Archives of Australia – An ale with your mail?

National Archives of Australia – Blood in the Archives

How Do you Preserve a Video Game?

Collector Aarti Lohia on her mission to digitise South Asian art archives

A memory project by artists from India and Pakistan shows that peace is an art

19th century Tarikh-e-Sanchi, other rare archival documents on display in National Archives of India exhibition

India – Dhammachakra Pravartan Din: a look at an archivist’s treasured wealth of Dr Ambedkar’s writings

Europe / Europa
Historical Archives of the European Union – Fonds inventory of Pasquale Lino Saccà now available

Europeana – The Paradox of Intangible Heritage: Allegiance and Collective Spirit in Football

National Library of Russia – Aldine Press: Three Generations of the Publishers

First known map of night sky found hidden in Medieval parchment

Allard Pierson Museum (Netherlands) – New artificial intelligence project on old maps

Documents diplomatiques suisses : un institut suisse de recherches aussi discret que fondamental

Archives de l’État en Belgique – A voté ! Les archives du Service des Élections du Ministère de l’Intérieur ouvertes à toutes et tous

France Archives – Mécénat et archives

National Library of France – A Vault Holding Long-Hidden French Treasures Swings Open its Doors

Molière dans les collections sonores de la Bibliothèque nationale de France

France – Le musée de Bretagne lance une campagne de financement pour obtenir des photographies inédites de l’Affaire Dreyfus

L’affaire Doucet : mystérieuses disparitions d’oeuvres rares dans une bibliothèque parisienne

France – Archiviste, Didier Barthélémy signe son premier polar

Ireland launches tracing service for adoption, birth, and medical records

UK Parliamentary Archives – Abbott, Boateng & Grant: the First Black MPs

UK National Archives – Archival research sheds new light on Chaucer court case

UK National Archives – The Morant Bay Rebellion, October 1865

UK National Archives – Black GIs arrive in Britain (Part one)

UK National Archives – Black GIs arrive in Britain (Part two)

British Library – UK Web Archive Technical Update: Autumn 2022

British Library – Vicente Salgado: a new acquisition

British Library – Verhandelingen: a rare 1816 issue of a periodical printed in Java

British Library – Annie Ernaux’s time in London

University of Bristol – Hundreds of historical wildlife films dating back to the 19th Century have been preserved in archive

Aerial photographer’s England collection goes online

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – How a Diamond from the UK’s Imperial State Crown Ended Up in an Israeli Engagement Ring

National Library of Israel – Revealed: Immigration Documents Filled Out by Austrian Jews During the Nazi Occupation

Conserver des collections archéologiques pour les chercheurs : réflexions à partir des fonds de papyrologie de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Égypte)

ARMA International and RIMPA Global Announce Formation of an International Consortium to be Voice of Information Governance Globally

ARMA International Announces Plans to Develop a Partnership with Leadership through Data (LTD) to Provide Training Courses to Members

Internet Archives – New Tool Lets you Search Tons of Old CDs and Floppy Disks for Lost Media

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