Thursday, 12 January 2023

Vol. 16, no. 20

                                                 Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
NARA – Preparing for ERA 2.0 Agency Checklist

NARA – General Records Schedule Transmittal 33 and Updates to GRS FAQs

De la communauté / From the community
Digital Preservation Coalition – Requirements for Procuring IT Systems

Fédération des milieux documentaires – Plan stratégique 2023-2026

Illustration Québec – La protection des droits d’auteur en illustration

Paper – On the Long-term Archiving of Research Data

Blog Post Made into a Zine – Against Intellectual Property

Comma: International Journal on Archives, vol. 2021, no. 1 (2022)

Journal of Documentation, vol. 79, no. 1 (2023)

Library of Congress Magazine, vol. 12, no. 1 (2023)

Taiwan National Archives Administration – Archives Semiannual, vol. 21, no. 2 (2022)

Library and Archives Canada – Governance and Recordkeeping around the World Newsletter, vol. 7, no. 1 (2023)

Art Libraries Society of North America Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec – MOQDOC (2022)

Wikimedia Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums Newsletter, vol. 12, no. 12 (2022)

Mémoire de maîtrise (Haute école de gestion de Genève) – Outils et méthodologie pour le tri archivistique de supports de données complexes

Open Access Book – Archives and Records: Privacy, Personality Rights, and Access

Open Access Book – Failures in Cultural Participation

Book – Moving the Museum: Indigenous and Canadian Art at the AGO

Book – Nonprofit Meetings, Minutes & Records: wow to Properly Document your Nonprofit’s Actions (Fourth Edition)

Book – Digital Forensics and Incident Response: Incident Response Tools and Techniques for Effective Cyber Threat Response (Third Edition)

Book – Tracing the Shadow of Secrecy and Government Transparency in Eighteenth-Century France

Book – Cultural Heritage and the Campus Community: Academic Libraries and Museums in Collaboration

Book – Academic Librarian Burnout: Causes and Responses

Book – Intellectual Property and Development: Geographical Indications in Practice

Book – Viewing Photography in Post-Dictatorship Latin America: Visual Interruptions, 1997-2016

Book – The Atomic Bomb in Images and Documents: the Manhattan Project and the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Digital Access and Indigenous Histories: Supporting Self-Determination and Historical Research in Community
January 17, 2023

ARMA Winnipeg – A Brief History of Records
January 19, 2022

Webinar – Reforms of British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: what you Need to Know
January 20, 2023

Metadata Best Practices for Trans and Gender Diverse Resource
January 27, 2023, Edmonton

Society of American Archivists Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct – Discussion on Labor Issues in Archives
January 24, 2023

Society of American Archivists Visual Materials Section – Discussion on Born-digital Visual Materials
January 25, 2023

Scottish Council on Archives – Inclusive Description
January 26, 2023

Hilary Jenkinson: Archival History and Colonial Afterlives: a Discussion by Riley Linebaugh and James Lowry
February 1, 2023

Bekezela Mguni of The Black Unicorn Library & Archive Project
February 3, 2023

The Endangered Archives Programme: African experiences
February 8, 2023

Digital Preservation Virtual Gathering
February 23, 2023

A History of Advanced Heritage Imaging: from Paper to Plate to Pixels
March 18, 2023, Manchester (UK)

National Archives of Australia Webinar – Descriptive Discovery
March 29 and April 19, 2023

DLM Forum Members’ Meeting and Third Geospatial Digital Records Preservation Conference
May 8-11, 2023, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2023 Catholic Archive Society Conference
May 22-24, 2023, Swanwick (UK)

The Archive Revisited: Black Feminist Internationalism and Eurasian Knowledge Production
May 23-24, 2023

La traduction de la littérature pour la jeunesse au prisme des archives : fonds, agents et politiques éditoriales
6 juin 2023, Paris

International Conference on the Voynich Manuscript 2022 (Proceedings Available)
November 30 – December 1, 2022

Sur le web / On the web
From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Doug Lychak

Vidéo – L’accès démocratique aux archives

Inside My Favorite Manuscript Podcast – Emily Friedman on Fiction, Fan Fiction, and Writing for a Community

Inside My Favorite Manuscript Podcast – Sonja Drimmer on Hieroglyphs, the Wonder of Creativity, and the Abduction of Ganymede

Archivist’s Alley Podcast – Christina Ward: Punk Rock Publishing, Outsider Literature & the Secret Revolutionary History of Food

Présentation – Pratiques numériques discrètes et goût de l’archive

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

A bizarre 20-year hiatus: changes to copyright term in Canada

Copyright: Negotiating with the Dead

Artificial intelligence regulation is coming, what’s Canada’s approach?

Library and Archives Canada Access to Information and Privacy Action Plan and progress

Library and Archives Canada – Plans for 1931 Census of Canada release

Sweden looks to Canada as it launches truth commission into treatment of Indigenous people

For years, some Government of Northwest Territories staff could access colleagues’ sensitive records

BAnQ – La crise du verglas a 25 ans

Association des archivistes du Québec – Plus célèbre que notre Céline : bilan 2022 de l’étoile de la blogosphère archivistique

University of British Columbia Archives receives Volkoff Family archives

Brock University: Archives Donation Paints Picture of Local Union’s Rich Community History

University of Victoria – Librarian Christian Schmidt embraces the ever-changing landscape of scholarship

Page from first book printed in England, now housed at Western University

Activating Cultural Archives for Marginalized Communities

Provenance in Place (Part 1): Archival Fictions from the French Revolution to Canadian Confederation

Archives de la ville de Québec – L’ancienne bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy : une architecture digne de son époque

City of Vancouver Archives – RIP Public Domain Day

Historic sports video archive launched in Red Deer (Alberta)

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) – Kay Trelle, Missile Man: Part I

Wetaskiwin (Alberta) – Heritage Museum to manage City Archives

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Poop or Chaos? A Whistler Sewer Story

Quiet Moments at Wellington County Museum and Archives (Ontario)

Société d’histoire de Magog – Suspension temporaire des activités

Book on Antigonish uncovers community’s history through archival photos

Collecting and Curating Eclectic Canadiana

Rémy Girard, Sophie Lorain et Marie-Mai dans Testament de Denys Arcand (et le rôle principal est un retraité des Archives nationales)

Afrique / Africa
Maroc – Piratage du site de la Bibliothèque nationale: les documents numérisés sont bien conservés et à l’abri

Amériques / Americas
International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property expresses concern for cultural heritage damaged in Brasília

Recent Capstone Updates from NARA

NARA – Under the Water, Through the Mountain, Deep Underground: Records of Tunnels in the National Register of Historic Places

NARA – Camp Hale, Colorado: Training the 10th Mountain Division During World War II

NARA to Publish First Update to Cybersecurity Records Rules Since 2014

Details, But no Big Revelations in Latest Kennedy Assassination Documents

Library of Congress – The 2022 Top 22 and Year in Review

Milwaukeean becomes first Black woman mathematician to have her papers in Library of Congress manuscript collection

Potentially classified documents from Biden’s time as Vice President found in former private office

Meet the Experts who Care for Smithsonian Film Collections

50 Years of Historic New Mexico Public Television and Radio Programs Now Available to Stream in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Updates to EAC-CPF 2.0: a Webinar Recap

Go on a Treasure Hunt at the Texas State Archives Building in Austin

New Hampshire – State archives division celebrates 60 years

Louisiana State University – Climate Change Impacting Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums

Louisiana Tech University – Special Collections and Archives acquires Bernard J. Stinnett Collection

Utah State University Covid-19 Oral History Digital Collection Now Live

Grammy award winner donates archives to Berea College

Heinz History Center opens digital archive documenting 2018 Tree of Life attack

New York Public Library – Getting Lost in the World’s Largest Stack of Menus

Man accused of stealing more than 1,000 book manuscripts pleads guilty to wire fraud

How FBI uses genetic genealogy websites to nail murder suspects like Idaho’s Bryan Kohberger: Agents run DNA through public websites, find their suspect, then secretly (and legally) collect their DNA to match to crime scene

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Chonk war: Dominican archivist discovers 1942 footage of puppies in the Philippines

National library of Azerbaijan presents Nizami’s rare manuscripts

Recording old Hong Kong on video: why this group believes digitising VHS tapes is key in preserving city’s history

Compilation of archives on China-Soviet Union cultural relations published

India – Step into the just-launched Palm Leaf Manuscripts Museum in Thiruvananthapuram for a glimpse of Kerala’s history

Europe / Europa
Historical Archives of the European Union – Pursuing trade through the iron curtain: the case of Poland

Digitization of the frontline archives of Ukraine

Germany – Software prototype: Art Doc Archive (work in progress)

The hunt for Nazi loot is on after Dutch archive makes treasure map public

Portugal – Building a Web-Archive Image Search Service at

France – Quand le Programme Vitam (Programme interministériel archivage numérique) essaie ChatGPT

The National Library of France reopened after a 12-year restoration, and the building is a bibliophile’s dream come true: take a look inside

Aix-Marseille Université (France) – L’Encoded Archival Description en archives et bibliothèques

France – L’ancien maire de Villeneuve-sur-Yonne répondra de destruction illégale d’archives publiques devant le tribunal

Ireland – New website makes Aran’s folklore accessible to all

Scotland – Exhibition to showcase forgotten female photographers and archivists

UK Parliamentary Archives – Herbert Samuel MP: a Political Life in Seven Images

The UK Parliamentary Archives: Breaking into the Corridors of Power

UK National Archives – What is a coheiress? Manors, moieties and English inheritance law

UK National Archives – Compassing and imagining: treasonous words

UK National Archives – Intersectional queer lives on the 1921 Census

British Library – 2022: our Year in Business

British Library – LibraryOn: researching collaborations between public and university libraries

British Library – From India to destitution in Glasgow: Part 1

The priceless Lindisfarne Gospels: Stolen from the North East by Henry VIII and never returned

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – When the Irgun Decided to Be Judge, Jury and Executioner

National Library of Israel – I did not commit treason, I committed suicide: Uri Ilan’s Secret Notes

Israeli immigration records now searchable in English online

International Committee of the Red Cross Library and Archives – ICRC action in the Korean War (1950-1953)

Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile to digitize its archive

From court records to military archives, document dive revealed the world’s Shadow Diplomats

Disquiet in the archives: archivists make tough calls with far-reaching consequences: they deserve our support

Floods, Fires and Humidity: how Climate Change Affects Book Preservation

Social defenses and colluding on the fiction of archival compliance in records management

Games Archivist Dumps over 11GB Data of Canceled Games and Concept Arts

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