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Vol. 9, no. 15

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
UK Intellectual Property Office - Copyright Notice: Digital Images, Photographs and the Internet (Updated Version)

De la communauté / From the community
Digital Repository of Ireland - Digital File Transfer and Storage Guidelines

Dublin Core and the Digital Repository of Ireland (Version 2)

Memoriav - L'archivage numérique des films et vidéos : fondements et orientations

Digital Curation Centre - Developing an Organisational Profile for Research Data management Services: a Guide for HEIs 

Using Current Best Practices to Develop a Reference Model for Data Publishing

Creative Commons - State of the Commons Report 

Article - Digital Sources & Digital Archives: the Evidentiary Basis of Digital History (Draft)

Digital Humanities Quarterly, vol. 9, no. 2, 2015 (Special Issue: Feminisms in Digital Humanities)

Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative, no. 8 (2015)

The Electronic Library, vol. 33, no. 6 (2015)

Archimède: archéologie et histoire ancienne, no. 2, 2015 (dossier thématique : archives de l'archéologie)

Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 42, no. 2 (December/January 2016)

Book - Latinos in Libraries, Museums, and Archives: Cultural Competence in Action: an Asset-Based Approach

Book - Archival Resources of Republican China in North America

Book - Meeting Community Needs: a Practical Guide for Librarians

Book - International Copyright and Access to Knowledge

Book - History, Memory, and Jewish Identity

Book - Big Data Analytics

Book - How Films were Made and Shown: Some Aspects of the Technical Side of Motion Picture Film, 1895-2015

Livre - Images, sons et récits des Afro-Amériques

Livre - Retrouver l'histoire d'une maison

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
9th EBSI-SIS Student Symposium in Information Studies 
January 29, 2016, Montreal

Free Online OAIS Beginners Course
No Closing Date

CurateGear 2016: Enabling the Curation of Digital Collections 
January 14, 2016, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Webinar - Linked Data Fragments: Querying multiple Linked Data sources on the Web
February 17, 2016

Reference Services: New Methods of Utilizing Holocaust Documentation and Resources
March 27-31, 2016, Jerusalem

Photography: Between Anthropology and History
June 20-21, 2016, De Montfort University (UK)

Decolonize or Indigenize?: Transitionising for the Information Profession (Recording Available)
December 8, 2015, Vancouver

Médiation & numérique dans les équipements culturels (vidéos disponibles)
13 et 14 octobre 2015, Créteil (France)

Webinar - A Close Look at Archival Records in MARC (Video Available)
December 3, 2015

Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability - Roundtable: Historical Justice and Memory (Recording Available)
December 4, 2015, New York

Sur le web / On the web
Library and Archives Canada - Guide to Sending Organizations and Receiving Homes (Home Children, 1869-1932)

Vidéo des Archives nationales de France - Démonstration de la fabrication d'une boîte sur mesure pour la conservation d'un document d'archives

Podcast - Museum Data and Photo Archives Reveal Shifting Climate

Podcast - Interview with Kirsten Weld, author of Paper Cadavers: the Archives of Dictatorship in Guatamala

Release of jpylyzer 1.15.1

Kickstarter - Association of Moving Image Archivists Film Advocacy Task Force: why we Film 

Slidecast - Another History of the Web from its Architecture

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Information czar sees positive steps from Liberals so far

Why the Government's Commitment to Open by Default must Be Bigger than Open Data

No public funding for Victims of Communism, Mother Canada monuments

Ex-PMs' archived papers include love letters, $500 even a molar: archivists at Library and Archives Canada pounce on papers of departing politicians

LAC's Scanning of Canadian Expeditionary Force Service Files

Interactivity and LAC

Library and Archives Canada - Do you have ancestors of Jewish heritage?

Rare photographs from the new Canadian Photographic Institute

Canadiana - Historic private records of Canadian aboriginal World Wars veterans to go online

Canadian Government Publications: what Has Been Digitized?

Halifax Explosion photos, letters donated for anniversary : Nova Scotia Archives release documents to mark 1917 blast

Newfoundland - Making Home, Writing Home: Letters, Diaries, and Self-Fashioning

BAnQ - Archives du mois : les trésors du fonds Johns Manville Canada Inc.

BAnQ - Lionel Daunais et la musique lyrique

Archives of Manitoba - In Flanders Fields

Inuit broadcast centre reclaims the past, steps into the future

Alberta - Court challenges hindering investigations; privacy breaches increasing, says privacy commissioner

Stolen first-edition Darwin classic returns home to Mount Saint Vincent University

Lost and Found: Simon Fraser University Letters

Memorial University to cancel thousands of journal subscriptions

The Historical Connections Among Academic Status for Canadian University Librarians, Academic Freedom, and the Requirement for Research and Scholarly Work

Priceless map collection digitized in Lawrencetown (Nova Scotia)

Montréal adopte une Politique de données ouvertes reposant sur le concept d'ouverture par défaut

Regina Public Library now offering 3D printing services

Société d'histoire de la Haute-Yamaska - Granby, au temps des bénédictions

Anne of Green Gables first edition sells for $28K

OBV, archiviste de l'existence

Afrique / Africa
Rwanda: Government will Never Relent on Demands for Archives

Malawi - Government Faces Another Ultimatum: Malawi Musicians Want Copyright Bill Passed

Nigeria - Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau to partner Shell on records management

Tunisie - Archives de la présidence: Manser répond aux accusations de Bensedrine

Les archives de Abdessamad Kenfaoui aux Archives du Maroc

Report: Searching for Manuscripts in West Africa

Digitizing History: the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Archive

Amériques / Americas
Guyana - Boxing Archives for ALBG to retain exploits of local pugilists

Update on NARA's Activities and Communications Related to Email Management at the Department of State

StoryCorps adds thousands of stories to national archive

Acquiring at digital scale: harvesting the collection

Digitizing Motion Picture Film: Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative Working Groups Report on Current Practices and Future Directions

46,000 pages in the Franklin D. Roosevelt archive digitized

Head of JFK Library Foundation Resigns

FBI now allows​ Freedom of Information Act requests to be made online

National Institute of Health - Manuscript Collection Optimized for Text-Mining and More

Yale University Buys Collection of Scattered Medieval Pages

Neil Armstrong collection finds its home in Purdue University Archives

Washington University Libraries to Digitize and Reassemble Interviews from Eyes on the Prize

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Becomes Home to Cancer Imaging Archive for National Cancer Institute

Duke University - The Archives of the Library Answer Person

Samuel de Champlain Map Believed Stolen from the Boston Public Library is Found and Returned

American Archive of Public Broadcasting - List of Early Public Television Content: a National Educational Television Project Update

Building an archive on the Moon (and doing science, too)

Why Hollywood Engineers Are Baking Old Star Wars Reels

How the Baseball Hall of Fame Is Trying to Preserve Classic Photographs

Jewish Book Council journal now available as digital archive

Judge: Chicago police must notify media before destroying decades of misconduct files

Off the Cuff: Kate Doyle, Analyst at the National Security Archive

An Intern Saved a Museum by Finding this Revolutionary War Treasure in the Attic

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - WWII wrecks and Darwin's ice age history unveiled by start-of-the-art technology

Digitisation and copyright at the State Records Office of Western Australia

New South Wales (Australia) - Records and information management FAQs: things to think about when it’s time to migrate (especially in relation to metadata)

Vietnam - Quang Nam : exposition de cartes et d'archives sur Hoang Sa et Truong Sa

Korea - Government launches online archive on German unification

Japan - Yahoo, Google ordered by courts in Tokyo, Sapporo to cut search results suggesting criminal behavior

China sets up database for Tibetan medicine books

First step towards declassification: 33 Netaji files handed over to National Archives of India

Pakistan - Punjab bureaucrats render Right to Information toothless

Europe / Europa
Brussels supports reference to Holocaust in General Data Protection Regulation

Europeana - My wish list to the GLAM: providing access to data for text mining 

Gulag online museum to open next spring: Czech group

Belgique - Des manuscrits inédits sur les familles royales d'Europe aux Archives du Royaume

Luxembourg - Mise en ligne de 450 ouvrages luxembourgeois par la Bibliothèque nationale

Suisse - Les Archives littéraires fêtent leurs 25 ans sous le signe des avant-gardes

France - Ce que le projet de loi pour une République numérique change pour la donnée

L'État en appelle au mécénat pour acquérir les archives d'Édouard Glissant

Les hommages aux victimes du 13 novembre vont être restaurés et archivés

Paris : un notaire condamné pour la mise aux enchères d'un manuscrit de Chateaubriand

Préservons nos archives

Catherine Thomas-Anterion : nous perdons notre mémoire depuis l’invention de l’écriture et des bibliothèques

Fashion mogul Pierre Berge sells off library in sequel to art sale of the century

Ireland - Army Troubles archives were left unprotected

National Library of Ireland launches 2016 Programme and 1916 Digital Collections

National Library of Ireland acquires earliest draft of Juno and the Paycock

Ireland - Police files on Kieran Doherty murder to be heavily censored

UK National Archives - Writing letters, making boxes: creative responses to archives 

British Library acquires Kenneth Williams' diaries

British Library - Archive of Malian Photography

British Library - Using Open Refine to create XML Records for Wikimedia Batch Upload Tool

Records being selected for Wick nuclear archive

Shrewsbury 24: Government rejects calls to release files

Where there's a quill … help to unpick manuscripts from the days of Shakespeare

British Film Institute unveils Football on Film archive

World's Largest Collection of Judaica Broken Up and Sold: Against Owner's Wishes

Archivists want to identify First World War family from photograph taken in a Colchester studio

Secret history: my father's hidden past at the hands of the Nazis: in pictures 

LGBT wiki is necessary for the preservation of our history

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
A Vast Archive, Long Closed, Opens its Doors Again in Jerusalem

United Arab Emirates - Gulf artists missing out due to lack of copyright enforcement

What standards are relevant to records?

Why Film Is Dead and Digital Photos won't Last Forever

Why Linked Open Data needs applications, and libraries need APIs

Using grep to Control Vocabulary

Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Confusing

Nazi-era restitution claims are just the tip of the iceberg

Sexe, pouvoir… archive, savoir dans Game of Thrones: l'importance du savoir, de la mémoire et de l'archive dans cette série culte

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