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Vol. 12, no. 14

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
BAnQ - Recueil des règles de conservation des documents des établissements de santé et de services sociaux du Québec (version 2)

Allocution de Jean-Louis Roy, PDG de BAnQ, au Congrès des professionnels et professionnelles de linformation 

European Union - Common Specification for Information Packages and Common Specification for Electronic Records Management Systems (for Reviews)
XML-schema with its Schematron document:

State Records Office of Western Australia - Born Digital: Managing Government Information and Data

De la communauté / From the community
Portail international archivistique francophone - Rapport annuel 2018

Australian Strategic Policy Institute - Identity of a Nation: Protecting the Digital Evidence of who we Are

OCLC - Practices and Patterns in Research Information Management: Findings from a Global Survey

Coalition S - Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S for Open Access

La Gazette des archives, no 251 (2018)

Arbido : revue professionnelle pour archivistes, bibliothécaires et documentalistes, no 4 (2018)

Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture, vol. 47, no. 2 (2018) 

Restaurator: International Journal for the Preservation of Library and Archival Material, vol. 39, no. 4 (2018)

Digital Humanities Quarterly, vol. 12, no. 3 (2018)

Information Management, vol. 52, no. 6 (2018)

Libri: International Journal of Libraries and Information Studies, vol. 68, no. 4 (2018)

Research Library Issues, no. 295 (2018)

Book History, vol. 21 (2018)

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) - Les enjeux de l'archivage du son dans les jeux vidéo

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) - L'archivage du code source sur les plateformes de développement

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) - Archiver les Big Data : un enjeu pour l'archiviste d’aujourd'hui et de demain ?

Mémoire de maîtrise (Enssib) - Les enjeux de l'interopérabilité dans la diffusion et la valorisation des données archéologiques

Book - The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation

Book - Bites by the Books: a Cookbook from the Canadian Librarianship Community

Book - Transformative Propaganda: Opening the Archives of the British Safety Council

Book - The Digital Humanities: Implications for Librarians, Libraries, and Librarianship

Book - What's Past is Prologue: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2017

Book - Becoming Property: Art, Theory, and Law in Early Modern France

Book - Public Humanities and the Spanish Civil War: Connected and Contested Histories

Book - Citation Management Tools: a Practical Guide for Librarians

Book - Global Action on School Library Education and Training

Livre - L'éthique en contexte info-communicationnel numérique : déontologie, régulation, algorithme, espace public

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
From Plutocracy to Meritocracy: how Blockchain Changes Digital Platform Strategy
December 18, 2018, Vancouver

ABC Copyright 2019 Conference 
May 30-31, 2019, Saskatoon

Curating Archives and Representation in Photography
January 18, 2019, London (UK)

Archives fédérales suisses - Cours en gestion de l’information
4 avril au 14 novembre 2019, Berne

Sixteenth International Conference on Digital Preservation
September 16-20, 2019, Amsterdam

2019 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums
October 8-11, 2019, Temecula (California)

@ Risk North 2: Digital Collections
November 9, 2018, Montreal

Sur le web / On the web
Archives of Ontario Exhibit - Animals in the Archives

Vidéo de l'Association des archivistes du Québec - Conseil d'administration 2018-2019 : Catherine Dugas, communications

McMaster University Video - From the Archives: Rare Books with Myron Groover 

Carleton University Video - There is No Net Neutrality in Digital Archaeology

Library of Congress Video - Big Data and Democracy

University of Utah Video - Machine Learning Meets Library Archives

Slides - Sifting Needles out of (Well-Formed) Haystacks: Using LOCKSS Plugins for Web Archive Metadata Extraction

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Five critical components of a balanced, modern Canadian copyright system

Privacy watchdog warns of critical tipping point as Canada stakes ground in digital economy

Library and Archives Canada - Butterflies, love triangles and the northern lights

NARA - Canadian Library and Archives Officials Discuss Indigenous Initiatives

Open Letter Re: The Closing of the Saskatoon Office of the Provincial Archives at the University of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists response to Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan amalgamation

Opinion - Shuttering of Saskatchewan provincial archive locations means fewer of our stories being told

Archives of Manitoba - The Spanish Influenza, a visit from the U. S. President and a party with the Queen: Col. R. M. Dennistoun’s report from London

Nova Scotia Archives - Archibald MacMechan: Halifax Disaster Record Office Materials

Quebec residential school survivors say communication around settlement could have been better: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation gathering feedback on settlement agreement

Association des archivistes du Québec - Convergence célèbre cinq ans de succès

Québec - S.O.S. pour nos archives privées

Internet Archive, une escroquerie accusée de violation du droit d'auteur par l'Union des écrivaines et des écrivains québécois

Canarie Awards up to $3.2M in Funding to 9 Research Teams to Develop Research Data Management Software Tools

McGill University Archives - An Exceptional Day of Mourning

Centre d'archives de la grande zone argileuse - Plus de 10 000 photos

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto - Exhibit A: you can't always get what you want

Les membres du Regroupement des archivistes religieux discutent de l'accueil des chercheurs et célèbrent leur anniversaire

Saved from a dumpster, Winnipeg museum's new trove of Guess Who recordings could include unreleased music

Le gardien des partitions de l'Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (Ontario) - Archives and Modern Mythology: the Use of Archival Records in Comic Books

Une lettre de Louis Riel que l'on pensait perdue est retrouvée

Hurricane washes ashore wreckage with Canadian connection six decades after crash

Allana Mayer - Born-Digital Archives Questionnaire

Krista McCracken - Reading that Inspired Me in 2018

Thirteen Questions with: Elizabeth Smith, Acquisitions and Cataloguing Officer, Canadian Museum of Nature

Afrique / Africa
Quelles solutions pour préserver les archives africaines?

L'archiviste face aux défis de l'archivage au Cameroun

Amériques / Americas
Colombia Truth Commission Opens Doors, But Faces Significant Barriers to Access

U.S. - A Senate committee just unanimously passed the Museum and Library Services Act, which Trump opposes. Who will win out?

NARA - Remembering President George Herbert Walker Bush

NARA - Disaster Strikes the National Archives: the 1978 Nitrate Vault Fire

NARA - Prologue to Pearl Harbor: The Spy Flight that Wasn't, Part I

National Coalition for History Urges National Archives to Revisit Department of the Interior Records Schedule

A Request to Streamline Federal Document Purges Has Researchers on Edge

Library of Congress - Native American Heritage Month: Bringing Native Voices to Light

Library of Congress - National Transportation Safety Board Documents Digitized

Library of Congress - Inquiring Minds: Inspiring Students through Primary Sources

Society of American Archivists - Use of Non-government Email Accounts for the Conduct of Public Business

Antisemitism at American Library Association

State Archives of North Carolina - Announcing the Veterans Oral History Project

Historic postcard collection donated to Delaware Public Archives

Stanford University - Sanborn fire insurance map collection online

University of Massachusetts - Event Unveils Digital Archive Celebrating Lowell's Southeast Asian Communities

University of Michigan Ensemble Gives a Voice to Nazi Prisoners through Unearthed Music 

Illinois, French partners digitizing Marcel Proust's letters

I dig through archives to unearth hidden stories from African-American history

As the Getty Digitizes the Archives of the Woman's Building, Artists Remember its History

U.S. Judge to Hear Ongoing Case of Heir's Nazi-Looted Pissarro Held by Museum in Spain

Providence Public Library Special Collections - Announcing our New Online Gallery

The Vinland Map Saga: an Interview with Author John Paul Floyd

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Queensland State Archives (Australia) - Where are they …? Queensland land surveys

Law Reform Commission urges Hong Kong government to pass law bringing greater transparency to its record keeping

Recognising printed Asian texts with Transkribus

India - Rare collection of 2200-short films, documentaries of an early era discovered 

India - Gained in Translation: History in Police Archives

Europe / Europa
Europeana - Pizza: a slice of migration history

Russian Minister Says Authenticity of War Legend Beyond Dispute, Amoral to Dig Further 

Latvian KGB files to be published online within next three weeks

Digging in Digital Dust: Internet Archaeology at KB-NL in the Netherlands

Elsevier Gets Blocked in Sweden After it Legally Requires Internet Providers to Make Sci-Hub Locally Inaccessible

Novel digitization methods and restoration technologies for preserving cultural heritage

Suisse - Le Conseil fédéral veut faciliter l'utilisation des données publiques en libre accès

La Bibliothèque nationale de France dévoile ses trésors musicaux

Or collection, les archives de la maison Dior

Irish Film Archive wins international digital preservation award

UK Parliamentary Archives - Parliament, World War I and the Peers War Memorial

British Library - Hallie Flanagan and the House Committee on Un-American Activities

Rare Leonardo da Vinci notebook to go on show at British Library 

Developing a Digital Preservation Programme at the British Geological Survey

Unknown John Donne manuscript discovered in Suffolk 

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Israel - Newly discovered caves may hold more Dead Sea Scrolls

Wikipedia uploads 28,000 photos of pre-state Israel, for all to use

Comment Israel bâillonne les Israéliens qui veulent accéder aux archives historiques

Iran - Centuries-old Quran manuscripts restored

Turkish historian launches digital archive documenting Armenian genocide

International Council on Archives Programme Commission Meeting in Yaoundé 

International Tracing Service - Museum Receives Brooch of Prominent Insurgent

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative to Maintain the Bibliographic Ontology 

Preserve, Curate, or Steward? Changing Definitions in Digital Preservation

When the Internet Archive Forgets

An art gallery in your pocket: see Vermeer's paintings in augmented reality

Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence

Blockchain and your right to be forgotten

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