Thursday, 17 October 2019

Vol. 13, no. 7

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Library of Congress - Digital Collections Management Compendium

Public Record Office Victoria - 2018-2019 Annual Report 

De la communauté / From the community
Arolsen Archives: International Center on Nazi Persecution - General Terms of Use

Society of American Archivists - Proposed Operating Reserve Policy

Collective Responsibility: Seeking Equity for Contingent Labor in Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Oxford Technology and Elections Commission - The Market of Disinformation

First Draft's Essential Guide to Verifying Online Information

Article - Le temps long de l'archive : le temps transforme-t-il l'archive ?

Digital Humanities Quarterly, vol. 13, no. 2 (2019)

Fontes Artis Musicae: the Journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, vol. 66, no. 3 (2019)

Information Technology and Libraries, vol. 38, no. 3 (2019) 

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, vol. 13, no. 1-2 (2019)

Arabesques, no 95, 2019 (numéro spécial : les bibliothèques au service des chercheurs)

e-Phaïstos : revue d'histoire des techniques, vol. 7, no 2, 2019 (numéro spécial : la sauvegarde du patrimoine scientifique)

Society of American Archivists - Congressional Paper Section Newsletter (2019)

The Charter: the State Archives of North Carolina Newsletter (2019)

Book - Collecting and Provenance: a Multidisciplinary Approach

Book - Notebooks/Memoirs/Archives: Reading and Rereading Doris Lessing

Book - Fragmentation of the Photographic Image in the Digital Age

Book - Bonds of Secrecy: Law, Spirituality, and the Literature of Concealment in Early Medieval England

Book - Hands-on Media History: a New Methodology in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Book - Video Structure Meaning

Book - The Promise of Artificial Intelligence: Reckoning and Judgment

Book - Populism and Heritage in Europe: Lost in Diversity and Unity

Book - Lost Hong Kong: a History in Pictures

Book - Aircraft Carriers and Seaplane Carriers: Selected Photos from the Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum: the Best from the Collection of Shizuo Fukui's Photos of Japanese Warships

Book - Karma-based API on Apple Platforms: Building Privacy Into iOS and macOS Apps

Livre - Archives diplomatiques françaises : conservation, mémoire, découvertes

Livre - Rwanda, la vérité sur l'opération Turquoise : quand les archives parlent 

Livre - Du livre à la finance : crédit et discrédit de la librairie parisienne au 19e siècle

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Rencontre avec Sophie Marcotte - Regard sur les archives d'écrivains francophones au Canada 
22 octobre 2019, Ottawa

Hacking History 3.0: Writing History One Wikipedia Page at a Time
October 23, 2019

L'effet de l'intelligence artificielle sur la découvrabilité des contenus
23 octobre 2019, Montréal

University of Toronto Archives Tour
October 24, 2019, Toronto

La gestion des archives audiovisuelles 
4 et 6 novembre 2019, Montréal et Québec

Doing Digital Preservation: Moving from Aspiration to Action: a Panel Talk
November 12, 2019, Toronto

2019 Government Information Day (East)
November 28, 2019, Toronto

Association of Canadian Archivists @ University of British Columbia 2020: from Accountability to Memory
February 13-14, 2020, Vancouver

Webinar - Integrating OHMS and Omeka
October 29, 2019

Linking the Past: Possibilities and Limits of Publishing Archival Data as Linked Data
November 22, 2019, Brussels (Belgium)

Virtual Research Environments and Ancient Manuscripts
December 1, 2019, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Meet eArchiving 2019 
December 3-4, 2019, Brussels

People and Machines: Co-creating with Heritage Collections
December 13, 2019, Kew (UK)

Access 2019 Conference (Videos Available)
September 30 - October 2, 2019, Edmonton

Sur le web / On the web
Archives & Manuscripts: Volumes 1-39, 1955-2011 Available Online Now

McGill University Video - From Boxes to AtoM to Wikidata 

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - Short Form Presentations

D'Archive Podcast - University of Connecticut Students for a Democratic Society

Podcast - A New Definition of Museum?

Slides - Digital Double Bind: Exploring the Impact of More Product, Less Process (MPLP) on Digital Collections

Présentation - Méthodologie de recherche dans les archives notariales des Archives nationales (site de Paris)

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Canada: Good at Bureaucracy, Bad at Transparency

Why Political Parties + Mass Data Collection + Religious Targeting + No Privacy Laws = Trouble

The CBC, Canada's National State Subsidized Broadcaster, Confronts in Court the Conservative Party and Copyright Law 10 Days Before the Federal Election: what Could Possibly Go Wrong?

CBC vs. CPC: why the CBC's Attempt to Use Copyright to Stifle Expression Backfired Badly

The CBC Lawsuit, Fair Dealing and Future Reform: the Unexpected Arrival of Copyright in Election 2019

Now it's personal: a look at personal archives at Library and Archives Canada

Museums Associations Write Party Leaders, Insist on Prioritizing the Sector

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick - Archivist delighted to comb through mountain of late UFO researcher's records

Nova Scotia Archives - Digital information now available on Marshall prosecution

Yukon First Nations aim to preserve, revitalize their languages through video

Nuxalk delegation travels to Royal British Columbia Museum to talk about bringing history home

United Conservative Party says Alberta's energy war room's internal operations not subject to freedom of information laws

Ontario Genealogical Society - Lack of Privacy and how it Helps Genealogists

BAnQ - Voyage au coeur des greffes de notaires (1e partie)

BAnQ - Voyage au coeur des greffes de notaires (2e partie)

Le photoreportage qui a révélé les deux faces du Québec de 1950

Advancing Open: Summary and Invitation for comment

University of Calgary - Glenbow Western Research Centre opens in Taylor Family Digital Library

Erosion of Home: the Loss of the Glenbow Archives

University of Calgary - Archive photo exhibit captures Indigenous strength, connections in difficult times

University of Toronto - Mining Twitter for big data gold

University of British Columbia - Explore Open Collections: History of Nursing in Pacific Canada: Part 2

Vancouver police charge man with break and enter, arson in Emily Carr University fire (archives were damaged)

Home made visible: home movies, archives, and indigenous, black and people of colour communities

The Archives Unleashed Toolkit as a Finding Aid Utility

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto - What could this light be? A council!

Musée de la Gaspésie - 180 000 nouvelles pages d'archives

Archives de la ville de Québec - Hommage à Jacques Chirac

Hamilton Public Library - Protecting Unique Canadiana Works

Ontario - Help bring Newmarket's rich archival history into 21st century

Shallow graves, deep scars: unmarked cemetery in Alberta reflects atrocities at one of Canada's deadliest residential schools

Série nouveaux regards : l'exploitation des archives à des fins de création

Veteran flies across Canada to return a war medal to a Guelph stranger 

Five Questions with Fiona Chiu, Librarian, Courthouse Libraries British Columbia

Afrique / Africa
Guerre d'Algérie : quand le secret défense entrave la mémoire

Rendre accessibles les archives de la guerre d'Algérie

Amériques / Americas
Argentina to Build Country's First Film Restoration Laboratory in Buenos Aires

National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago - Film tribute to calypso recording legend, Rawlston Charles

NARA - New Records Released: 2019 Fourth Quarter Release List

NARA - Texas Mexican American Soldiers with the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I

NARA - Woodstock: Three days of Peace, Music, and Toilets

NARA - Tales from the Hoja: Marionettes with a Message

Library of Congress - Free to Use and Reuse: Geneaology

How a Government Agency's Offbeat Twitter Memes Landed in the Library of Congress

National Library of Medicine - Hispanic Heritage Month: Improving Access to Health Information

Commemorating Indigenous Peoples' Day with Preserved Collections in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting 

A Way Forward: the Society of American Archivists Endorses Protocols for Native American Materials

Saving the Constituent Services Data in our Archives: Lessons from Congressional Papers

Alaska - Eyak Elders and linguist built together Eyak language archive

David Hume Kennerly has photographed 10 presidents, and now University of Arizona has acquired his archive

Carnegie Mellon University - Archives Digitize Decades of Mellon Institute Records

Son of Superman editor demands University of Wyoming return historical archive after Liz Cheney comments 

University of Florida reprimands book-hungry prof over 2017 behavior

Data as Collections

Benedictine estimates 70 million-plus pages of manuscripts digitized

Down with Dewey

Responses & Retrospectives: Rachael Woody on Resources for how to Convey the Value of Archives

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Manchester Museum to return artefacts to Indigenous Australians

Recordkeeping in Information Governance

Island Culture Archival Support - Teaching Palauan Children to Care for Nature

Philippines  - Bringing home the Pigafetta manuscripts

Restorer demonstrate how to restore ancient book in National Library of China

Preserving Bali's Cultural & Literary History through the Palm Leaf Project

Europe / Europa
Europeana - From quills to typewriters: how the industrial revolution changed our writing culture

Ask an Expert: why can Icelanders Still Read their Medieval Manuscripts?

Hungary to Receive Files of WWII Prisoners Held in Soviet Camps

Renia's Diary: intimate memoir of a young Polish Jew on the verge of adulthood as WWII explodes around her

A 500-year-old map used by Columbus reveals its secrets

Malta - Agreement signed to strengthen the conservation of national archives

Massacres du 17 octobre : les archives de la police française encore secrètes

Revolutionary Ireland: defiance, youth and pessimism, the remarkable level of human detail in pension applications enhances our understanding of republican volunteers

Ireland - About the military archives

Ireland - Cork LGBT+ archive digitised for the first time and can now be viewed online

Scotland's National Library catalogs value from object storage

UK National Archives - Farewell to fellowships: how did the year go?

British Library - Why we collect digital publications

National Trust digitises Churchill's visitors book to offer new interactive experience

Tate announces the largest-ever grant to Tate Archive from the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust

An Oxford professor allegedly stole ancient Bible fragments and sold them to Hobby Lobby

The love letters thrown over the fence of a prisoner of war camp which turned up in someone's loft

International Committee of the Red Cross Library and Archives - Drafting history of the 1977 Additional Protocols

Conseil international des archives - Prêt pour le 21ème siècle

Unesco - Archive treasure: the unpublished album of David Seymour

Archival Appraisal of Architectural Records

Computer Files Are Going Extinct

Academics lose a week a year to formatting journal papers

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