Thursday, 24 October 2019

Vol. 13, no. 8

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
BAnQ - Statistiques de l'édition au Québec en 2017

NARA - Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements (for Feedback)

Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (France) - Guide pratique de la publication et de la réutilisation des données publiques open data

UK Intellectual Property Office - Orphan Works and Cultural Heritage Institutions: Copyright after Brexit

State Archives of North Carolina - Local Government Agency Schedules, Part 2 (Drafts)

De la communauté / From the community
Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island - Archives Policy Statement (Revision 6.0)

National Digital Stewardship Alliance - Using the Levels of Digital Preservation as an Assessment Tool

International Alliance of Research Library Associations - A View of Plan S

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition - But the Emails … What Colorado Needs to Do to Preserve the Modern Public Record 

Figshare - The State of Open Data 2019

First Draft's Essential Guide to Understanding Information Disorder

Paper - Digital Preservation at Wellcome

Texte - Les documents d'archives et les métadonnées face à la production massive d'informations et aux défis de la conservation

Texte - Archives sensibles et colonisation en Afrique et en Europe : enjeux communicationnels

Texte - Humanités numériques et formation : quels enjeux communs de l'École à l'Université ?

Journal of Korean Studies, vol. 24, no. 2, 2019 (Special Issue: Archives, Archival Practices, and the Writing of History in Premodern Korea)

Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 56, no. 1 (2019)

Library Trends, vol. 68, no. 1 (2019)

Book History, vol. 22 (2019)

Online Window into the Vatican Library, no. 11 (2019)

Archives Association of Ontario - Off the Record, vol. 35, no. 4 (2019)

Free eBook - Reassembling the Republic of Letters in the Digital Age
Book - Information Law: Compliance for Librarians, Knowledge Managers and Information Professionals

Book - Arctic Archives: Ice, Memory, and Entropy

Book - The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History 

Book - None of your Damn Business: Privacy in the United States from the Gilded Age to the Digital Age 

Book - The Critical Eye: Fifteen Pictures to Understand Photography 

Book - Heritage, Memory, and Punishment: Remembering Colonial Prisons in East Asia

Book - The African American Struggle for Library Equality: the Untold Story of the Julius Rosenwald Fund Library Program

Book - Digital Hermeneutics: Philosophical Investigations in New Media and Technologies

Book - Liberty: the History: Treasures from the Archives of the Luxury Department Store

Book - English Gardens: from the Archives of Country Life Magazine

Book - Cybersecurity Is Everybody's Business: Solve the Security Puzzle for your Small Business and Home

Livre - Simone Veil : vie publique, archives privées

Livre - Violette Leduc : genèse d'une oeuvre censurée

Livre - Fact-checking vs fake news, vérifier pour mieux informer

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Indigenous Language Films 
October 29, 2019, Toronto

Documenting the Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine: Archival Collections on the Holodomor Outside the Former Soviet Union
November 1-2, 2019, Edmonton

Association for Manitoba Archives - Archival Grants Mini-Workshop
November 5, 2019, Winnipeg

Council of Nova Scotia Archives - Introduction to Archives 
November 6, 2019, Cape Breton University

First Steps: Caring for Community Archives
November 13, 2019, Hawick (Scotland)

Unesco - Supporting Documentary Heritage Preservation in the Arab Region
December 1-2, 2019, Doha (Qatar)

Webinar - Radical Access: Leveraging Creative Commons Licenses to Open up Archives
December 10, 2019

Archives Records 2020: Creating our Future
August 2-8, 2020, Chicago

International Conference on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries, Archives, Museums and Educational & Research Institutions (Presentations Available)
October 18-19, 2019, Geneva (Switzerland)

Sur le web / On the web
Canadian Association of Research Libraries Video - How to Create Inclusive and Accessible Open Educational Resources

Digital Curation Institute (University of Toronto) - Content Curation, with Virginia Poundstone, Mhz Curationist

LawBytes Podcast - The Past, Present and Future of Open Access: a Conversation with Leslie Chan

D'Archive Podcast - Greenhouse Studios and Husky ReView

Baladodiffusion - Quand les artistes dessinaient les cartes

Slides - Getting Granular: how Digital Preservation Deposit Drives Discovery and Delivery

Slides - Tackling Archival Email with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Slides - Saving Software and Using Emulation to Reproduce Computationally Dependent Research Results

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

What Comes Next for Canadian Digital Policy Under a Liberal Minority Government?

The Conservative Party of Canada Moves to Dismiss the Controversial CBC Litigation and CBC's Apparent Inaction on Removing Barton & Tasker

Documents related to SNC-Lavalin affair must be preserved, Andrew Scheer tells bureaucrats

Awkward family reunion alert: Trudeau, Blanchet distant cousins, says

Library and Archives Canada Co-Lab update

Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador - Preserving in the Past: the use of red ochre and cutch as a preservative

Aerial photos show changes in Nova Scotia over the years

Une description en langage simple de Bibframe et de son impact potentiel sur les bibliothèques canadiennes

Canadian Association of Research Libraries and Canada's Federal Granting Agencies Working Together to Improve the Discovery of Canadian Research Outputs

Western University librarians and archivists reject tentative deal

Carleton University creates video library focusing on people with disabilities

University of Winnipeg - Access to KGB Files Allows for New Information on Persecuted Mennonites

McGill University - Little Free Libraries & Residences

Research, photos of Manitoba tundra open to public

Kingston - Project to bring together religious archives at the Church of the Good Thief

Jaw-dropping collection of Toronto concert flyers captures history for local music fans

Calgary Public Library - Enhancing Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence

Glengarry (Ontario) archives preparing forever home in heritage building

Ontario - Lambton County library and archives HQ shows off renos

Huron County (Ontario) newspaper archives to be digitized soon

Help the Bowen Island Museum (British Columbia) build a Remembrance Day exhibit

New Brunswick - London-trained archivist helps Sisters of Charity catalogue moments of grace

Exhibit reunites Inuit with 100-year-old artifacts in Cambridge Bay

That's my auntie: a new book reframes photos from Indigenous communities

Vancouver - Every family, every community needs an archivist: Deanna Bowen's art does this with warmth and care

Couple helps Ontarians connect with their Irish roots

Dématique et SAE (23) : la Fonction conservation sécurisée des données (3) : processus de gestion des durées d’utilité administrative (DUA) et des sorts finaux

Allana Mayer - Some updates

Librarian Anne Hart wrote captivating biographies of fictional and historical figures

Afrique / Africa
Burkina Faso - Archives numérisées des Editions Sidwaya : les recherches photographiques désormais possibles

The future of copyright in Namibia

Amériques / Americas
NARA - Researching Foreign Aerial Photography: Captured German Aerial Prints

NARA - Home Movie Day 2019: the Films of Harry J. Christoffers

NARA - Pictographs, Petroglyphs, Rock Art, what is the difference?

National Archives launches investigation into Wilbur Ross's use of private email

Library of Congress - How "The Postman Always Rings Twice" Got its Sort of Crazy Name

Library of Congress - Rare Film: Washington Senators Win the 1924 World Series

Library of Congress - Kluge Center: Dazzling Finds from the Maya

Air Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system

Judge orders State Department to begin producing Ukraine records

The Army Is Looking for a Few Good Art Experts

The Unprecedented Effort to Preserve a Million Letters Written by U.S. Soldiers During Wartime

War Stories and Advice from the Archive's Outgoing Freedom of Information Act Director

American Library Association denounces Amazon, Macmillan in response to Congressional inquiry on competition in digital markets

Maine State Archives to launch virtual reality, PSAs for bicentennial

Illinois Digital Archives

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - I Got a New Job in Records Management, Now What?

Judge Grants Class-Action Status to Immigrants Waiting Access to Immigration Records

University of Carolina's libraries fill gaps in Country Music

University of North Carolina Librarian Elaine Westbrooks is on a mission to open Carolina's research to all

University of Texas - Archive of Leading American Poet Acquired by the Ransom Center

Iowa State University - Accessing Unprocessed Collections

At Museum of Modern Art, Home Movies that Reveal the World

Analog film fans are high on Rice's Low-Fi supply

As Archives Become More Accessible, More Dancers Are Diving in to Research the History Behind their Roles

Which Hollywood Studio Hid its Priceless Papers in an Underground Salt Mine?

New Orleans Archives Research Center holds keys to city's past

Stephen King's Bangor, Maine Homes to Be Converted to Archives and Writers Retreat

The Whitewashing of #WhitePeopleDoingYoga

Father Columba Stewart on Digitizing Endangered Manuscripts, Provisional Metadata, and Hope

A Christian rock band hid a C64 program on a vinyl album in 1984

They found a stack of WWII love letters. Then unraveled the mystery of the New Jersey teens who wrote them.

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australian newspapers black out front pages to fight back against secrecy laws

Australia - A Culture of Secrecy: what is the Right to Know Campaign about?

Queensland (Australia) Government Recordkeeping - Building a recordkeeping house

Malaysia - Sarawakians Discuss Documentary Heritage and Memory of the World

Books on Tibetan, Mongolian and Manchu archives published

China considers further digitalizing archives

India - Jadavpur University archive on Puja’s glam transformation 

Pakistan - Ancient Buddhist manuscripts added to Islamabad Museum collection

Europe / Europa
OCLC and Europeana partner to share access to open cultural heritage resources through WorldCat

National Library of Finland -  Päivi Setälä's archive shared with researchers 

Norwegian novelist Karl Ove Knausgaard's latest work won't go public until 2114

Listen to this 239 GB Archive of German Techno Mixes

Minimalist decoration in Cistercian manuscripts

L'intelligence artificielle nous fait voyager dans le temps et dans notre patrimoine

Catalonia has created a new kind of online activism. Everyone should pay attention

Who's stealing Christopher Columbus letters from libraries around the world?

Archives fédérales suisses - Numérisation des archives victime de son succès

France - Nucléaire : les archives de Vincennes fermées

Résoudre le transfert de SIP/DIP de manière sécurisée et gérable

Ireland - Second prosecution based on Boston College tapes in doubt after Ivor Bell found not guilty

Boston tapes: Q&A on secret Troubles confessions

How the National Library of Scotland aims to digitally preserve millions of books

Research Support Games Day at the University of Glasgow

UK National Archives - The liberation struggle in the Congo and the strange death of Patrice Lumumba

UK National Archives - Mind your manors: Leicestershire and Rutland register now online

British Library - Free Croatia for Croatian people: the Croatian journal Hrvatska revija 1951-2000

British Library - Spare Rib archive: possible suspension of access update

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Recently Emerged Papyri of Dubious Origins: a Working List

Female military trained by Unesco in protecting cultural property

International Council on Archives - Ready for the 21st century

People at the centre of the 21st Century archive Design

Shoulder to shoulder: studying significant properties of spreadsheets with the Open Preservation Foundation Archives Interest Group

Internet Archives - Offline Archive Brings Knowledge Anywhere

ArchivesSpace and Aeon: Specialized Tools in an Integrated World

How Procurement Works for Archival Projects

Documentalistes, veilleurs, bibliothécaires et archivistes : comment se profile votre avenir

The State of Artificial Intelligence in Document Management

Is Document Management Relevant in a Paperless Organisation?

The Little-Known Slow Fire that's Destroying All our Books

YouTube takedowns are making it hard to document war crimes

The Role of Librarians in a Historical Age of Obsession

Disk Imaging Drag Race

Two Competing Visions for Research Data Sharing

(Non) usages des services de gestion et de partage des données de recherche par les chercheurs : une étude de cas

Malicious WAV files can be used to deliver malware and cryptominers

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