Thursday, 19 November 2020

Vol. 14, no. 12

                                                           Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Canada - Bill C-11: An Act to Enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act and to Make Consequential and Related Amendments to other Acts (First Reading)

Yukon Archives - Colonialism, Archives and Yukon First Nations Research Guide

Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française - Rapport annuel 2019-2020

Office of Government Information Services (NARA) - Freedom of Information Act Advisory Committee Recommendations Dashboard

Institut national du patrimoine - Sérendipité : orientation bibliographique

De la communauté / From the community
IFLA - Combatting Illicit Trafficking of Documentary Cultural Heritage

Ithaka S+R - Structuring Collaborations: the Opportunities and Challenges of Building Relationships between Academic Museums and Libraries

REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums Project - Test 6 Results

World Wide Web Consortium - Publication Manifest and Audiobooks Recommendations

Research Data Alliance - Strategic Plan 2020-2023 (for Consultation)

Article - National Archives and National Memory: Facing the Archival Silence

Archival Science, vol. 20, no. 4 (2020)

Library Hi Tech, vol. 38, no. 4 (2020)

Business Elite Canada, November 2020 (Special Issue on Library and Archives Canada)

Book - Documents of the Fuhrerbunker: the Last Archives of the Third Reich 

Book - Cosmopolitics of the Camera: Albert Kahn's Archives of the Planet

Book - Royal Seals: the National Archives: Images of Power and Majesty

Book - Mbira's Restless Dance: an Archive of Improvisation 

Book - Railway Nation: Tales of Canadian Pacific, the World's Greatest Travel System

Book - The Book Collectors: a Band of Syrian Rebels and the Stories that Carried them through a War

Book - Seven Kinds of People you Find in Bookshops

Book - Intellectual and Cultural Property: Between Market and Community

Book - Documents Concerning Central Europe from the Hospital’s Rhodian Archives, 1314–1428

Book - Re-making the Library Makerspace: Critical Theories, Reflections, and Practices

Book - Heritage Planning: Principles and Process (Second Edition)

Livre - Humanités numériques : la culture face aux nouvelles technologies (deuxième édition)

Livre - Décès, disparitions et successions en généalogie (cinquième édition)

Livre - Les imaginaires numériques au musée : débats sur les injonctions à l'innovation

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events

The ArQuives' Trans Collections Guide Launch
December 3, 2020

ARMA Toronto -  Implementing O365 with Proven and Effective Add-on Governance and RIM Tools
December 7-10, 2020

Archives Association of Ontario - Emergency Planning
January 18 and 25, 2021

Contributing to the Muslims in Canada Archives
January 12, 2021

Whose History? The Migrated Archive and Britain's Colonial Past
November 23, 2020

Renewable Heritage, Footprints of the Future: the Environmental Impact of Preserving Cultural Heritage
December 1, 2020

Library of Congress - Digital Architectural Archive Collections:Expanding Practices & Future Uses
December 2, 2020

Why Records Management Matters: Discussion with Laura Millar and Anthea Seles
December 3, 2020

Beyond Diversity Initiatives: Recruitment of BIPOC into Archives and Special Collections Librarianship
December 10, 2020

National Library of Scotland - The Rankin Files: Lifting the Lid
December 17, 2020

Sur le web / On the web
Modernizing Canada's Privacy Act: Online Public Consultation

Comparison Chart - Bill C-11's Consumer Privacy Protection Act and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia Video - Museums as Spaces of Dialogue and Disruption

Oil Museum of Canada, Lambton Heritage Museum and Lambton County Archives (Ontario) - Online Learning Resources

Archives Bois-Franc - Vidéo promotionnel 

Musée virtuel d'histoire politique du Québec

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - Participating in Virtual Conferences

Video - Digital Transformation for User Engagement in Cultural Heritage

University of Cape Town Video - Archival Ethics and Possibilities of Representation: Tal Adler and George Mahashe in Conversation

Podcast - International History Declassified: Captured Records and Archival Responsibility

Baladodiffusion - Les très riches heures de l'enluminure

Baladodiffusion - Les idées sous couvre-feu : archives et histoire

Online Exhibit - The Making of Unesco's Constitution

Slides - A Cloud-based Serverless Microservices Application for Digital Preservation

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Statement from the Privacy Commissioner of Canada following the tabling of Bill C-11

Canada's GDPR Moment: why the Consumer Privacy Protection Act is Canada's Biggest Privacy Overhaul in Decades

Privacy Pressure Points: a Closer Look at Ten Consumer Privacy Protection Act Concerns

Canada's Consumer Privacy Protection Act: Impact for businesses

Library and Archives Canada - Manitoba history and the penitentiary at Lower Fort Garry, 1871–1877

Library and Archives Canada - Shopping at Sears: a window into the archives

Library and Archives Canada and University of Ottawa sign collaboration agreement

La Commission de vérité et réconciliation, un impact sur les politiques de BAC et BANQ ?

Quelle liberté d'expression pour nos musées, bibliothèques et archives ?

Asbestos in the Canadian Heritage Photography Foundation's Archive

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick - Letters found between future United States President and former New Brunswick Premier

Alberta - Privacy commissioner calls for changes, consultation on health information bill

University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library - Recreating our exhibitions online

Canadian Mennonite University - Mennonite Heritage Archives part of groundbreaking storytelling project

McMaster University - Appointment-based access to Archives and Research Collections now available

Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia - Fifty Years Young

Vancouver City Archives - Researcher Spotlight: Jennifer Chutter

Alberta - City temporarily closes Wetaskiwin's Archives for up to one year

Virtual exhibits on now through Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (Ontario)

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) - Women at War

Whistler Museum and Archives Society - Whistler's Silver Book

La Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste du Centre-du-Québec récompense Archives Bois-Francs

Société historique Pierre-de-Saurel - Nouveaux versements au fonds Laurier R. Ménard

Décès de Pierre Savard, fondateur du Centre d'archives publicitaire : collègues et amis témoignent

Okanagan woman makes social media plea for grandfather's missing headdress

Afrique / Africa
Guinée - Droit d'accès à l'information publique : les députés adoptent une loi à l'unanimité contre une abstention

Accès à l'information : le retard accusé dans le processus d'acquisition de la loi a fait baisser la note du Sénégal à 2/4

Amériques / Americas

NARA  - The Nuremberg Trials, 75 Years Later

NARA - From Soldier to Citizen: how to use the Index to Naturalizations of World War I Soldiers

NARA - Examining and Addressing Racism

Far-reaching Impacts: why the Closure of NARA's Seattle Facility Still Matters

Library of Congress - An Archivist's Perspective on Legacy Files

Library of Congress - The Computing Cultural Heritage Collections Project is Looking for Researchers

Library of Congress - View our New Web Resource: Indigenous Law Web Archive

Library of Congress - Copyright: Deposits of Gold

National Library of Medicine - Dr. Isaac Kohane: Making our Data Work for us

Will Trump Burn the Evidence?

Montana Historical Society - Donors and Donations during a Pandemic

State Archives of North Carolina - CollectionBuilder: a New Way to Browse Our Digital Collections

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Digital Archive Catalogues Abuses of Genoa Indian School

Northeastern University - Archive of Sephardi music is released online, with help from a Northeastern administrator

Archives of Ivan Chermayeff, the designer behind Smithsonian sun and MoMA logo, donated to New York's School of Visual Arts

Indiana University - Everyday impressions during extraordinary times: historians, archivists document the pandemic

OCLC, Washington State University are creating digital stewardship training courses for tribal libraries, archives, museums, and small public libraries

Ursinus College - Digital Archive of Collegeville's First Newspaper Now Available Online

Meet the guardians of the world's earliest musical recordings

Blavatnik Archive Foundation - Digital Primary Resources: Soviet Jewish veterans of WWII

Laying out the Horizon of Possibilities: Reflections on Developing the OSSArcFlow Guide to Documenting Born-Digital Archival Workflows

Catherine Stiers on Using Reddit as an Archival Outreach Tool

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia - Disposal Freeze: Records related to the Afghanistan Inquiry and Office of Special Investigator to address matters raised by the Inquiry

The Australian Libraries and Information Association and National Archives band together against disinformation

The next generation is bringing Australia's ancient languages into the future

New South Wales (Australia) - Shredded grants papers the type that should be archived, authority says

Indonesia - Jadavpur University's archives on Shakespeare set to go global

Sri Lanka - Transcripts of ola-leaf manuscripts : to be brought from UK

China's archives are being erased. Much is at risk of being lost

India - The Khlam Archive: how Meghalaya is documenting a raging pandemic  

Europe / Europa
10 years of European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure 10 Years : Statements

Photo database of more than 20,000 Russian churches brings new life to genealogy

Croatia - Archival documents from Homeland War being digitised with European Union funding

Not to be sniffed at: historical smells project launched

Vatican's WWII archives reveal complex picture, flawed characters, says expert

Association des Archivistes Francophones de Belgique - Notre analyse du "Rapport des Formateurs" au Roi et de la Déclaration du Gouvernement fédéral

Archives de l'État en Belgique - Une nouvelle base de données de recherches pour la Belgique

Archives de l'État en Belgique - Consultation des registres de l’état civil : état de la question

Belgique - Un mystérieux message anarchiste aux Archives de l'État à Liège

France - Archives nationales et documents classifiés, retour sur une polémique

France  - Les documents spoliés conservés à la bibliothèque de l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art

Archive exceptionnelle : écoutez la voix d'Alfred Dreyfus lui-même, en 1912

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh - Archiving Covid-19

Glasgow archives reveal stories of Scottish Women's Hospital heroes

UK National Archives - Racism Past and Present: Mixing therapeutic practice with archival research

UK National Archives - The industrial bedlam of modern Britain: the problem of noise in the 1950s and 60s

UK National Archives - Research Exchange: Jonathan Mackman on the Northern Way Project

British Library acquires unique 15th century Lucas Psalter manuscript featuring previously unknown work by the Master of Edward IV

British art experts who saved treasures during WWII were not impressed by uncultured US curators

People power: Cinema Museum reliant on Crowdfunder campaign after missing all government support

University of Sussex - Historic archive of the prominent Hutchinson family acquired for the nation

Unlocking collections in a lockdown

Researching Birmingham Newspapers: your options

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel - Kosher Pork Chops and Crypto-Jewish Identity

National Library of Israel - Mythical Dwarfs and Garden Gnomes: the Jewish Connection

Israel - National Library's Docu.Text film festival goes online

Iraq - Undying memories hidden in Saddam's archives

The Story of the Library of Alexandria Is Mostly a Legend, but the Lesson of its Burning Is Still Crucial Today

Ménage-à-préservation: the tensions of Digital Preservation as-a-Service

Emulating Networks: Preserving Access to Webservers

Information Management in Microsoft 365: Retention Labels

Using Microsoft 365 connectors to support records management

DIKAR: the acronym that everyone in information and records management needs to know

More on the Global War on Records Management

Archives work is emotional work

Managing research data: a beginner’s guide

Scientific publishers propose installing spyware in university libraries to protect copyrights

Automated image recognition: how using free photos on the internet can lead to lawsuits and fines

Painting an Information Map

Using Collections Management Systems to Enhance Access

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