Thursday, 1 July 2021

Vol. 14, no. 39

 Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State

Government of Canada – Guiding Principles on Diversity of Content Online

Standards Council of Canada – Canadian Data Governance Standardization Roadmap

Commission consultative nationale des droits de l’homme (France) – Avis sur le droit à l’accès aux archives publiques

Archives nationales de Luxembourg – Tableau de tri des documents et des archives de l’armée luxembourgeoise

Archives nationales de Luxembourg – Tableau de tri des documents et des archives de l’Administration de la navigation aérienne

De la communauté / From the community

Digital Preservation Coalition – Born Digital Archive Cataloguing and Description (Public Release)

Grille d’évaluation rapide de la Digital Preservation Coalition (traduction française)

IFLA – New Libraries in Old Buildings: Creative Reuse

Society of American Archivists Case Study – Stories of Power and Diversity During Covid: Building an Online Exhibition with Primary Sources

Manuel de préparation des versements d’archives numériques

University of North Carolina – Charting New Courses in Community-Driven Archives

Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives (Hungary) – Annual Report 2020

Educopia Institute – Living our Values and Principles: Annotated Bibliography

Article – Les archives des présences africaines en France


The American Archivist, vol. 84, no. 1 (2021)

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, vol. 16, no. 1 (2021)

Journal of Civic Information, vol. 3, no. 1 (2021)

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, vol. 36, supplement 1 (2021)

La lettre des Archives nationales d’Outre-mer, no 2 (2021)

Library of Congress Magazine, vol. 10, no. 4 (2021)

Taiwan National Archives Administration – Archives Semiannual, vol. 20, no.1 (2021)
Note: Available Under “Publications”

Silhouettes: the Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Newsletter, no. 50 (2020)

Book – Archival Accessioning

Book – The Division of the World: on Archives, Empires and the Vanity of Borders

Book – Alternative Histories of the Digital Humanities

Book – Creative Expression and the Law

Book – Dismantling Deficit Thinking in Academic Libraries: Theory, Reflection, and Action

Book – A Paper Inheritance: the Passionate Literary Lives of Leslie Rees and Coralie Clarke

Book – Multi-sided Music Platforms and the Law: Copyright, Law and Policy in Africa

Book – National Security, Personal Privacy and the Law: Surveying Electronic Surveillance and Data Acquisition

Book – Data Subject Rights under the GDPR

Book – The Absent Image: Lacunae in Medieval Books

Book – Interpretative Master Planning: a Framework for Historical Sites

Livre – Film de famille : de l’archive privée aux souvenirs partagés

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events

Lambton County Archives (Ontario) – Virtual Workshop: AncestryLibrary
July 13, 2021

Trent Valley Archives – The Ladies of the Lake
July 4, 2021, Peterborough (Ontario)

Writing and Publishing of, ‘Our Whole Gwich’in Way of Life Has Changed / Gwich’in K’yuu Gwiidandài’ Tthak Ejuk Gòonlih: Stories from the People of the Land
July 22, 2021

Canadian Open Data Summit
September 15-16, 2021

Introduction to PREMIS
July 14, 2021

Getting Started with Advocacy for Digital Preservation
July 28-29, 2021

Strengthening the Resilience of African Memory Institutions
September 7, 2021

Ethnographier les pratiques en régime numérique
1er octobre 2021, Paris

Photo Archives VIII: the Digital Photo Archive: Theories, Practices and Rhetoric
January 13-14, 2022, Basel

Sur le web / On the web

From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Grace McEachern

Mailbag Specification 0.1 (Call for Comments)

Édition électronique de la correspondance de Baudelaire

New Website – Safe Havens for Archives at Risk Initiative

Society of American Archivists Video – Starting a New Position During a Pandemic

Vidéo – Archivistes et Twitter : quelles communications pour les archivistes ?

Video – User Experiences of Archive Catalogues and Use of Primary Sources

Video – A Collaborative Approach to Preserving at-Risk Open Access Journals

Podcast – The Israeli Researchers Unearthing their Country’s Dark Past

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world


Government of Canada Continues to Support Heritage Organizations and Access to Canada’s Heritage Collections

Library and Archives Canada – Spring cleaning for web content

Library and Archives Canada – Arthur Lismer’s children’s art classes: a Co-Lab challenge

Canada’s museums are slowly starting to return Indigenous artifacts

Ontario moves forward with privacy legislation initiative

BAnQ – Charlotte Tassé : une vie consacrée à l’Institut Albert-Prévost et à la formation des infirmières

BAnQ – Alfred DesRochers et le journal d’Angéline

La question des archives autochtones, leur nature et leur portée : table ronde et partage d’expériences

Why retrieving former residential school records has proved so difficult

New tool developed to help preserve the language of Blackfoot

Anishinabek Nation’s new interactive online resource teaches students about treaties, rights

University of Alberta – Challenges in Indigenous Archiving

University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library – Genre Terms by iSchool Students: Penny Dreadfuls

University of British Columbia – New item on Open Collections: a Recollection of my Indian Career

Records for residential schools should be made public, says University of Alberta Blood Tribe researcher

Oblats, pensionnats et l’Université d’Ottawa

Joint Statement of Commitment of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate on Documentation Transparency Regarding Residential Schools

Les Sulpiciens ouvrent les portes de leur bibliothèque

Et les archives sulpiciennes ?

Oseredok (Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre), Jacob Maydanyk, and Vykjo Shteef Tabachniuk (Uncle Steve Tobacco)

The Archives of North Vancouver team share their perspectives on the Association of Canadian Archivists’ 46th Annual Conference

Today’s pandemic experiences will be valued by historians of tomorrow: Red Deer archivist

La gestion documentaire : un défi de taille pour les organismes fransaskois

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – News for the community, by the community

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Whistler’s Answers: July 1, 1982

Le 60e anniversaire de la Société d’histoire de Drummond : une histoire à saveur citoyenne

Le Centre historique de la Congrégation Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours de Saint-Damien rouvre ses portes au public

Société historique Pierre-de-Saurel – Mon été 1953 à Marine Industries

Study underway on future of Norfolk’s museums (Ontario)

Afrique / Africa

South Africa – From the ashes: historical botanic photos destroyed in Cape Town fire resurrected

Amériques / Americas

NARA – General Records Schedules (GRS) Status Update

The Importance of Acknowledging our History: the National Archives at Boston and the Boston Federal Records Center

NARA – Subject Finding Aid Project

NARA – North vs. South: Civil War Sites in the National Register of Historic Places

National Archives’ racism task force says own Rotunda example of structural racism, knocks Founding Fathers

Library of Congress – Assessing the Impact of Sanitizing Products on Collection Items

Library of Congress – Copyright and Drag

The Library of Congress is a surprising lesson in digital government. That’s good news for democracy.

National Library of Medicine – Five Years and Counting

Texas State Library and Archives Commission – Information Governance and the Records Lifecycle

Stories from Los Angeles pioneering gay motorcycle clubs are told through University of Southern California’s One Archives

Saint John’s University – From Cairo to Mardin, Manuscripts on Camelback

University of St. Thomas – Introducing the Monsignor Murphy Digital Archive

Training the Next Generation of Indigenous Data Scientists

A Historical Legacy: the Beginning of the Walt Disney Archives

Archive at New York City historical society to focus on social change

65-year-old cold case of two murdered teens solved using forensic genealogy

A Maryland attic hid a priceless trove of Black history. Historians and activists saved it from auction.

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia – National Archives gets money to save decaying documents

Australia – From WhatsApp to William Bligh: the story behind the Archives battle

Let them Preserve Cake: Government’s Dismissive Message to Australian Archivists

Australian Federal Police Cops a Blast for Poor Records Management

State Archives and Records of New South Wales (Australia) – Digitisation of photographic and audio-visual material

National Archives of the Philippines – 450th Founding Anniversary of Manila Day

Hong Kong media erase their archives amid rising arrests

Europe / Europa

European Commission – Building a cloud-based hub for all things research

Historical Archives of the European Union – Monica Baldi’s private papers available for consultation

Cultural Heritage Institutions: from Gatekeepers to Gate Openers

News Eye – Where did it happen?: Spatial imaginaries of World War I

Germany – Berlin’s No 1 digital detective agency is on the trail of human rights abusers

Archivists Find Vincent Van Gogh Sketches Used as a Bookmark

Archives de l’État – Femmes et politique : plus de 100 ans de combat

Meemoo: Flemish Institute for Archives’ approach to digitisation pushes boundaries

Association des archivistes français – Communiqué de presse : nuit noire sur les archives

France – Jusqu’à quand l’État doit-il garder ses secrets ?

France – Le Loto du patrimoine : un outil original et efficace au service de la préservation de nos trésors

France TV repatriates backup and archive from public cloud

Minister Noonan Launches Waterways Ireland Historical & Cultural Digital Archive

When Ireland said Yes: digitally-preserving the campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment

University College Dublin – President Higgins becomes latest poet to contribute to Irish Poetry Reading Archive

Digital Repository of Ireland – Thinking about the Types of Consent Forms Archivists Encounter

Ireland – Secret documents to be made available for public viewing on Derry-based ‘Troubles’ archive

Ireland – Archive of Limerick East Brigade leader Sean Wall online

National Library of Wales helps unite historic Cornish language manuscripts

British Library – Prefacing the Psalms

Behind the scenes at the British Library: Eugenio Falcioni

British Library – Alternative Sports in the UK Web Archive: Part 2

Victoria and Albert Museum insists it has responsibility to tell truth about collections

Natural History Museum – Critical data from millions of insect specimens to be unlocked through cutting-edge 3D imaging technology

Postal Museum – Living with Legacies (Part 2)

University of Kent – Doing digital: putting theory in to practice (part three)

The explicit coded diaries of the first modern lesbian

Moyen-Orient / Middle East

National Library of Israel – Toyve the Black Cantor’ and His 1930 World Tour

National Library of Israel – Who Was the Real Model for Kafka’s Gregor Samsa

Netanyahu’s Shredded Documents: Making Files Disappear Is a Tradition for Departing Israeli Leaders

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates Reviews its History, Strategies and Aspirations of the Nation’s Memory

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates organized a virtual lecture on the Arabian Gulf documents in International Archives

National Archives of the United Arab Emirates launches management system for digital, paper current, intermediate manuscripts


Are NFTs Nonsense for Digital Cultural Heritage Collections?

New ORT Archive Offers Access to Trove of Historical Documents and Images

FromThePage – What we Learned Building Spreadsheet Transcription

Generational amnesia: the memory loss that harms the planet

Digital Yiddish Theatre Project – A Timeline of Yiddish Drag

Tim Berners-Lee’s NFT of world wide web source code sold for $5.4m

How TikTok Is Fostering a New Generation of Fashion Archivists

The Future of Image Management

Providing Access to Archival Collections

Libraries and the Curse of Knowledge

How to Automate a Process: a Handy Guide for the Information Professional

Why data and the pandemic are ripping up paper processes

Minecraft archivists have found their holy grail

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