Thursday, 22 July 2021

Vol. 14, no. 42

 Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State

Government of Canada – A Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

UK – Code of Practice on the Management of Records Issued under Section 46 the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (New Version)

NARA – Federal Boards, Commissions, and Foundations: Records Management Programs Multiple-Agency Inspection Report

France Archives – Permaliens et identifiants pérennes

Archives cantonales vaudois (Suisse) – Rapport d’activité 2020

De la communauté / From the community

Association of Research Libraries and Canadian Association of Research Libraries Joint Task Force on Research Data Services – Final Report

From Expertise to International Standard: Guiding Principles for Safe Havens for Archives at Risk

The Collective Wisdom Handbook: Perspectives on Crowdsourcing in Cultural Heritage

Research Libraries UK – New Frontiers of Digital Access: the Development and Delivery of Virtual Reading Rooms and Virtual Teaching Spaces amongst Collection-holding Institutions

Property Records Industry Association – Automated Redaction Technology White Paper

Sedona Conference Commentary on Ephemeral Messaging

Building Legal Literacies for Text Data Mining

Article – The Measure of the Archive: the Ro­bustness of Network Analysis in Early Modern Correspondence
See also:


Fontes Artis Musicae: the Journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, vol. 68, no. 2 (2021)

IFLA Journal, vol. 47, no. 2 (2021)

Cri du Portail international archivistique francophone, no 22 (2021)

CAIRT: Newsletter of the Scottish Maps Forum, no. 39 (2021)

Library and Archives Canada – Documentary Heritage and Official Language Minority Communities Newsletter, vol. 2, no. 13 (2021)

Free eBook – Paper Trails: the Social Life of Archives and Collections

Livre gratuit en ligne – Amos Gitai et l’enjeu des archives

Book – The Social Movement Archive

Book – The Knowledge Café: Create an Environment for Successful Knowledge Management

Book – The Bristol Merlin: Revealing the Secrets of a Medieval Fragment

Book – The British Census

Book – Blockchain for Business: a Practical Guide for the Next Frontier

Book – Safety, Security, and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems

Book – Wild Librarian Bakery and Bookstore

Book – Public Images: Celebrity, Photojournalism, and the Making of the Tabloid Press

Book – Books and Social Media: how the Digital Age is Shaping the Printed Word

Livre – Chartistes en Asie : science historique et patrimoine au lointain (xixe-xxie siècle)

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events

Paper-Keeping: Women, Family, and Knowledge Work in the Early Modern British World
July 27, 2021

Abolitionist Imperialism in the Archives or, How to Prove Racism in Anti-Slavery
August 11, 2021

Introduction to Managing Born-digital Collections: a Workshop for the GLAM Sector
August 19, 2021

Intimate Archives: Gender, Sexuality, and the Boundaries of the Human
August 30, 2021

The CODATA RDA Research Data Science Summer School
September 6 – November 5, 2021

Présences (in)visibles ? Collecte, description, préservation et mise en valeur des témoignages individuels à l’heure du coronavirus
September 9, 2021, Berne

Gerald Aylmer Seminar 2021 – New Ways to Work: Future Directions for Archival and Historical Practice
September 17, 2021

Archives and Libraries in Official Language Minority Communities: Issues and Future (Videos Available)
May 13 – 27, 2021

Sur le web / On the web

Podcast – Library and Archives Canada is a gold mine

Law Bytes Podcast – Mark Phillips on the Federal Court of Canada’s Right to be Forgotten Ruling

History Slam Podcast – Canada’s LGBTQ2+ History at the ArQuives

New website – Archives and Dealing with the Past

Social Feed Manager – Version 2.4

Video – Unesco and United Nations Online Discussion: Memory at Risk

Vidéo – Comment collecter les archives des homosexualités ?

Video – Indigenous+Digital: how Young People are Revitalizing their Native Languages on the Internet

Video – Different Cultures in Digital History

Video – Libraries and Sustainability: a Global Perspective

Podcast – Constantia Apartheid Forced Removals: Communities Showcased in a Memory Archive

Slides – How to Conduct Outreach Activities with a Limited Budget

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world


The Canada Memory of the World Register Lists Three New Collections

Library and Archives Canada – A colonial governor’s creative math

Canada’s museums wrestle with history of residential schools

Residential school records must be released directly to First Nations: Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations

100-year-old Treaty 11 coming to Northwest Territories for 1st time since signing

BAnQ – Marie Grégoire mérite une chance

Lettre ouverte et indignée au directeur du Devoir

Données sous haute sécurité

Monique Larouche McClemens (1950-2021), ancienne présidente de l’Association des Archivistes du Québec, s’est éteinte récemment

Visages de notre histoire: portrait d’Édouard-Zotique Massicotte, archiviste

Université de Montréal – Le dossier étudiant électronique unique primé

University of Manitoba – Faculty of Arts professors (including Tom Nesmith) named Professor Emeritus

Talking to Archivists About Emotions (I): Introducing the Research

Mapping transnational activism: challenges of historical research and archives on Timor-Leste

Museum of North Vancouver Partners with Interpares Trust AI Project

Galt Museum & Archives (Alberta) Unveils New Mosaic

Penticton Museum & Archives and the En’owkin Centre opening exhibit on Indigenous languages in British Columbia

Chilliwack Museum and Archives (British Columbia) – The Atchelitz Two-Step

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – The village that ceased to exist (part 1)

Daly House Museum – Roy Brown and His Orchestra: A Piece of Manitoba’s Music History

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) – Records and Reconciliation: Treaty #8

Lambton County museums, gallery and archives (Ontario) ready to reopen

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) – Oxford County Courthouse and the Tale of Elvis Presley

Afrique / Africa

Archives du Maroc – Donation des archives de l’ex-Premier ministre Youssoufi

Amériques / Americas

The Importance of Acknowledging our History: NARA’s Facilities in the Atlanta Area

NARA – Back to the Future: Conserving Ratified Indian Treaties, 1722-1869

NARA – Space: the Final Frontier in the National Register of Historic Places

NARA – Working for the Tennessee Valley Authority

National Archives Seeks to Revamp how Presidential Library Archives Social Media

Library of Congress – Making Room in the Crowd: Library Teleworkers Transcribing in Extraordinary Times

Library of Congress – Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud: how our Values Drive our Processes

Library of Congress – Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud: an Interview with Alice Goldfarb

Library of Congress – Olympic Gold: Harrison Dillard and Military Athletes

Land Artist Nancy Holt’s Papers Acquired by Smithsonian Archives

Harvard University – Unique Collection of Recorded Greek Folk Music Digitized

Archives of pioneering neuropsychiatrist available for review at University of Illinois Chicago

University of California San Diego – Lessons from pandemic web archiving

Selton Hall University Libraries Awarded National Grant to Preserve Artifacts from Five Pathbreaking New Jersey Politicians

Exploring the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research: Searching for Marginalized Identities in the Archive

Facilitating the future of archival discovery and delivery: the Lighting the Way Working Meeting

Retracer l’histoire des pensionnats, une tâche titanesque

Children’s Museum launches online archive for Alvin Weinberg Papers

FBI file on Boston serial killer James Whitey Bulger declassified

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific

Further push for more funding into Australia’s National Archives to protect decaying documents

Australian first historical website to illuminate Tasmania’s Indigenous history

Island Culture Archival Support – Keeping Old Songs Alive in Fiji

University of Hong Kong – Reflections of an Academic Archivist upon Retirement in 2021

South China Morning Post to tokenize 118-year-old archive with NFTs

Senior official urges use of archives in Communist Party of China history learning

India – Several archives now seek to preserve folk music that connects people to their past

India – I wanted to do it as personal archive for my father: Arbaaz Khan on Salim-Javed documentary

Europe / Europa

German floods damage archives, soaking historic documents in mud

Louvre’s art historian and archival sleuth Emmanuelle Polack tracks down works auctioned in Occupied Paris

France – A Brief History of Perfume: Visiting an Archive of Ancient Scents

UK Parliamentary Archives – Bombay to Battersea: Shapurji Saklatvala: a Politican Like no Other

UK National Archives – More Prime Minister’s files from 1997 released

UK National Archives – Adventures at the Archives

UK National Archives – Manors, Mining and the G7

British Library – Help trace the stories of enslaved people in the Caribbean using colonial newspapers

British Library – Conservation of Thurloe’s State Papers

King’s College London – The Decolonised Digital Archive

Archives and Collections @ the Library of Birmingham – Tolkien in the Archives

Eat Like Jane Austen with Recipes from her Sister-In-Law’s Cookbook

Mystery 19th Century botanist tracked down following appeal

Moyen-Orient / Middle East

National Library of Israel – A Dragon from the Land of Israel?

National Library of Israel – The Feminist Revival of Tu B’Av, the Jewish Festival of Love


Gardiennes de la mémoire : les archives sur les génocides sont indispensables à la mémoire, à la recherche et à l’éducation

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories launches strategy to modernize the global repository network

Reflections as the Internet Archive turns 25

OCLC – Reimagine Descriptive Workflows: meeting the challenges of inclusive description in shared infrastructure

Two Metadata Directions

Archival Futures: the Archive as a Place and the Place of the Archive

An Archives & Records Management Palette

Fascinated by the Voynich Manuscript? Here are some other mysterious texts you can decode

How your personal data is being scraped from social media

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