Thursday 25 April 2013

Vol. 6, no. 34

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics - Privacy And Social Media In The Age Of Big Data

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - Australian Privacy Principles and National Privacy Principles: Comparison Guide

Bibliothèque nationale de France - Guide pratique du catalogueur: citation des archives de l’Internet

De la communauté / From the community
International Council on Archives - Position Statements: Planning Freeze on the new Cologne City Archive Building

New York Art Resources Consortium - Reframing Collections for a Digital Age: A Preparatory Study for Collecting and Preserving Web-based Art Research Materials
Role of PDF and Open Data

Pew Internet - Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Article - Carbon Dating The Web: Estimating the Age of Web Resources

Code4lib Journal, no. 20 (2013)

Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, vol. 6, no. 1 (2013)
Ngā Tapuwae: the Newsletter of Archives New Zealand (April 2013)

Book - Information Security Policy Development for Compliance

Book - Dear Sir, I Intend to Burn Your Book: An Anatomy of a Book Burning

Book - Photography, Memory, and Refugee Identity: The Voyage of the SS Walnut, 1948

Report - Institutional Digital Repository Benchmarks, 2013 Edition

Livre - Le droit après la dématérialisation de l'oeuvre d’art
Book - Memory and History: Understanding Memory as Source and Subject

Book - Tracing Your Irish History on the Internet

Book - Going Beyond Google Again: Strategies for Using and Teaching the Invisible Web

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
i-Society 2013: International Conference on Information Society
June 24-26, 2013, Toronto
Exhibit - The Practice of Everyday Freedom: Richard Hudler and Rupert Raj (Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives)
3 May - 5 June, 2013, Toronto

Jewish Montreal Heritage Week
5-12 May, 2013, Montreal

10th Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship
20-22 November 2013, Paris

How to fit in? Integrating a web archiving program in your organization (report available)
26-30 November, 2012, Paris

Sur le web / On the web
British Library Labs Launch Event Report

Slidecast - Everyone's A Mechanic: Building Simple E-Records Workflow 

DPLA and Europeana: a single search box for USA's & Europe's libraries, museums, archives

Video - Library of Congress: Digital Preservation at the Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation

Simple Data Format (version 1.0 beta)

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Canada Privacy Breaches: More Than A Million Canadians May Have Had Data Compromised

Canadian Association of Law Libraries: Could Federal Budget Affect Access to Legislative Information?

Comparing Science Communication in Canada and the USA

Library and Archives Canada vs. Librarians and Archivists in Canada

By-Request Microfilm Digitization at LAC

Ottawa tourism - Getting lost in the national archives

Nunavut information and privacy czar to get more powers

Ontario embraces world-classstandard of privacy protection

Constitution: Trois demandes d’accès à l’information seront déposées auprès du gouvernement fédéral par le gouvernement du Québec

Online Toronto maps project puts the history of familiar streets a click away

Whitby Archives (Ont.) receives $127,000 donation

B.C. filmmaker seeks Liberia's lost photos

À la recherche des manuscrits oubliés (de musique religieuse au Québec)

Afrique / Africa
South Africa - Changes to info bill, but debate continues

South Africa - Archives and Human Rights: The Case of Slavery in the Cape

Algérie - La bibliothèque personnelle de Frantz Fanon dédiée au Centre national de recherches préhistoriques, anthropologiques et historiques

Tunisie - Lotfi Ben Jeddou : L’ouverture des archives politique plongera le pays dans le chaos

Maroc: Analyse du projet de loi sur le droit d'accès à l'information

Amériques / Americas
U.S. House of Rep. Judiciary Committee Announces Comprehensive Review of Copyright Law

Intelligence Satellite Imagery Declassified for Release

Bush library, museum handed to National Archives

Maryland - Audit dings State Archives for poor record-keeping, outdated software

Irish groups vow to fight Boston College IRA interviews fight to stop Northern Ireland police access

Transcript : CBC Radio’s As It Happens interview with Ed Moloney (journalist and former director of the Belfast Project)

Every Genocide Leaves a Legacy: Rwandan Tutsi Genocide Testimonies Integrated Into USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive

Alexander Graham Bell’s voice identified in 130-year-old wax audio recording at Smithsonian

Florida - British raids destroyed historic Jewish archives

Official, Authenticated, Preserved, and Accessible: The Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act

Google Execs Say 'The Power Of Information Is Underrated'

Born Digital Archival Materials at New York Public Library: An Interview with Donald Mennerich

Yahoo to feature 38-year 'Saturday Night Live' archive

Tulsa Is New Home for Woody Guthrie Archives

A Peek Into the Jetsons Archive at Warner Brothers Animation

9 Letters from Young J.D. Salinger Unearthed

West Australia's modern history records 'at risk'

South Australia Library to preserve war material

Australia - The good, the bad and the mouldy: a look inside a city (Victoria)

New Zealand - Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III's letters unearthed in Napier

Indian startup looks to archive memories

India - Andhra Pradesh: Historic, rare records go digital

Europe / Europa
Intelligence archives need to be given to secret files commission without delay: Bulgarian President

Czech totalitarianism office director fires security archive head

National History Museum of Belarus presents treasures of gentry’s archives

Poland - Historic files handed over by Foreign Ministry to state archives

Forged Hitler Diaries Now Part of Germany’s Archives

One year later: Linked Open Data in the German National Library

Photos show the incredible history of the Soviet space program

New evidences of the Armenian Genocide from Ottoman archives

Spain Admits New Copyright Law Is Designed To Keep It Off US's 'Naughty' List
Pontiff to open archives and settle 'Hitler's Pope' debate

France - Ces photos centenaires sauvées de la poubelle
Precious archive sheds light on life in Hitler's Germany after being found by Lincoln auctioneers

Files that may shed light on colonial crimes still kept secret by UK

UK National Archives - 20,000 County Durham Home Guard records available online

Rare Poem by Amy Levy For Sale at Bonhams

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Iran - National Library and Archives to safeguard historical Persian carpet patterns

Dubai - Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid praises Safa Park’s Archive Library

Turkey - Ancient epic tales to go on display in Istanbul

Metadata orchestration might be next generation of web solutions

Digital curation cost models for everybody’ by Sabine Schrimpf

Why All Librarians Should Take an Introduction to Archives Class

Twitter hires first data editor to find stories in tweets

The Rise of Big Data: How It's Changing the Way We Think About the World

Archivage : Aperçu du paysage normatif

Why Modern Musicians Should Care About Metadata

Thursday 18 April 2013

Vol. 6, no. 33

Ressources / Resources

De la communauté / From the community
University of North Texas - Newspaper Metadata Manual

Good practice guide to Electronic Discovery in Ireland

Book Industry Study Group - Pilot Draft of Thema Global Subject Codes

Article - Archives Beyond the Pale: Negotiating Legal and Ethical Entanglements after the Belfast Project

Archives and Manuscripts, vol. 41, no. 1 (2013)

Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, vol. 9, no. 1-2, 2013 (Special issue: Working Digitally with Historical Maps)

Journal of Library Metadata, vol. 13, no. 1 (2013)
Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture, vol. 42, no. 1 (2013)

Documentaliste Sciences de l'Information, vol. 50, no. 1, 2013 (numéro spécial : Gouvernance de l'information)

SCRIPTed: a Journal of Law, Technology and Society, vol. 10, no. 1
CILIP Rare Books Newsletter, no. 94 (April 2013)

ebook - Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Every Geek

Book - Using Photographs in Social and Historical Research

Book - Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians

Book - Memorylands: Heritage and Identity in Europe Today

Book - Democracy of Sound: Music Piracy and the Remaking of American Copyright in the Twentieth Century

Livre - Qu’est-ce que l’identité numérique? Enjeux, outils, méthodologies

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Council of Archives New Brunswick Annual General Meeting 2013
May 24, 2013, Fredericton

Compliance with the Treasury Board Secretariat Recordkeeping Directive in the Canadian Army: From Theory to Implementation
April 30, 2013, Gatineau

Leaside's 100th Anniversary Celebration: Archival Exhibit
April 23-28, 2013, Toronto
Free Webinars - Using Collections Images in Online Exhibits & Using Collections Images in Educational Materials
June 3 & 5, 2013

Free Webinar: Involving the Public in Your Preservation Efforts
April 24, 2013

South African Digitisation Initiative Workshop on Digitisation and Digital Libraries (report available)
27 February - 1 March, 2013, Johannesburg (South Africa)

Sur le web / On the web
Digital Public Library of America (now live)

Base des reliures numérisées de la Bibliothèque nationale de France

Video - Coalition for Networked Information: From the Version of Record to a Version of the Record

Slidecast - Archives participatives... parce que nous le valons bien

Video - New England Archivists Spring 2013 Plenary: DNA and the Future of Archival Storage

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

American Library Association - Letter regarding LAC Code of conduct

Federal treatment of history in sad state

Quebec parties unanimous in calling on Ottawa to release Constitution archives
L'histoire s'écrit avec des archives: l'auteur du livre La bataille de Londres réplique à l'éditorial d'André Pratte
A drink with... Ed Conroy, video archivist and curator of Retrontario

Bishop's University - New Sheet Music Collection
Collections - Dans le coffre aux trésors du cinéma québécois

Les archives, une histoire vivante
The end of the tourist: A short history of guidebooks to Montréal

British Library - Picturing Canada: going live (gradually)

Afrique / Africa
Nigeria - Freedom of Information Act Exempts Some Records: Minister of Justice

East African Legislative Assembly Backs Rwanda's Quest for International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Archives

Amériques / Americas
Haïti - Wilfrid Bertrand poursuit la modernisation des Archives Nationales 

NARA Investigators Detail Brazen Theft

G.W. Bush's 103.6 million missing email messages and the IT archiving challenge
Supreme Court rejects appeal over secret IRA tapes

Library of Congress wins special Grammy Award for work to preserve historic audio recordings

Robert Darnton: Free to All (about the Digital Public Library of America)

Big data could uncover clue on marathon

Boston's JFK Library closed 'indefinitely' for probe into whether fire was linked to marathon bombings

Smithsonian, National Archives adjusting summer hours because of budget cuts

Farmers participate in Smithsonian’s ag heritage archive

College of William & Mary - Connecting across the centuries: archives reveal answer to 170-year-old mystery

Rare Psalm book may sell for $30 million

The Contemporary Archives of Outsider Art: Barkan’s collection of Chicano murals shed light on California public art

Rare films uncovered in University of Georgia media archives

As Film Labs Wind Down Prints Business, Job of Preservation Falling to Archivists

New Zealand - InternetNZ funding supports sign language archive

Arts Centre Melbourne Acquires Opera Australia Archives

Maps of historical Azerbaijani territories found in world archives

Japan - Wartime archive lists secret codes disguised as weather forecasts

Memory hole: Public records in Hong Kong

India does not have the culture of archiving: `Celluloid Man`  

Europe / Europa
Sweden - SVT opens up archive of programmes to public

Denmark - Opposition to freedom of information act gathering momentum

Armenia - National Archives director: No work done in Iranian archives in connection with Armenian Genocide

Swiss Federal Archives team up with Wikimedia CH
France - La numérisation des archives de l'audiovisuel s'achève

Web français : 1,133 milliards de fichiers archivés en 2012

5 questions à... l'Association des Archivistes Français sur le projet de règlement européen sur les données personnelles

France - Archives de la Société nationale des chemins de fer : un trésor en bonne voie
UK National Archives - Unpaid Royal Navy pension claims now online

UK Web Archive - Just what is the UK web domain anyway ?

Thatcher library plans take leaf out of Reagan's archive

French Prose Brut Chronicles in the British Library (And How to Find Them)
Zandra Rhodes design archive launched online

Newly-discovered 12th century recipes to be recreated at Durham University event

Jack the Ripper Letter' Tells Grisly Tale

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Facility for Israel State Archives to Be Built in Jerusalem

Albert Einstein’s Israel Independence Day Speech Revealed For First Time

Could Digital Documentation Become a Profitable Business in Egypt?

United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi Media digitalise 3m rare historical records

Keeping Up With...Digital Humanities

The Internet Archive's trove of historical software dwarfs all others, archivist claims

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens
Your precious family photos are going to die

Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

Why All Archivists Should Take a Library Reference Class