Thursday 25 June 2020

Vol. 13, no. 43

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
BAnQ - La gestion des documents des centres de services scolaires dans le contexte de la Loi modifiant principalement la Loi sur l'instruction publique relativement à l'organisation et à la gouvernance scolaires

NARA - Sending Records to NARA during the Pandemic 

Alabama Department of Archives and History - Statement of Recommitment

Public Records Office Victoria (Australia) - Electronic approvals

UK Government - Working Safely During Coronavirus: Guidance for People who Work or Volunteer in Heritage Locations (Updated)

European Commission - Two years of the General Data Protection Regulation: Questions and Answers

De la communauté / From the community
Digital Preservation Coalition - Digital Preservation Procurement Toolkit

Association of European Research Libraries - Open Science Training Methods and Practices Across European Research Libraries

Association of European Research Libraries - Why Do Measures Fluctuate? Metrics Report: Guidelines for Talking to Management

American Library Association - Report of the Subject Analysis Committee Working Group on Alternatives to Library of Congress Subject Heading "Illegal aliens"

AIHA - Reopening: Guidance for Museums and Collecting Institutions

UK National Museum Directors' Council - Good Practice Guidelines on Opening Museums

Article - Contribuer à la diffusion du patrimoine documentaire sur Wikipédia : pratiques et enjeux pour les institutions culturelles

Research Library Issues, no. 300 (2020)

Libres: Library and Information Science Research e-Journal, vol. 29, no. 2 (2020)

Le cri du Portail international archivistique francophone, no 21 (2020)

Mémoire d'avenir : journal des Archives nationales de France, no 39 (2020)

La Pomme : bulletin périodique de la Fondation archives vivantes (Suisse), no 38 (2020)

Grey Litterature Network Services Quarterly Newsletter, vol. 12, no. 3 (2020)

Burlington Historical Society (Ontario) Gazette, vol. 16, no. 6 (2020)

ISO/TR 22038:2020 - Information and Documentation - Description and Presentation of Rights Information

Free eBook - Tracing and Documenting Nazi Victims Past and Present

Book - Knowledge Making: Historians, Archives and Bureaucracy

Book - Open Heritage Data: an Introduction to Research, Publishing and Programming with Open Data in the Heritage Sector

Book - Bordered Lives: Immigration Detention Archive

Book - Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution (New Edition)

Book - Beyond Accommodation: Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Disabled Library Workers

Book - Data Analytics Using R: Foundations

Book - Picturing the Page: Soviet Illustrated Children's Literature and Reading under Lenin

Book - The Paradoxes of Posterity 

Book - The Word in the Wilderness: Popular Piety and the Manuscript Arts in Early Pennsylvania

Book - Computational Frameworks for Political and Social Research with Python

Book - Autobiographical Memory Development: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches

Livre - Erinnerung – Recht und Pflicht! / Devoir de mémoire

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Conférence en ligne de l'Association des archivistes du Québec -  Gestion des archives des entreprises
29 septembre 2020

Conférence en ligne de l'Association des archivistes du Québec - Gestion des courriels
3 novembre 2020

Association des archivistes suisses - Smapshot : la machine à remonter le temps participative
30 juin 2020

Webinar - Strategies for Advancing Knowledge through Copyright 
June 30, 2020

Archival Education and Research Initiative
July 6-10, 2020

Europeana - Running Webinars: what we've Learnt so far
July 7, 2020

Symposium on Emergency Planning in Libraries and Archives
July 10, 2020

Second Global Policy Forum on Memory of the World
October 27-28, 2020, Paris

Sharing the Experience: Workflows for the Digital Humanities (Proceedings Available)
December 2019, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Sur le web / On the web
Video - Emergency Access and the Prospect of Controlled Digital Lending in Canada: Perspectives

LawBytes Podcast - Eloïse Gratton on Quebec's Plan to Overhaul its Privacy Law

Pétition de l'Association des archivistes francophones de Belgique - Les archives privées en danger : pour une révision ambitieuse du décret

Video - Archiving Protest Content while Protecting Activists

Video - Europeana in History lessons

Vidéo - Wikimedia Commons : des millions d'images en liberté

Baladodiffusion - Destruction de la bibliothèque de Strasbourg en 1870 : le trou noir de la mémoire alsacienne

Podcast - Down in the New Zealand Archives: the Big Digitize

Library Carpentry Archives and Records Association Hack: OpenRefine

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Access Copyright and York University File Leave to Appeal Material in the Supreme Court of Canada

See newly digitized Indigenous heritage content at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada - Brodie Macpherson: Early photo printer

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - The Immigrants: the Story of a Photograph

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy and Canadian Research Knowledge Network Agree to Explore the Future of the NHDS Secretariat

Non-profit suspends talks with Canadian Museum for Human Rights over planned exhibit on gay purge

The Royal British Columbia Museum opens up thousands of digitized photos of Indigenous communities across BC to the public

Indigenous repatriation projects get new funding from British Columbia government

Yukon Archives re-opening

Prince Edward Island Archives has reopened

Ontario Court of Justice - Text Message Conversations and Privacy

Association des archivistes du Québec - À quand la reprise des activités pour les centres et services d'archives ?

Association professionnelle des techniciennes et techniciens en documentation du Québec - Être technicienne ou technicien en documentation en temps de pandémie

Association of Research Libraries and Canadian Association of Research Libraries Form Joint Task Force on Marrakesh Treaty Implementation

New interactive project aims to map the displacement of '60s Scoop survivors

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation founding director hired to decolonize archives at Victoria university

One Decolonizing Change to Subject Headings at University of British Columbia Library

University of Toronto - Covid-19 Collecting Community Experience Project

InsightOut: Archiving St. Michael's College in Quarantine

Vintage McMaster University footage provides glimpse of convocations past

Mountain legacy project - Introducing a century of high elevation ecosystem change in the Canadian rocky mountains

Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archives - Behind the scenes: cataloguing and storage part II

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto - So Long... for Now

Ottawa Jewish Archives - Lending a Hand: the Ottawa Hebrew Benefit Society

City of Ottawa Archives seeking donations to document Covid-19

The Reopening in Ottawa - Not

Hamilton - Sharing Covid memories for posterity

Barrie Historical Archives (Ontario) - From Barrie with Love Part II: Wartime Letters from a Briton in Barrie 

Dundas Museum and Archives (Ontario) launches new digital resources

Alberta - Archives reveal when archives department opened at Cochrane Public Library

British Columbia - Sooke Region Museum launches online photo archive

British Columbia - Sidney Museum and Archives reopens brick by brick with Lego exhibit

Reflections: Family histories at the Stratford-Perth Archives (Ontario)

Allendale (Alberta) - Submissions Wanted! COVID-19 Community Archive Project

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) - Welcome, Stephanie

Stronger Together: the Potential Collaborative Agency of Historians and Archivists

Transformation numérique et travail humain: collaboration entre intelligence humaine et artificielle

UK to Canada Genealogy

How every member of an Alberta First Nation lost Indian Status

Five Questions with Alan Kilpatrick, Reference Librarian, Law Society of Saskatchewan

Amériques / Americas
NARA - Film Preservation 101: why does this film smell like vinegar?

NARA - The Kamikaze Attack on the USS Braine, May 27, 1945

NARA - Covert Cartoons: Animated Anti-Communism in Mexico and Beyond

Free Pop-Up Display from the National Archives

Melania Trump tours National Archives to see historic documents ending slavery

Original Juneteenth order found in the National Archives

Library of Congress - The Birth of Juneteenth; Voices of the Enslaved

Selected Datasets: a New Library of Congress Collection

Library of Congress - How Will we Remember Covid-19?

Library of Congress - Copyright in Pride

Institute of Museum and Library Services - Research Shows Virus Undetectable on Five Highly Circulated Library Materials After Three Days

Association of Research Libraries Urges End to Litigation against Internet Archive

Texas State Library and Archives Commission  - Emergency Preparedness for Local Governments

State Archives launches project to document Arizona's Covid-19 response

Has Yale's mysterious Voynich Manuscript finally been deciphered?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, guided by open access principles, ends Elsevier negotiations

Aviation company's archive donated to Cornell University library

Pennsylvania State University Libraries' labor unions digitized collections project completed

The Gift of Wonder: Rare Book Collection Coming to University of North Carolina

Wayne State University - Reuther Library launches Community Archive: Covid-19 Experiences

Minnesota State Mankato's University Archives Seeks Community Input for Covid-19 Community History Project

Ohio University Libraries Preserving Student History during the Coronavirus

The University of Pittsburgh LGBTQ Archival Education Project

Angelo State University's historical archive projects seek additional participants

The Boccaccio Project Is Capturing the Music of Quarantine

The Endangered Internet Archive Is Full of Treasures

A lawsuit against the Internet Archive threatens vital gaming history

Using Directories to Research your African-American Ancestors

The Boston Public Library Needs Help Transcribing Anti-Slavery Letters

Julia Weist Transforms New York City's Archival Records Into Artworks that Live in Digital Public Space

Holocaust Is Fading from Memory, Survey Finds

The importance of archiving LGBT+ history

Mourning the Letters that Will No Longer Be Written, and Remembering the Great Ones that Were

There's an archivist for that! Interview with Mathew Brock, library and historical collections manager, Mazama library

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Victoria (Australia) - Reading Rooms are opening up again, with restrictions

State Library of Queensland (Australia) - Covid-19 update: easing of restrictions

National Library of New Zealand - Saving your Social Media

Nepal - Government Decision Big Relief for National Archives, Archaeology Department

Images of old Hong Kong, as seen through the lens of photographer James Chung

China mulls law revisions to facilitate use of archives

The Risky Journey that Saved One of China's Greatest Literary Treasures

Captured North Korean Records: a Promising Source for the Korean War

Europe / Europa
Ukraine declassifies Soviet KGB archives on Chornobyl disaster

Belarus' National Archives publishes documents about Cormorant Nazi punitive operation

Burden of Proof: Inside Bosnia's War Trial Case Archives

Summer in the Danish National Archives

Digital Archives of Armenian National Library Restored Online

Flemish Institute for Archiving - Migration and capacity expansion in the meemoo archive system

National Library of Luxembourg - Luxembourg Web Archive: Coronavirus Response

France - Ouvrez les archives : l'appel d'archivistes, juristes et historiens à Édouard Philippe

On despairing of the police and loving their archives

Digital Repository of Ireland Batch Metadata Template Blog Part Three: Exporting Tabular Metadata to XML

Very poignant and sad: shocking documents reveal more about Glasgow's past slavery links

UK Parliamentary Archives - The talented Mr Fawcett

UK National Archives - France has lost a battle! But France hasn't lost the war!

UK National Archives - The Devil among the Antiquaries: Archivists and arguments at the Tower of London

UK National Archives - Before Notting Hill: Causeway Green and Britain’s anti-black hostel riots

UK National Archives - Refugee Week 2020: we were the lucky few

UK National Archives - Digitising little treasures - Part 1: Egbert Rizzo and the making of an SOE Agent

UK National Archives - Digitising little treasures - Part 2: The Edouard Line

UK National Archives - Before Glastonbury there was … Hyde Park

British Library - WARCnet and the UK Web Archive

British Library - Maps and photography: a brief history, part 2

British Library - Flickr Maps on the Georeferencer Finished

British Library - Our new Science web archive collection

UK Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance - Copyright, closure of library and archive premises, and access to collections

Introducing 'One More Voice': a new digital humanities project which focuses on recovering non-European contributions from nineteenth-century British imperial and colonial archives

Archiving web content related to the University of Oxford and the coronavirus pandemic

Digitisation Standards at the Bodleian Library

All libraries, museums and galleries in Leeds at risk of closure as local councils count cost of coronavirus

Library of Birmingham - Tracing Family and Friends online

Frauenkultur: a new online archive of second wave feminist book titles

Resources for UK archivists about racism

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel - Can You Sell Judaism Like You Sell Toothpaste? The Uproar Over Advertising Jewish life

National Library of Israel - Feeling Israel: Helen Keller in the Holy Land

National Library of Israel - Marcel Marceau: the Legendary Mime who Saved Jewish Children and Fought Nazis

Israel - Yad Vashem's head of archives: We are the building block of six million memories

Syria - Lost memories: war crimes evidence threatened by artificial intelligence moderation

Les Archives, un devoir plus que jamais essentiel en période de crise

International Committee of the Red Cross Library and Archives - The Annual Reports of the ICRC in one place

Cultural artififical intelligence and its steady acceptance in the heritage sector

Remote working: the biggest recent information governance challenge

The Process of Accessioning in Archives

Copyright and Public Domain: an Updated Primer

Covid-19 pandemic reveals the peril of ignoring metadata standards

Calling in Librarianship: a Manifesto

Trafficking of forgeries by forced migrants and forced migrants as false provenances for forgeries

Blockscan: the Search Engine for a Decentralized Web