Thursday 25 January 2018

Vol, 11, no, 21

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
European Commission - General Data Protection Regulation Guidance

NARA - Electronic Records Modernization Federal Integrated Business Framework and Use Cases for Electronic Messages (for Comments)

UK National Archives - Information Management Assessment - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

UK National Archives - Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Operational Selection Procedure 1992-2016 (Draft)

UK Information Commissioner Office - Children and the General Data Protection Regulation Guidance (for Comments)

De la communauté / From the community
Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre (B.C.) - New Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

Communia - Policy Paper on the 2017 Review of the Directive on Public Sector Information

Réaliser un plan de gestion de données FAIR : guide de rédaction

The Future of Cataloguing in Egypt: an Action Plan 

Comma: International Journal on Archives, vol. 2016, no. 1-2 (2018)

Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, vol. 13, no. 3 (2017)

Information & Culture: a Journal of History, vol. 53, no. 1 (2018)

San Jose State University School of Information Student Research Journal, vol. 7, no. 2 (2018)

Falkland Islands National Archives Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 5 (2017)

Library Zine: Voices from Across the New York Public Library, vol. 1, no. 2 (2017)

Quarterly Newsletter on Grey Literature, vol. 10, no. 1 (2018)

Ph.D. Thesis (Radboud University) - Access to and Retrievability of Content in Web Archives

Report - Project Management in Libraries, Archives and Museums

Book - U.S. Record Retention Requirements: a Guide to 100 Commonly Encountered Records Series

Book - Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval: Understanding Metadata and its Use (Second Edition)

Book - Language as Hermeneutic: a Primer on the Word and Digitization

Book - Cultural Heritage Care and Management: Theory and Practice

Book - Desperate Victories: Military Despatches from Dunkirk to the Battle of Britain

Book - Reading Books and Prints as Cultural Objects

Book - User Privacy: a Practical Guide for Librarians

Book - Health Sciences Collection Management for the Twenty-First Century

Livre - Arnold Van Gennep : du folklore à l'ethnographie

Livre - (Ré)aménager une bibliothèque

Livre - Faire son arbre généalogique par Internet

Livre - Qu'est-ce que l'archéologie des média ?

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
The Sinking of the SS Princess Sophia
Until February 28, 2018, Whitehorse

Canada at the Winter Olympics: Library and Archives Canada Is Game
February 7, 2018, Ottawa

Community Oral History Writer's Workshop: Using Oral Histories to Write Creative Non-Fiction
March 16, 2018, Medicine Hat (Alberta)

A Tour of the Royal Ontario Museum Library and Archives
February 23, 2018, Toronto

Responsible use of Bibliometrics in Practice
January 30, 2018, London (UK)

Association des archivistes suisses - Le Web des données (Linked Data) dans le domaine des archives : entre théorie et pratique
21 février 2018, Berne

Trust Certification for Digital Repositories: the CoreTrustSeal
March 2, 2018, London (UK)

UK National Archives - There will Be Wings: the First World War Origins of the RAF
March 2, 2018, Kew

2018 Western Archives Institute
June 10-22, 2018, San Diego

Current Research in Digital History
March 17, 2018, Arlington (Virginia)

Histoire du son & documents sonores (vidéos disponibles)
24 novembre 2017, Berne

Sur le web / On the web
Podcast - Shout for Libraries: Canadian Copyright

University of Toronto - Discover Archives

Canadian Centre for Architecture Video - Eve Blau, Richard Pare, and Phyllis Lambert on Photographic Evidence

University of British Columbia Video - Records Management 101: Document Naming Conventions

McGill Library - New Website: Women, Work, and Song in Nineteenth-Century France

Historical Reminiscents Podcast: Fostering Meaningful Student Work Experiences

Video - The Bookworms of France's National Library

Slides - Crafting Resistance: Archiving and Documenting the Art of Chilean Refugees

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Federal petition seeks GST exemption, preferential postal rates, and tax credits for books

Electronic Wills Down Under and Closer to Home

Canada Leverages Ethereum Blockchain for Public Transparency of Government Grants

Canada Border Services Agency struggling under freedom of information backlog

Judge says lawyer slandered court for suggesting it favoured Canada on St. Anne's case

A new way to search the Library and Archives Canada collections

Library and Archives Canada - What's new in the collection: the winter 2018 edition is out

Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation - Educational resources put 3D artifacts into the hands of Canadian students

Ontario - Former Dalton McGuinty chief of staff found guilty of deleting documents in wake of power plants cancellation

B.C. - Time to reform freedom-of-information laws

Prince Edward Island Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Review - Where the key players stand on releasing information to you

Behind Barb Wire: Newfoundland Prisonners of War's in the Great War

Alberta - Dark family secrets: Anonymous letter uncovers child welfare records

Saskatchewan's structural history available for all to see at Government House

Archives of Manitoba - Kiwanis Club Luncheons, January 1918

BAnQ - 50 ans après le décès de Conrad Poirier, des photographies toujours bien vivantes

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives - Volunteers at the Archives

Access Copyright v. York University, and the Friends of Intellectual Property

University of Alberta - Computer scientist claims clues to deciphering mysterious Voynich manuscript

Memorial University's Maritime History Archive - Multiple New Collections Available

Blockchain@UBC study analyzes the application of Blockchain technology in Brazil's land registry

Open science: University of Toronto researchers to publish lab notes in real time

200 ans sous la coupole : visite en photos de l'Université de Saint-Boniface

Centre d'archives de la grande zone argileuse - Recherchés : annuaires et journaux étudiants

Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto - Random Finds Are the Best

City of Vancouver - Houses and Schools and Churches: Oh My! Newly digitized Heritage Inventory photographs now available

Seize photos de Montréal il y a 110 ans

Why isn't Waterloo Region a leader in open government data?

La Société d'histoire du Témiscamingue risque de perdre la subvention de la BAnQ

Uplifting news for Kitimat Museum Archives (B.C.)

Simcoe Archives (Ontario) - Mrs. Malcolm MacLeod and her recipe for butter tart filling 

South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta) - Winter Fun, Winter Work

Archives Lanaudière - Les gardiens de notre histoire collective

New Brunswick - Briefcase found in attic holds clues to secret society of francophones

Longtime Toronto International Film Festival librarian amassed a collection of film memorabilia

Five Questions with Nathalie Bélanger, Chief of Law library at Université de Montréal

Afrique / Africa
South African history lies unnoticed at Wits University

Amériques / Americas
Jamaica - Preservation of Culture and Heritage Vital: Minister Grange

Haïti - Politique : 3 millions d'haïtiens ne sont pas inscrit dans les registres nationaux

Partnering on Digital Archives and Human Rights in Guatemala

National Archives Authority of Saint Lucia presents Women in the Art for Nobel Laureate Festival 2018

Photography in Argentina, 1850-2010: Contradiction and Continuity

Presidential Records Act Lawsuit Targets White House's Disappearing Messaging Apps

National Security Agency deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve

A huge cache of Rumsfeld memos were just released: here are the best ones

Barack Obama's archive plan is a model for reform of other presidential libraries

NARA - The Measure of a Screen: Motion Picture Aspect Ratios in the Archives

NARA - Advisory Committee Puts Forward Unanimous Recommendations to Improve Freedom of Information Act

Library of Congress - Virtual Card Catalog Available Online

Library of Congress - Making a Newspaperbot

Library of Congress - Calling All Photo Fans and History Detectives: Flickr Commons, 10th Anniversary

National Library of Medicine - Moves Toward Increased Transparency

Smithsonian - Is there a place for paleography in archives?

Documenting History: Georgia Archives celebrating 100 years

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Federal Record Keeping in a Digital Dark Age, Capture and Protect Social Media from the Wolf

Long lost recording of Martin Luther King Jr. speech in Maine made available online

Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Holocaust Survivor's Digital Doppelgänger

Documenting the Nuremberg trials: at Harvard Law School, a digital record preserves a million-page legacy

Why a Collection of Simone de Beauvoir's Love Letters Was Just Sold to Yale University

Rutgers University archivist collecting Women's March signs and memorabilia

University of Michigan - Disk Imaging for Preservation: Part 1

Metropolitan State University in Denver - Saving Colorado's creative voices

Arizona State University adds two signed books by Martin Luther King Jr. to archive

University of Notre Dame - Digital archive of historic Father Hesburgh works now available

These Scientists Got to See their Competitors' Research Through Public Records Requests

Digital archive of signs from last year's Boston Women's March now available online

Man who inherits Nat Turner's Bible feels burden of history

Internet Archives - TV News Record: State of the Union, past and future

Keeping the Art of Silent Film Music Alive

Century-old botany records may hold key to monarch butterfly survival

All Good Magazines Go to Heaven

Exploring handwritten digit classification: a tidy analysis of the Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology dataset

National Digital Stewardship Alliance Member Profile: Sally Vermaaten of the Gates Archive

Society of American Archivists - Amazon HQ2 and the Right-to-Know

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - Saving historic Tasmanian documents for future generations becomes retired librarian's labour of love

Australia - Historian Bruce Smith opens up archives to reveal Cadbury's delicious secrets

Australia - Disrupting traditional archiving and storage methods

Joining the dots: pathways for sharing information safely across silos

The Mystery Manuscript Found in a Used Copy of Alice in Wonderland

Birth of Digital Humanities: Kansai University, Japan, launches Open Research Center for Asian Studies

Taiwan - Government pushes data act to get papers to archives

Preserving remnants of Malaysia's historical assets

Kazakhstan - Ministry of Culture proposes to expand the list of paid services of state archives

Archival information on genealogy to be chargeable in Kazakhstan

Bangladesh Film Archive gets a makeover

Mahatma Gandhi assassination case records part of Indian

India - National Archive, London to hand over copies of four files about Udham Singh

India - No documentation of Kashmir's historic buildings with archives department

India - Padmaavat row sparks interest in Sufi poet's manuscript in Patna

Europe / Europa
53 % des universités européennes possèdent des archives ouvertes

2017: a Good Year for the Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents Project

The Dreams of an Inventor in 1420

Portuguese Web Archives - We archived the Web Pages of the Portuguese Municipal Elections of 2017

Netherlands - Expatriate Archives Center - Saudade: an Intersection of Archives and Art

Belgium - VRT Preserves its Audio Heritage

France - Hervé Lemoine relève le défi du Mobilier national (et quitte les Archives de France)

L'archivage électronique dans le secteur public en France, des raisons d'être optimiste

The Seine is overflowing, but these archival photos of 1910 Paris show this has happened before

Huge archive documenting Northern Ireland in the 1990s goes online

Ireland - TG4 launches archive of its súil eile on news and current affairs

UK - Government announces anti-fake news unit

UK National Archives - Catalogue as Data: the basics

British Library - Using Transkribus for handwritten text recognition with the India Office Records

British Library - Archiving the UK Copyright Literacy blog

National Health Service Digital approves data off-shoring in new guidance

Royal College of Music launches new database of musical instruments

University of Leeds acquires Dame Fanny Waterman's archive

100-year story of Westland through oral histories

How Can a Museum Use Kickstarter to Crowdfund?

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Dead Sea Scrolls manuscript pieced together and deciphered  

Archival Testimony Reveals how Close Israel Came to Entering First Gulf War

Launching of the Centennial Initiative by the National Archives of United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates - Sheikh Zayed Hall in the National Archives

Newly-leaked documents describe Iranian state-sanctioned persecution of Baha'is

Protests Underscore the Potential Power of Iran's Access to Information Law

Iraqi-Jewish archive triggers traumatic memories

Islamic State Extremists Are Using the Internet Archive to Deliver Propaganda

International Tracing Service - The more you search, the more you find

Vocabulaires dans le web de données : quels outils open-source ?

WWII Games Become a Vital History Lesson as the Greatest Generation Dies Out

Peter Jackson is modernizing World War I footage for new documentary

Did you Know that Deleting your Confidential Data Doesn't Actually Erase it?

Two research that will change photography forever