Thursday 30 May 2013

Vol. 6, no. 39

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Government of New Brunswick Digitization Standard

National Library of Australia - Digital Preservation Policy (4th Edition)

Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress 2012

Official Norwegian Report on Cultural Policy 2014
Australian Government - The National Cloud Computing Strategy

De la communauté / From the community
Digital Preservation Coalition - Web-Archiving Report
Digital Curation Center - Data Management Planning Checklist and Themes (for Consultation)

Society of American Archivists - Describing Archives: A Content Standard (Second Edition) 
Mute Magazine: Archivist Manifesto

Microsoft Research - Linking Structured Data

Gestion de contenus: le meilleur des solutions open source

Archival Science, vol. 13, no. 2-3 (June 2013)

The American Archivist, vol. 76, no. 1 (Spring-Summer 2013)

Journal of Archival Organization, vol. 10, no. 3-4 (2012)

Restaurator: International Journal for the Preservation of Library and Archival Material, vol. 34, no. 2 (May 2013)

Review of the National Center for Digitization, no. 22 (2013)

Library and Archives Canada - Governance and Recordkeeping Around the World, vol. 4, no. 7 (May 2013) 

Silhouettes: the Associates of the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick Newsletter, no. 36 (Spring 2013)

e-Newsletter for Experts in Holocaust Documentation, no. 2 (2013)

Free ebook - Archives and Archival Documents in Ancient Societies
Book - Jesse Shera, Librarianship, and Information Science

Book - Digital Methods

Book - Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet

Book - Technology for Small and One-Person libraries

Book - XML for Catalogers and Metadata Librarians

Book - Witnessing Australian Stories: History, Testimony, and Memory in Contemporary Culture

Book - The Photograph and The Collection: Creation, Preservation, Presentation

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Webinar - A Content Stream Runs Through It: Managing Streaming Media Collections in Libraries
June 12, 2013

Webinar - Sustainability and Cost Models for Digital Preservation
June 13, 2013

Balisage: the Markup Conference (Program Available)
August 5-9, 2013, Montréal

79th IFLA General Conference and Assembly (Programme Now Available)
17-23 August 2013, Singapore
Preserving.exe: Toward a National Strategy for Preserving Software (Presentations Available)
May 20–21, 2013, Library of Congress

Sur le web / On the web
Alberta Open Data Portal
Podcast - After the Cuts: The Future of History in Canada

Crowdfunding - Timbuktu Libraries in Exile

Video - The Art of Data Visualization

Video - What is Digital Curation? 

Canadian Health Libraries Association Social Media Portal

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

The Canadian Government's Embarrassing Opposition to Security Breach Disclosure Legislation

Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel: The Status and Future of Canada's Libraries and Archives

Library and Archives Canada recognized for its outstanding work in modernizing the workplace

Library and Archives Canada - Closure of the Ontario Regional Service Centre (Toronto)
Huge cache of Canadian history hits U.K. auction block, tests Library and Archives

What is going on in Ottawa? (on LAC by Michael Peterman, professor emeritus of English literature at Trent University)

Canadian Association of University Teachers - Looking forward: The next Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Les trésors cachés dans les voûtes de l'Assemblée nationale du Québec

Newfoundland and Labrador - Century-old mystery solved (by an archivist) regarding name of sealer

Local records handed over to Ontario Archives

X-Men à Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Toronto - Mayor’s Office denies reports that Rob Ford ordered staff emails, phone records destroyed

Documents confidentiels dérobés à Laval

Canada's only corporate archives fully available to public recognized by Archives Association of Ontario
Library & Librarian Crisis at St. Paul University

University of Toronto Libraries Acquires Rare Literary Vinyl Collection 

University of Toronto Faculty Association Sends Letter to Heritage Minister James Moore

Waterloo (Ont.) pulls six years of public documents from website

Parliamentary Secretary Del Mastro Announces Investment in the Peterborough Museum and Archives (Ont.)

Does writing have a future? A noted Canadian philosopher gazes into the future

Chromebooks arrive in Canadian public libraries

Afrique / Africa
South Africa - Rare map masterpiece returns to France

Amériques / Americas
The Declassification Engine: Your One-Stop Shop for Government Secrets

National Archives Goes Google

Researchers developing Boston Marathon digital archive

Vermont court records offer glimpse into old times

Harvard Library Launches Research Data Collaborative

Ask an expert: International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives's Editor in New York Times

Digital Preservation Pioneer: Clifford Lynch

Two UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) professors win competitive grant for research on human rights archives

Australia - National Archives leading way to digital era

Reversal: Australian Govt picks ODF doc standard

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner: Australians better protected with mandatory data breach notification

Archives Project Will Give Great Access To Fiji’s History

India - Rare documents on display at Assam State Archives

India - Exhibition of Rare Photos for 160 Years of Railways

Kashmir takes initiative for digitisation of indigenous manuscripts

Europe / Europa

Oldest complete Torah scroll found miscatalogued in University of Bologna library

From start to Finnish: Extensive collection of photographs capture the THREE conflicts fought by Finland during World War Two

France - Si, les lettres de dénonciation des juifs sont accessibles

France - Le secret de la défense nationale entre le juge et les autorités administratives indépendantes 

France - L'enfer ouvre ses portes: les archives censurées de l'Institut National de l'Audivisuel numérisées

Le Collège de France ouvre ses archives aux internautes

1914-1918 : les archives appellent à participer dans toute la France

France - Une lettre de Dreyfus adjugée 380.000 euros

Public records office for Northern Ireland withheld files unlawfully: solicitor

Carál Ní Chuilín overturns Public records office for Northern Ireland archive refusal

BBC scraps digital archive after wasting £100m and suspends £280K manager

British Library - A Closer Look At Richard Wagner’s Manuscripts

Book containing 1000 beautiful paintings from the Song Dynasty period is donated to the British Library by Zhejiang University

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
2,000 years after they were written, Dead Sea Scrolls go online

Turkish manuscripts in Balkan libraries being digitized

To analyse business processes, or not to analyse business processes – that is the question (or at least one of the questions to consider when implementing an EDRMS)

Information management and governance issues to consider when moving your corporate email to the cloud

Why 3D Printing Is Overhyped
Mapping Controversy in Wikipedia

Thursday 23 May 2013

Vol. 6, no. 38

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Privacy Commissionner of Canada - The Case for Reforming the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

United Nations - Guidelines on Open Government Data for Citizen Engagement

U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology - Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture (Draft for Comments)

UK Information Commissioner - Implications of the European Commission’s Proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation for Business

Contribution du Service interministériel des Archives de France à la consultation CoDesign
De la communauté / From the community
International Council on Archives Section on University and Research Institution - Online International Archivist Biography Project

Afnor- Livre blanc no 4 : ISO 30300-30301 : métadonnées pour les documents d'activité: principes directeurs, vue conceptuelle et modalités

Mémoire de l’Association des archivistes du Québec sur le rapport quinquennal présenté par la Commission d’accès à l’information en juin 2011

Institute of Conservation - Conservation Labour Market Intelligence 2012–13
Article - Intelligent and Adaptive Crawling of Web Applications for Web Archiving

New Review of Information Networking, vol. 18, no. 1 (2013)

Research Library Issues, no. 280 (2013)

Library of Congress Magazine, vol. 2, no. 3 (May-June 2013)

Book - Photography After Postmodernism: Barthes, Stieglitz and the Art of Memory

Book - Historical Perspectives on Preventive Conservation

Book - Records and Information Management

Book - The History of the Book in East Asia

Livre - Droits et enjeux de la communication

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Digital Testimonies on War and Trauma
June 12-14, 2013, Rotterdam

Digital Preservation 2013 Meeting
July 23-25, Alexandria, Virginia

Sur le web / On the web
Coalition for Networked Information Videos
RDF: Resource Description Failures: Annotating the World's Knowledge:
Not Your Grandfather's Web Any More:
Not Another Cross-Search Tool: The Digital Commons Network:

Forum du Réseau des archives du Québec

Slidecast - An introduction to Semantic Web and Linked Data or how to link data and schemas on the web

IFLA launches cultural heritage resources

Pop Up Archive: beta is here

Les blogs francophones d'archivistes

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

The Canadian War on Science: A long, unexaggerated, devastating chronological indictment

Harper government withheld documents in indigenous human-rights case

Library and Archives Canada - Release of a new version of the Census of Canada, 1901 database

Library and Archives Canada and Early Exploration Photographs in Canada at the National Gallery of Canada

Adios, Amigo: More Problems at Library and Archives Canada

Interim Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Neglecting Canada’s history (Library and Archives Canada)

Canadian Association of Research Libraries - Open letter to Stephen Harper on LAC

It’s time to admit the Copyright Board is broken: Geist

Baptism record that solved mystery of Samuel de Champlain’s birth arrives in Canada for 400th anniversary exhibit

Ontario - Role of investigators does not support solicitor-privilege claim

Manitoba - Francophone paper turns 100, digitizes all editions

Des nouveautés pour la journée officielle du centenaire des Archives de Montréal

100th anniversary of City of Montreal archives

Montreal - City’s archives carry a familiar tune

Archives de Montréal: une visite dans les souterrains de l’hôtel de ville

Hall of Fame on hunt for goods in Saskatoon

U.S. National Archivist Blog Post - Round Two of US-Canadian Rivalry

A review of Colonial Copyright and the Photographic Image: Canada in the Frame

Amériques / Americas
Phase 1 Rescue Project Dutch Records in Guyana

Conquistador letter found

Digital Public Library of America Raises Questions of Ownership, Permanence, Access 

Electronic records won’t clear Veteran Affairs backlog

The Geography of U.S. Hate, Mapped Using Twitter

Vermont secretary of state opens judicial records

Truce Between New York Library, Pennsylvania Ends Tussle Over Bill of Rights

New Research Tools Kick Up Dust in Archives

Cornell University Library's papyrus leads to an ancient detective story

Paperless public libraries switch to digital
U.S. photographer who shot iconic WWII images dies aged 94

An Old Technology, Transformed: ‘Artists in the Archives,’ at Greenburgh Public Library in Elmsford

Australia joins Open Government Partnership

National Archives of Australia - Agencies' responsibilities in a digital world
Australia - WWII PoWs details available online

Australia - Precious archives at risk from moat leak

New Zealand - Deal ensures photo treasures will return

Japan - U.S. denies archives' claim that Agent Orange was stored in Okinawa

India - Remembering heroes of freedom struggle lost in the heaps of files

Europe / Europa
Wagner heirs pledge to open archives on family's ties to Hitler

Danish court sends 2 men in prison for stealing WWII documents from national archives

Russia withdraws from Open Government Partnership

Les archives de Pologne en ligne et à la demande

Prague students bring the past to life for the radio’s 90th birthday

Dig into archives sheds light on Pius XII

France - Les archives de la chorégraphe Carolyn Carlson numérisées

Ireland - Importance of proper archival catalogue of 19th century papers cannot be overstated

The UK Government Wants to Monetize Open Data

UK National Archives - Cataloguing the unsung heroes of the Royal Air Force

National archives: Edward VIII’s phone calls - and how MI5 bugged them

The cost of historical research: why archives need to move with the times

£74m wasted on flu drugs destroyed because of poor record keeping

The British Postal Museum & Archive: Introducing our new cataloguing updates

Beatles’ lyrics headed for British Library

Cardinal Newman archive to become digital library

Rare Robin Hood manuscript is University of Hull archive's latest treasure

Major motion pictures from our prehistoric past (w/ Video)

Profile of a Film Archivist: David Francis
Record price for rare illustrated Harry Potter book

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Israeli archive file shows that Israel's founder tried to erase Palestinian Nakba

International Internet Preservation Consortium @10

Brazil, China to cooperate on digitalization of historical archives

Interopérabilité et information gouvernementale - Quand l'UE rencontre le W3C avec les vocabulaires ADMS et DCAT

Organizing Your Personal Papers: Spread 'Em Out

Open data: a new goldmine