Thursday 28 May 2020

Vol. 13, no. 39

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Provincial Archives of Alberta Subject Headings (2020 Revision)

United States Department of Justice - Guidance for Agency Freedom of Information Act Administration in Light of COVID-19 Impacts

De la communauté / From the community
Canadian Centre for Architecture - Digital Archives Processing Manual

Oakville Arts Council - Digital Archives Feasibility Study

Portage - Institutional Research Data Management Strategies Template and Guidance

Research Data Alliance - COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines Executive 

Preparing for Graduate Study While Sheltering in Place: Suggestions from the Association for North American Graduate Programs in Art Conservation

Article - Preprinting a Pandemic: the Role of Preprints in the Covid-19 Pandemic

International Journal on Digital Libraries, vol. 21, no. 2 (2020)

Sagesse: the Journal of Canadian Records and Information Management, vol. 5, no. 1 (2020)

Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada, no. 57 (2019)

Archives Society of Alberta Newsletter, vol. 39, no. 3 (2020)

Kitimat Museum & Archives (British Columbia) Newsletter (Spring 2020)

Free eBook - Project Management for Archivists: Befriending your Backlog

Free eBook - Here and Now? Explorations in Urgent Publishing

Thèse de doctorat (Université de Montréal) - Exploitation des documents audiovisuels numériques d'archives : modèle conceptuel théorique des usages, modalités et moyens d’organisation et de diffusion sur le web

Book - Annotating Modernism: Marginalia and Pedagogy from Virginia Woolf to the Confessional Poets

Book - Cryptography: the Key to Digital Security, how it Works, and why it Matters

Book - Transformative Library and Information Work

Book - Exploring Greek Manuscripts in the Library at Wellcome Collection in London

Book - The Terrorist Album: Apartheid's Insurgents, Collaborators, and the Security Police

Book - The U.S. Freedom of Information Act at 50

Book - Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies

Book - Data Protection: Ensuring Data Availability 

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Ontario Jewish Archives Webinar - Art out of the Archives: from Yiddish Theatre to Kung Fu Films to Contemporary Art
June 2, 2020

Webinaire - 2e édition française des Principes de Sedona Canada concernant l'administration de la preuve électronique
10 juin 2020

International Council on Archives New Online Course - Organising Family Archives
Starting June 5, 2020

Society of American Archivists Webinar - ¡Unidos venceremos! Web Archiving the 2018 Brazilian Presidential Transition
June 12, 2020

Webinar - What'so On-line: Shut-up: Quarantine and Social Distancing During Tudor Epidemics
June 12, 2020

Archives Association of British Columbia and ARMA Vancouver Island 2020 Conference (Videos Available)
May 8, 2020

Sur le web / On the web
LawBytes Podcast - Fair Dealing for Film Makers: Bob Tarantino on the Copyright Implications of the Room Full of Spoons Case

Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta Video - Farmers, Peddlers, Philanthropists and More: the Jewish Experience in Southern Alberta

Unesco New Blog - In Living Memory: Making the Most of Documentary Heritage in Covid-19 Decision-making

State Archives of North Carolina - Tutorial Video: Confidentiality in Public Records

Video - Memories of Mogadishu

Archivist Alley Podcast - Allen Perkins: Of Kaiju, Right People and how Little Covid-19 Has Changed Life as an Archivist

Nouveau groupe Whatsapp des archivistes

Slides - Developing a Practical End-to-end Solution for Managing email in Victorian Government

Slides - Covid-19 Collecting Strategies

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Ottawa opposed creation of detailed statistical reports on residential schools

COVID-19: Latest update for Library and Archives Canada's public services and programming

Library and Archives Canada - First Nations cradleboards: understanding their significance and versatility

Suggestions to Library and Archives Canada

Collection from a Canadian icon makes its way to the Canadian Museum of History

British Columbia - Archives Reference Room to remain closed until 2021

Documenting Covid-19: Royal Alberta Museum collects items for pandemic exhibit

Ontario Archives Situations During Covid-19 Pandemic

How Ontario museums are documenting history in the making

New Brunswick - Controversial appointment of new head of library service won't be reviewed, government says

Réouverture des édifices de BAnQ

BAnQ - Covid-19: Collecting so that we don't forget

Un don fantastique fait à Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec : les photographies aériennes de Pierre Lahoud

Protecting elders from Covid-19 a priority on First Nations

ArQuives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archives - The Queerantine Project: Call for Submissions

Ontario University Libraries Respond to Uncertain Times

McMaster University - Library staff, students transcribing soldiers' letters and other archival gems

University of Waterloo Stories: Preserving our Digital History

University of British Columbia - Five favourite fairy tales, part X

University of Toronto - Torah Manuscripts and Early Printings at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Our history by the numbers: McGill Library's collection over time

Archivage du contenu Web relatif à la Covid-19 à l'Université Concordia

Regroupement des archivistes religieux - Conversation sur les effets de la Covid-19

Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Regimental Museum and Archives - Behind the scenes: acquisition and accessioning part I

Glenbow Museum asks for letters documenting Calgarians' experiences amid Covid-19 pandemic

North Vancouver museum is archiving what life is like during Covid-19

Red Deer Archives - Covid-19 Collection

Galt Museum & Archives (Alberta) to reopen on June 2

Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings County (Ontario) - Collecting Covid-19 Stories

Whistler Museum and Archives Society - Happiest in the Mountains: Stefan Ples (Part Two)

Oliver & District Museum and Archives (British Columbia) to re-open next week

Un archiviste religieux s'inquiète du contrecoup de la pandémie

British Columbia - Surrey history buff transcribes her way to a provincial award

Saskatoon Indigenous Poets Society online poetry slams reaching far-flung audiences

Indigenous Language Education and Online Video Conferencing: Initial Reflections

Surveying a community on the idea of a digital archive

Spotlight: Interview with Tessa Walsh, Artefactual

Afrique / Africa
Uncovering undesirable whites in the colonial archive

Amériques / Americas
NARA - Double Take: Making Visual Connections in the National Archives Catalog

NARA - A Trip to the Hawaiian Islands

National Archives Foundation - Covid-19 Statement from Executive Director Patrick Madden

Library of Congress - The 1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic: the Washingtons, Hamilton and Jefferson

Library of Congress - Maps for Robots

Decoration Day, Pandemics, and the National Library of Medicine

The work continues while we are away: Smithsonian archivists are reviewing challenges with sharing born-digital collections

Smithsonian - What our Experts Want you to Know about Digitization

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Customizing your Local Government Retention Schedule

The California State Archives Wants to Document your Covid-19 Story

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Archives creating record of pandemic's effects on campus

South Dakota State University Archives gathers stories of Covid-19 pandemic

University of Northern Iowa - History in the making: Rod Library seeks submissions for Covid-19 archival project

University of Maryland - The 1918 Influenza and Covid-19 Pandemics: an Archival Perspective

University of Minnesota - Look for the helpers: a new oral history collection shows how important frontline responders have been in the HIV/AIDS crisis

Alumnus entrusts his pulp fiction collection to University at Buffalo

Getty Conservation Institute helps museums rethink stringent guidelines on conservation

Librarians Recruited as Covid-19 Hunters

For this Native community, photography has harmed and healed

Preserving Survey Records

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - Palace letters: high court ruling paves the way for release of Queen's secret correspondence before 1975 Whitlam dismissal

National Library of New Zealand - Dusting off family memories during lockdown

Japan was likely writing centuries earlier than record suggests

Island Culture Archival Support - Promoting the Rotuman Language

India - MPs get pink-listed in new digital archive

Almost 50 years later, first Hindi film on Queer loves makes wave

Europe / Europa
Safety first! Czech museum launches face mask exhibition to archive pandemic essential

The French coronavirus (Covid-19) web archive collection: focus on collaborative networks

Bbliothèque nationale de France - Des Youtubeurs plongent dans les archives de presse à la recherche de trésors cachés de l'histoire

Infographie : bibliothécaires, archivistes, documentalistes et veilleurs face au télétravail durant le confinement

Ireland - A long-forgotten Kildare captured in archives in National Library

Ireland - Tipperary in the Decade of Revolution delves into the archives

Dublin - Call for materials for Covid-19 Lockdown Collection archive

Archives uncover the history of Dundee's pioneering railway lines

UK National Archives - The Applications of Probability to Cryptography (Part 2)

UK National Archives - Celebrating VE Day across the archives sector

UK National Archives - Miracles and myths: the Dunkirk Evacuation: Part 1: Where was the RAF?

UK National Archives - Light in the darkest hour

UK National Archives - Sacrifices for love

UK National Archives - W. E, Hayward: a life's work

British Library - Web Archiving the UK General Election 2019

British Library 2020 Food Season: plans to continue the conversation

British Library - Automated text extraction from colonial-era maps of eastern Africa

British Library - Without being a burden to anybody: a letter from Ann Radcliffe to her Mother-in-Law from afar

British Library - Invoking the Dunkirk Spirit: Thames to Dunkirk 1940 to 2020

British Library - Reflecting on how we train new starters in web archiving

British Library - The 1911 Census and the Wellesley Training Ship

Learning Resources on the Explore your Archive Website

A Biblical Mystery at Oxford

University of Warwick - Digital Preservation: Let's do it together

The importance of an archive, or what is an archive?

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel - How Israel Overcame the Polio Epidemic of the 1950s

National Library of Israel - The Mysticism Behind the Counting of the Omer

National Library of Israel - Torah, Raki and Yogurt: Shavuot on the Aegean Sea

Confederation of Open Access Repositories - Recommendations for Covid-19 resources in repositories

Archiving workflow post-Covid

Asking questions with web archives: introductory notebooks for historians

Historical films may be decaying much faster than we thought thanks to vinegar syndrome

“Information Governance” and the Continuing War on Records Management

Archivists: Neutral or Active?

Collections Management Systems: Investing in Major Change

D'un inventaire PDF à un fichier XML : cas pratique OpenRefine

Six tips for data sharing in the age of the coronavirus

Comment la crise du coronavirus sera-t-elle racontée au musée?

Humanities as essential services : they can be a vital part of the pandemic response through immediate, translational, front-line work