Thursday 31 December 2015

Vol. 9, no. 18

Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Archives of Ontario - Recordkeeping Amendments to FIPPA and MFIPPA Information Sheet

France - Arrêté du 24 décembre 2015 portant ouverture d'archives relatives à la Seconde Guerre mondiale

U.S. Copyright Office - Digital Millennium Copyright Act Study (for Comments)

U.S. Copyright Office - Impact and Effectiveness of Digital Millennium Copyright Act Safe Harbor Provisions Study (for Comments)

National Diet Library (Japan) - Lessons Learned from Twelve Years' Operation of the Web ARchiving Project (WARP)

Public Record Office Victoria - Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (for Feedback)

European Union Agency for Network and Information Security - Privacy by Design in Big Data: an Overview of Privacy Enhancing Technologies in the Era of Big Data Analytics

U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology - Attribute Metadata and Confidence Scoring (Draft)

De la communauté / From the community
Article - An Approach to Document Fingerprinting

Article - Bibliothèques numériques et gamification : panorama et état de l’art

Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science, no. 23 (December 2015)

Digital Humanities Quartely, vol. 9, no. 3 (2015)

Information Research: an International Electronic Journal, vol. 20, no. 4 (December 2015)

The Journal of Electronic Publishing, vol. 18, no. 4 (2015)

ISO 11799:2015 - Information and Documentation - Document Storage Requirements for Archive and Library Materials

Book - Digitizing Flat Media: Principles and Practices

Book - Academic E-Books: Publishers, Librarians, and Users

Book - The Boy who could Change the World: the Writings of Aaron Swartz

Book - The Holocaust in the Twenty-First Century: Contesting/Contested Memories

Book - Shadows of Trauma: Memory and the Politics of Postwar Identity 

Book - Not Free, Not for All: Public Libraries in the Age of Jim Crow

Book - Information and Data Literacy: the Role of the Library

Book - Digital Information Strategies: from Applications and Content to Libraries and People

Book - Patterns of Commoning

Livre - La Guinée équatoriale aux Archives nationales (XVIIIe - début XXe siècles)

Livre - L'édition photographique belge au 19e siècle : bibliographie et recensement

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in Manitoba 
January 9, 2016, Winnipeg (Archives of Manitoba)

Information & Records Management Society Conference 2016
15-17 May, 2016, Brighton (UK)

Eleventh International Conference on Open Repositories 2016
June 13-16, 2016, Dublin (Ireland)

Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2016
June 19-23, 2016, Newark (New Jersey)

The Ghetto of Venice: the Future of Memory in the Digital Age
June 28 - July 5, 2016, University of California (Santa Cruz)

The Digital Print: Contemporary Practice, Identification, and Preservation
July 25-29, 2016, Malibu (U.S.)

Sur le web / On the web
Video - International Council on Archives Wishes for 2016

Archives nationales de France - Voeux 2016

Vidéo - Les archives départementales du Nord, lieu d'histoire

Research Survey on Social Metadata and User Contributed Content in Memory Institutions

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

The painful journey to the heart of residential school history

Editorial - Let the sun shine on government information

The Letters of the Law: 2015 in Technology Law and Policy

Library and Archives Canada - Top three genealogy questions

Ontario - New fine for destruction of government records

Archives of Manitoba - Counting Down to the 100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage: the Political Equality League Presents a Petition of Almost 40,000 Signatures to the Executive Council

Algoma University ordered to cut grossly overestimated access to information fees

Boxes marked "Destruction after the Charbonneau Commission" intrigued Montreal Gazette reporter

Battle of St-Lawrence shipwrecks found off Gaspé coast with help of fisherman

Toronto - Progress on heritage preservation is slow

Underground history: a look at Saskatoon's streetcars

Vancouver in 1916: 100 Years Ago in Vancouver

Prince George (B.C.) - Citizen's historical record nearly complete

Record Keeping: Document Retention Recommendations for Building Professionals

Association des archivistes du Québec - Bonne année!, spécial archives

Afrique / Africa
Khoya: les archives sonores du Maroc juif

Côte d'Ivoire - Construction bientôt de la bibliothèque de la renaissance africaine d'Abidjan

As ISIS Destroys African Antiquities, the Struggle to Preserve the Heritage of Black People Continues

Amériques / Americas
More than 190 million US voters might have had their personal data exposed

Cold War-era nuclear targets list revealed by National Archives

Will 2016 be the year the government gets email under control?

Georgia State Archives thriving under new management

North Carolina State Archives seeks military items, including personal letters, copies of social media posts

Harvard - Study of African trees goes public: researchers seek help digitizing decades-old observations

Osher Map Library at University of Southern Maine digitizes its rare globe collection

Louisiana - Evangeline League archives provide glimpse of past

How Museum of Modern Art Changed the Field of Film Preservation

New York City strives to add accountability to open data policy 

New Digital History Portal for Washington, D.C.

Awkward Santa pictures from the '50s, '60s on display in Portland, Oregon

Archivist of the Korean American experience says goodbye to print

Coca Cola : un patrimoine au service de la marque

Retro-tech: 2015 was an astounding year for one cassette tape factory

In the age of Amazon, used bookstores are making an unlikely comeback

Rare 16th Century Babylonian Talmud Breaks Auction Record, Selling for $9.3 Million

Late teacher's heirs sue producers of the Big Bang Theory, alleging copyright infringement

Then as now: a tale of statelessness from 70 years ago

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Australia - Government adds fair use, safe harbour provisions to Copyright Act

Australia - National Archives to put nation's founding document, Constitution Act, on show

Australia - Bigamy, madness and murder: withheld Victorian archives opened to public after 75 years

Australia - Archive documents reveal Queensland's 1985 SEQEB dispute

Records management refresher: make sure you're not a paper dinosaur or a digital disaster

Taiwan - Ministry of Foreign Affair's papers end up at China auction

Japan - Yasukuni archives shed light on relatives' final moments

Stranglehold on music copyrights is loosening in Japan

National Archives of Korea Recognizes Independence Movement Documents

Top court rules copyright of Japanese character protected in South Korea

Analysis of North Korea's computer system reveals spy files

India - Ministry of Women and Child Development launches e-office, 12,000 files digitised 

India - No expert to translate 162-yr-old German book

Europe / Europa
2015: Top 20 Searches on Europeana

Hitler's Mein Kampf hits German market for first time since Nazi leader's death

Anne Frank foundation fights plans to publish diary online on 1 January

La lettre de l'avocat du fonds Anne Frank

Ma réponse à l'avocat du fonds Anne Frank

Russian court compels Google to pay penalty for reading private e-mails

France opens access to Nazi collaboration-era archives

Quatre questions sur l'ouverture au public des archives du régime de Vichy

Que va changer l'ouverture des archives de Vichy ?

France - En ouvrant les archives publiques et privées de Jacques Chirac

France - L'open data entre dans le code de la santé publique

Ireland - National Archives afford fascinating glimpse into events of 30 years ago

Campaign to protect Freedom of Information Act boosted as UK's top civil servant opposes tough new rules

Whitehall's culture of secrecy is dismantling freedom of information

Government seeks ideas from public and industry for the next stage in UK's digital revolution

UK Home Secretary Wants Everyone's Metadata; but if you Ask for hers, Government Says you're Being Vexatious

UK National Archives - Newly released files from 1986-1988

Revealed: Thatcher's mystery gems, Reagan's reading and moon dust

Secrecy row as Whitehall refuses to release Cabinet files in full for first time in 50 years 

British Library - Christmas Eve Shepherds' Party

British Library to put very big royal atlas online: project reveals madness of King George III for his map collection

British  Library - The wet, wild forest: Rudyard Kipling's Just so stories in manuscript and print 

Records and information management merger faces in-depth investigation

Familes of WWII veterans to hear messages home for first time in 70 years

A Digital Re-creation of a Lost 18th-Century Shakespeare Museum

Camden - Historian backs calls to save archives from £800k cuts

This factory is leading London's vinyl revival

My grandmother unlocked my family history and showed me who I am

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Israel State Archives - Villa Moeller in Vienna: Solving a Historical Puzzle

Facebook users solve mystery of ancient relic unearthed in Jerusalem

Egypt's Jewish literary heritage in danger of being forgotten

Former Israeli ambassador claims rights to Cairo's Jewish manuscripts

DOTS: Long-Term, Human-Readable Archival Data Storage

Buckle your Seats Belts. 2016 is the Year of Awesome Analytics

The weird and wacky of 2015: strange security and privacy stories

Cloud, Data Security Remain Top Concerns Heading Into 2016

Email Records Management: Part 1: the Truth

Five Best OCR Software and tools to convert from picture to text

Every Industry will Be Disrupted by Open Data within 10 Years

Marginalia and its Disruptions

Editorial: Wikipedia fails as an encyclopedia, to science's detriment

Où est passée la connaissance sur la photographie ?

La destruction de livres, un mémoricide continuel

Why so Many Organizations Struggle with Data Management

Twitter to revive Politwoops, archive of politicians' deleted tweets

W3C wants to standardise music notation in your Web browser