Thursday 28 October 2021

Vol. 15, no. 9

                                                         Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
Archives of Manitoba – Deputy Minister Recordkeeping Responsibilities

State Archives of North Carolina – 2021 Local Government Retention Schedules

Archives de France – Le classement d’archives comme archives historiques

Institut national du patrimoine (France) – Impacts du retrait d’un film d’acétate de cellulose sur le papier de documents laminés

De la communauté / From the community
Coalition Publica – Metadata in Scholarly Publishing: Two Reports

Open Data on the Rise: the Value of European Molecular Biology Laboratory-European Bioinformatics Institute Data Resources

Institute of Museum and Library Services – Understanding the Social Wellbeing Impacts of the Nation’s Libraries and Museums

OCLC – New Model Library: Pandemic Effects and Library Directions

ARMA International Educational Foundation Peer Reviewed Journal, vol. 1 (2021)

Collections: a Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals, vol. 17, no. 4 (2021)

International Journal on Digital Libraries, vol. 22, no. 3 (2021)

International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, vol. 15, no. 1-2 (2021)

La Révolution française : cahiers de l’Institut d’histoire de la Révolution française, no 21 (numéro spécial : Les Archives parlementaires entre papier et toile : exploitation d’une source)

Archives Association of Ontario – Off the Record, vol. 37, no. 4 (2021)

Master Paper (University of North Carolina) – Full of Emotions: Emotional Labor and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Archives Settings

Pre-Print Book – The Past Web: Exploring Web Archives

Book – Ancestors: Indigenous Peoples of Western Canada in Historic Photographs

Book – Notebooks/Memoirs/Archives: Reading and Rereading Doris Lessing

Book – Trading Zones of Digital History

Book – Assessing Academic Library Performance: a Handbook

Book – Ocean Science Data: Collection, Management, Networking and Services

Book – Badges of the Regular Infantry, 1914-1918

Book – Publishing in the Digital Age: how Business Can Thrive in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Book – Playlisting: Collecting Music, Remediated

Book – Practical Linux Forensics: a Guide for Digital Investigators

Book – Being Online: on Computing, Data, the Internet, and the Cloud

Book – Question Answering for the Curated Web: Tasks and Methods in QA over Knowledge Bases and Text Collections

Livre – Manuscrits d’écrivains dans les collections de la Bibliothèque nationale de France, Xve-Xxe siècle

Livre – Les Français au travail 1945 – 1980 : archives photographiques de la Documentation française

Livre – Marie-Antoinette et Axel de Fersen : correspondance secrète

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Dataverse in Canada: Leveraging an Open Data Repository for Research Data Stewardship
November 3 – December 1, 2021

Réforme de la législation en matière de protection des renseignements personnels au Québec : quelles incidences pour les entreprises?
4 novembre 2021

Information Resource Management Association of Canada – Block Chain for Data Professionals
November 10, 2021

Archives religieuses et présence autochtone
25 novembre 2021

Portuguese Web Archives – Major Minors on World Digital Preservation Day 2021
November 4, 2021

Visualising our Future: Masterplans of Libraries and Archives
November 9, 2021

OCR Improvements through Machine Learning Methods and the Impact on the Long Term Preservation of Digitized Content
November 11, 2021

Bringing the Past to Life: Using Archives to Enrich Teaching
November 16, 2021

International Conference on Digital Preservation 2022
September 12-16, 2022, Glasgow

Sur le web / On the web
Videos – Conversations between the German National Library and Library and Archives Canada

Séries de vidéos de BAnQ – Cette histoire nous mènera loin

Video – Seeing Double: Photographic Portraiture in McGill’s Visual Arts Collection

Law Bytes Podcast – NDP MP Charlie Angus on Canada’s Failed Digital Policy and his Hopes for the Next Parliamentary Session

Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – Tools: OpenDICE and AutoSFR

Association of Moving Image Archivists Videos – What Do Archives Look Like in 2031?

Videos – Advancing Awareness: Museums and Libraries in the Fight Against Antisemitism

National Archives of Singapore Videos – Stories of Yesteryear: Singapore in the 1960s (Season 2)

Video – Ask An Archivist: an Interview With Michelle Ganz, Partner to the founding of the Accessibility & Disability Section of Society of American Archivists

State Records Office of Western Australia Podcast – Yarning Ancestors Words

Archives in Context Podcast – Jacqualine Price Osafo, Society of American Archivist’s new Executive Director

Podcast – Indigenous Epistemologies and Open Science: Learning from the Land

Society of American Archivists Student Chapter at the University of Alabama Podcast – Matthew Stiffler and the Arab American National Museum

Slides – Digital Preservation: What Does it Really Look Like?

Présentations de l’Association belge de documentation – Traitement des données personnelles aux fins d’archivage & Droit à l’oubli

Slides – Mapping & Vetting: Converting TEI to Linked Data

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Forward, for Everyone: what the Liberal Party had to say on key issues of interest to the Canadian library and information management community

Library and Archives Canada – Funding approved for Adisoke

Library and Archives Canada – A page in Canada’s history: Carnegie libraries

Library and Archives Canada service cuts hindering research, historians complain

Advice to Library and Archives Canada

New Brunswick Museum archivist discovers spooky songbook in basement library

British Columbia – Big Changes on the Way: Proposed Amendments to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Helping others find their history in the future: Preserving the records of the Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry at Simon Fraser University

McMaster University – Rare texts on magic and the occult unearthed for Archives Alive event

University of British Columbia – Xwi7xwa Library highlights local experiences of Residential Schools in Canada through curated exhibit displays

University of British Columbia – Sports in Open Collections: Part I

Toronto Public Library – Early Hollywood Star Mary Pickford and Her Toronto Houses

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – Reaching 7th Heaven

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) – Partlo’s Pond Monster

Société d’histoire de Drummond – Le Central Park drummondvillois : le parc Woodyatt

Archives et histoire : profession d’historien et évolution de l’utilisation et de l’accès aux archives

Afrique / Africa
Kitab : la plateforme digitale pour les archives en arabe et français du Maroc

Nigeria may have to depend on the U.K. to get its own information: Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed

Côte d’Ivoire – Dématérialisation et gestion des documents et archives: le ministère du plan à pied d’œuvre

Amériques / Americas
White House – Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies on the Temporary Certification Regarding Disclosure of Information in Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

NARA – Celebrating 150 Million Digital Copies in the Catalog

NARA – The Pentagon Papers: the Department of State Supports Action in the Courts

NARA – Records of the Freedmen’s Bureau and the Reconstruction of Black Families

Library of Congress – We’ll Miss you, Jerry Pinkney

National Library of Medicine – Promoting Accountability to the Public

Texas State Library and Archives Commission – The Lay-RMO’s Guide to Appraising Archival/Historical Records

Read, hot and digitized: the Texas archive of the moving image

New Indiana archives building proposed at former prison site

Building a National Finding Aid Network project – Getting to know users of archival aggregation sites

Old Dominion University – Rediscovering my Pages with the Help of the Wayback Machine’s CDX API

From the Page – An Interview With Julia Gearhart of Princeton’s Department of Art and Archaeology

The history of music lives on through the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame archives

Preserving Black Women’s Stories as a Labor of Love

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Keeping the memory alive: the race against time to save Australia’s archives: in pictures

New Zealand Agrees to Mickey Mouse copyright law in UK trade deal

Documenting queerness: these Indian online archives are filling the gaps in LGBTQIA+ history

Europe / Europa
Europeana – Creole culture movement: Kreolitude

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure – Left Behind: A Project Opening up Little Known Holocaust Histories as Well as New Tools

This Norwegian photojournalist faked an entire book to highlight how hard it is to spot misinformation

Meemoo: Flemish Institute for Archives – Sirduke: pioneering and innovative project to digitise lacquer disks

La Société suisse de radiodiffusion met à disposition son catalogue d’archives sur memobase, le portail de Memoriav

France – Vitam accessible en service, un tout nouveau service d’archivage électronique

France – Le plus vieux discours écolo enregistré refait surface

Newly Unearthed Work by a Revered and Reviled Novelist Causes a Stir in France

UK government waging secret war against transparency

UK National Archives – 1921 Census online publication date announced

UK National Archives – How Findmypast is helping us provide access to the 1921 Census

UK National Archives – Conserving the 1921 Census

UK National Archives – Home truths: Improving community relations by funding trips to Commonwealth countries

UK National Archives – The Hoefle Telegram in the new Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum

UK National Archives – Kicking the habit: Government’s first anti-smoking campaigns

UK National Archives – Plague Ahoy! Maritime quarantine in the 18th century

British Library – The Day of the Dead Celebration : a safe space to share the stories and memories of our lost ones

British Library – On Digital Technologies, Our Cultural Heritage and Global Warming. How do they come together in Venice?

British Library – The wanderings of Blackbud: Preserving Blackbud’s Glastonbury demo

The Archives Hub and International Image Interoperability Framework: supporting the true potential of images on the Web

Extensive new online archive of the Boys launched

University of Cambridge – Genealogy, slavery and the digital archive

Extremely offensive house on the prairie: Cambridge University archive slaps trigger warnings on classic children’s books because of potentially harmful content

This British University Has an Archive of Ye Olde Haunted Houses

Exceedingly rare folio edition of Shakespeare’s Henry IV for sale

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel releases photos of Johnny Cash’s visit

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates reviews the role of the Council of Rulers of the Trucial States’ and Abu Dhabi’s leading role

Lebanon MP accused of keeping stolen Palmyra artefacts in office

Iraq – Museum in Erbil will preserve Christian manuscripts that escaped jihadist devastation

International Council on Archives – Your window to the world

Millions of open cultural heritage resources from Europeana now easily accessible through WorldCat

What are the guiding considerations for Emulation-as-a-Service Infrastructure development?

What can you learn from a wiped computer with digital forensics

Jadavpur University and University of Exeter build digital archive of famine tales

Innovation: Preserving the digital future of the forgotten format

Global refugee archive collecting the stories of the world’s displaced

A Scientific Explanation for your Urge to Sniff Old Book

Protecting Vital Records from Disaster

Preserving the Usability of Digital Records