Thursday 28 January 2021

Vol. 14, no. 17

                                                        Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Archives nationales de Luxembourg - Tableau de tri des archives et des documents des Archives nationales de Luxembourg

Section fédérale suisse de la protection des biens culturels - Stratégie 2021-2025 et Guide

Politique identifiants de la Bibliothèque nationale de France : déclaration de principes

New South Wales (Australia) Parliament - State Records Act 1998 and the Policy Paper on its Review

Public Records Officie Victoria (Australia) - Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria

De la communauté / From the community

Association des archivistes français -  Vocabulaire informatique et archivage électronique

Island Culture Archival Support - Annual Report 2020

Society of American Archivists - Issue Brief: Judiciary Records

Society of American Archivists - Guidelines for Preparing a Diversity Statement

Science Europe - Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management (Extended Edition)

National Information Standards Organization - Reproducibility Badging and Definitions

Legal Interoperability and the Fair Data Principles

Library and Higher Education Groups - Communication Toolkit for Implementing Effective Data Practices

Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, vol. 72, no. 1 (2021)

Ar(abes)ques, no 100 (2021)

Mémoire de fin d'études (Institut national du patrimoine) - En quête de main : étude et conservation-restauration d'un carnet de treize mains découpées dans des portraits de capitouls peints par Jean Chalette

Mémoire de fin d'études (Institut national du patrimoine) - Les Maîtres du Temps, 1982, Pannonia Studio (Budapest) : étude et traitements de conservation de 32 cellulos d'animation produits pour le dessin animé

Book - (W)archives: Archival Imaginaries, War, and Contemporary Art

Book - Early Holocaust Memory in Sweden: Archives, Testimonies and Reflections

Book - The Teaching Archive: a New History for Literary Study

Book - Sharing your Family History Online: a Guide for Family Historians 

Book - Humanities Data Analysis: Case Studies with Python

Book - Underserved Patrons in University Libraries: Assisting Students Facing Trauma, Abuse, and Discrimination

Book - Impagination: Layout and Materiality of Writing and Publication

Book - Libraries Publish: how to Start a Magazine, Small Press, Blog, and More

Book - Revolting Things: an Archaeology of Shameful Histories and Repulsive Realities

Livre - Archives détective : enquête dans le mystère des archives

Livre - Famille, d'où viens-tu? La révolution de la généalogie par les tests ADN

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
WikiTree: the Ins and Outs of a Global Family Tree
February 2, 2021

Introduction to Federated Research Data Repository
February 3, 2021

Saskatchewan Archives Week
February 7-13, 2021

Archives Association of Ontario - 2021 Annual Conference 
May 11-14, 2021

Community Archives and Heritage Group: LGBT+ History Month Webinar
February 1, 2021

How to Google for Primary Sources: Teaching Users/Students to Find and Evaluate Archives Remotely
February 2, 2021

Information and Records Management Society - Email: Same Old Technology, Rapidly Changing Context
February 3, 2021

Sciences du patrimoine : sciences du texte : confrontation des méthodes
4 février 2021

Transforming Archives: Intersectional Feminist Approaches to the Practice and Reading of Archives
February 8-11, 2021

Do (Preservation) actions speak louder than words?: a briefing day on Preservation Planning and Technology Watch
February 9, 2021

Polish Archives: a Sweeping View
February 11, 2021

Journée d'étude en archivistique d'Angers
12 février 2021

Online Course - 3D Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage at Risk
February 15-17, 2021

Developing Online Records Management Training Tools
February 18, 2021

Using Digital Archives for Historical Research
February 23, 2021

Exploring Black Digital History
March 11, 2021

What's Format Got to Do with it? The Role Information Formats Play in Evaluating Search Results
March 17, 2021

The Shock of the Record: Archives and Truth
March 18, 2021

Les institutions et leurs archives (fin du Moyen Âge-époque moderne)
22-24 mars 2021, Paris

International Conference on Digital Preservation
October 19-22, 2021, Beijing

5e journée professionnelle métadonnées en bibliothèques (vidéos disponibles)
4 décembre 2020

Digital Preservation 2020: Get Active with Digital Preservation (Video Available)
November 12, 2021

Sur le web / On the web
Baladodiffusion - L'intelligence artificielle au service des bibliothèques publiques et des citoyens (avec Jean-François Gauvin, BAnQ)

Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre Video - Treasures from the Vault: Molly and Jim Fukui Collection

University of Alberta Archives - New Website

Historical Reminiscents Podcast - Resting for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Work

Records Search and Rescue Podcast - A to Zoo

Nouveaux paradigmes de l'archive - Captations des séances 2020

Podcast - Carla Hayden (Librarian of Congress): Palace to Knowledge

National Library of Medicine Online Exhibition - Fifty Years Ago: the Darkening Day

Information and Records Management Society Podcast - Managing the Email of the Netherlands Government

Slides - Of Arks and Ontologies

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

A New Privacy Commissioner May Be Coming to Town

Secretive CSIS technology that could reveal 'lifestyle choices' needs a warrant, says court

Rare book from 1943 acquired by Library and Archives Canada, was one of first sources to sound global alarm about Holocaust in progress

Library and Archives Canada - A day in the life of a reference librarian

The New Brunswick Museum continues to collect stories, artifacts related to Covid-19 pandemic

BAnQ - Aux grands maux les grands remèdes

BAnQ - Louis-Pierre Bougie, un artiste à jamais gravé dans notre mémoire

University of Toronto - These archivists documenting Muslims in Canada are collecting everything from grocery lists to 8-tracks

A Quick Dash to Photograph Years of Documents: why Digital Cameras are Transforming Historical Research

Archives religieuses, grandes oubliées de la réflexion sur le patrimoine culturel québécois

Centre d'histoire et d'archives du travail - Nouveau fonds d'archives

How'd it look? Vancouver photographer creates photo-comparisons of historic local sites

Centre d'archives de la région de Thetford - La société minière Mazarin fait un premier don de ses archives

Thunder Bay - Documentary on city's first mayor developed through Reel Memories Project

Whistler Museum and Archives Society - Learning to Ski with Ski-ed

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) - Valuable Resource: Women's Institute Tweedsmuirs

Freedom of information rules archaic and in need of modernization, says Collingwood (Ontario) clerk

Gibsons (British Columbia) - Town looks to federal grant to expand office, archival storage space

Vernon Museum and Archives (British Columbia) rounds up Vernon's wild west past

New memory kits coming to southern Alberta libraries to support those living with dementia

This Nova Scotia historian spent years researching the Spanish flu. Now she's living in a pandemic

Prestigieuse bourse pour un étudiant de Saint-Roch pour un doctorat sur les archives de radios communautaires

Afrique / Africa
Amériques / Americas
After outcry, Salvadoran archbishop will grant investigators access to archive

United States National Archives Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Fulbright for Archival Science Fellowship

How NARA's Preserving More than 20 Terabytes of Trump Social Media Data

Gary M. Stern: National Archives and Records Administration

Library of Congress - When Rebecca the Raccoon Ruled the White House

Library of Congress - Introducing the Black, Indigenous and Minority Americans Digital Futures Program

William Farquhar Correspondence and Other 19th Century Malay Letters Now Online at the Library of Congress

National Library of Medicine - Health Data Standards: a Common Language to Support Research and Health Care

President Barack Obama's iPad

Statement on Language in New York State Archives Description Resources

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - New Look for State Agency Schedule Amendments

Clerk of Courts transfers immigration, naturalization records to Ohio state archives

Cornell University - From vaults to virtual classes, library archives enrich teaching

Temple University - Digital archive provides improved access to Temple-based research

Louisiana State University - New arrivals of African American literature in Special Collections

Archival Innovators: Rebecca Hankins on the Rich LGTBQ+ Collections Housed in Cushing Memorial Library and Archives at Texas A & M University

A year after fire, Museum of Chinese in America launches digital platform with Google to celebrate its historical treasures

This internet librarian is on a mission to archive the web before it is deleted

800 Posts Later: Reflections on teaching digital history with a public course blog

Star Trek stars react to the passing of archivist Richard Arnold at the age of 66

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia - Margaret Spencer: the Little Colonel

National Library of Australia - Australian Dreams: Picturing our Built World looks beyond bricks and mortar

Australia - Rare soldier's diary reveals secret massacre of Indigenous Tasmanians after almost 200 years

Green lights, alien sights, or satellites? Opening the UFO files at Archives New Zealand

National Diet Library (Japan) - Approximately 600 sound recordings of the Historical Recordings Collection (Rekion) are newly available online

India - Bihar State Archives directorate uploads digitized docus to its website

Europe / Europa
Arolsen Archives: International Center on Nazi Persecution - Successful kick-off for #everynamecounts

Judaica Europeana 2.0: a new aggregation platform for Jewish heritage content

Machine learning and big data are unlocking Europe's archives

Snøhetta's Arc Is an Archive for World Memory in Freezing Svalbard

The Elie Wiesel Institute Launches Digital Platform Holocaust in Romania

Netherlands - Over 700,000 paintings from the Rijksmuseum online copyright free

Attempting to Flee: the Correspondence of Dr Ernst Neustadt

Spain - Archive documents show that history repeats itself in Mallorca

À la découverte de l'homme qui détient les clés de l'histoire de Monaco

À la (re)découverte des archives oubliées de la France, volées par les nazis puis récupérées par l'URSS

Un manuscrit de la bataille d'Austerlitz annoté par Napoléon mis en vente à Paris

French LGBTQ preservationists push back against government

Histovery augmente les visites des musées et des lieux de patrimoine grâce à la réalité augmentée

National Library of Ireland - #WakingTheFeminists digital archive acquired

Are we going to lose the National Library of Wales?

UK National Archives - Verdict: Accidental death: the strange case of the Scottish aristocrat killed on the Midland Railway

UK National Archives - The Great Experiment: explaining the advent of indenture to the West Indies

UK National Archives - Searching for Cliff Tyrell

British Library - Tell the world what was happening: uprising at Auschwitz

British Library - Rabbie Burns and the UK Web Archive

British Library - Digitisation in Asian and African Collections 2019 to 2021: what's new online and where to find it

British Library - Sources for the 1947 Bengal and Punjab Boundary Commissions

British Library - Finding Beethoven: recent work in the catalogue

British Library - Antonio Gramsci: translator, storyteller and educator

University of Stirling - Media histories, heritage and archives

Coventry University launches digital library to celebrate city's cultural history

Stories of women found in North East Wales Archives dramatised

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
United Arab Emirates - The National Archives and the Sorbonne Announce the Start of the Study Program for the 4th Batch of the Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management

Announcing the ARK Alliance: Home of the Archival Resource Keys

Twitter is opening up its full tweet archive to academic researchers for free

Microsoft Records Management Auto-Classification Options

Reconciling Professional Rifts: Can Historians and Archivists Understand One Another Better?

Please Stop Calling Things Archives: an Archivist's Plea

L'open data, fer de lance de l'innovation mondiale