Thursday 27 August 2020

Vol. 13, no. 52

                                                                Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Tom Kmiec, MP For Calgary Shepard - Access to Information Request: Treasury Board Secretariat Detailing how Government Departments have been Processing Access to Information Requests throughout COVID-19

NARA - Department of Defense Office of the Secretary of Defense Records Management Program Inspection Report

National Archives of India - Request for Proposal for Digitisation of Four and a Half Crore Pages

De la communauté / From the community
Community First: Open Practices and Indigenous Knowledge

Society of American Archivists - Case Study: Teaching with Primary Sources Remotely

Association for Information Science and Technology - Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Association of Research Libraries - Future Themes and Forecasts for Research Libraries and Emerging Technologies

New York University - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19): Safe Handling of Library Materials

Paper - Exploring Special Web Archives Collections related to Covid-19: the Case of INA

Article - Frank J. Boles : Il y a un temps pour tout

Digitial Humanities Quarterly, vol. 14, no. 2 (2020)

Telling our Stories: Newsletter of the South Peace Regional Archives (Alberta), vol. 11, no. 4 (2020)

ISO 23404:2020 - Information and Documentation - Papers and Boards Used for Conservation - Measurement of Impact of Volatiles on Cellulose in Paper

Book - Reference and Access for Archives and Manuscripts

Book - Tracing your Scottish Ancestors (Seventh Edition)

Book - Information Activism: a Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies

Book - A Brief History of the Book: from Tablet to Tablet

Book - Maps of Empire: a Topography of World Literature

Book - Haiti's Paper War: Post-Independence Writing, Civil War, and the Making of the Republic, 1804-1954

Book - The Psychology of Fake News: Accepting, Sharing, and Correcting Misinformation

Book - Digital Clues

Book - Terrific Makerspace Projects: a Practical Guide for Librarians

Book - I'll Wear it until I'm Dead: the Song Fashion Archives

Book - Growing Community Health Literacy through Libraries

Livre Kindle - Organisation et gestion d'un centre de documentation et d'information

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Archives Association of Ontario - The Basics of Copyright
November 25, 2020

Webinar - Museums and Intellectual Property in an International Context
September 3, 2020

Basics of Collection Photography
September 9, 2020

Society of Mississippi Archivists Virtual Table Talks - Community Collaboration: the Margaret Walker Center and the Scott-Ford House
September 25, 2020

Digital Preservationists Anonymous: Online
September 30, 2020

Introduction to Web Archiving Training
October 13, 2020

Quantifying Digital Preservation Risk: the Story so Far
October 15, 2020

Projets de médiation historique en ligne
13 novembre 2020

Online Course - Women in the Frame: a History of Gender and the Photographic Portrait
November 17-19, 2020

Using Holocaust Documents Online: the Changing Relationship Between Archivist and User
November 23-24, 2020

Islandora Online (Recording Available)
July 21, July 28, August 4, and August 11, 2020

Sur le web / On the web
University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Video - Where Art and Skill Meet: Illustration and the Book

Video - A Conversation on Transgender with Dr. Aaron Devor, Academic Director of the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria

Organizing Ideas Podcast - Black Women Artists, Archives, and Futurity with Sierra King

LawBytes Podcast - My Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture: Privacy and Zambonis in the Age of Covid-19

Coquitlam (British Columbia) Virtual Exhibit - Fixing a Moment in Time: Conservation of Photographic Prints

Video - Practice // Values: Situating Digital Forensics Tools in Archives

UK National Archives Podcast - Hidden Love: LGBTQ+ Lives in the Archives

Information and Records Management Society Podcast - Microsoft Teams: a Records Management Perspective

Slides - Declassification Realities

Slides - Virtual Footlocker Project in the Time of Covid-19

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Copyright Wars: Episode I: the Fandom Menace?

Canada's privacy laws have 'no teeth': what I learned during an eight-month investigation into Tim Hortons' data tracking

Library and Archives Canada - Textiles made in Canada: the archives of the Dominion Textile Company

BAnQ - Le Fonds Patriotique Canadien : initiative nationale, forces locales

Bien d'intérêt patrimonial à Montréal : la ministre de la Culture et des Communications est en voie de classer les archives, les livres rares et les biens mobiliers des Sulpiciens

Increased access to University of Saskatchewan Archives and Special Collections

Data sets from McGill's digital collections now available for text-mining and data-intensive research

University of British Columbia - Nelson Daily News Goes Online

University of Alberta's first Wikipedian in Residence

Lay-offs at the Sulpician Archives: an Open Letter

Licenciements odieux chez les Sulpiciens

Archives des Sulpiciens : un pan de l'histoire du Québec menacé

Archives des Sulpiciens: racines en péril

Ottawa Jewish Archives - Ottawa's Greatest Philanthropist: Lillian Bilsky Freiman

North Vancouver Museum and Archives - Lynn Valley Days: Creating Community since 1912

Alyssa Gerwing to become new executive director of Sidney Museum and Archives (British Columbia)

Cumberland (Ontario) plans for museum and archives makeover

Lake Country Museum and Archives (British Columbia) - Irrigation and the Beginning of Agriculture

Centre d'histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe - Photographes à l'honneur

Barrie Historical Archives (Ontario) - President's Report: Year in Review

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) - What Was Life Like for Early Settlers in Oxford County?

As Indigenous language classes move online, students discover new ways to connect with elders

Family reunited with First World War family treasure after Toronto man finds Bible on the street

Amériques / Americas
Archives Nationales d'Haïti, conservatrice de notre patrimoine historique et archiviste

First Decision on the Right to be Forgotten in Argentina

NARA - Heroes Work Here

NARA - Growing Pains: Army Air Service Patrols of National Forests, 1919-1920

NARA - Lantern Slides of the Revenue Cutter Service, 1900-1915

Library of Congress - Metaphors for Understanding Born Digital Collection Access: Part II

Library of Congress - The Suffrage Struggle after the 19th Amendment

Library of Congress - Johannes Kepler and Covid-19: 400 Years of Mathematical Modeling

Library of Congress - Web Archiving Virtually in Residence: an Interview with Meghan Lyon

Library of Congress - Are your Tweets Historic? Meet the Librarians who Decide

What's Next? Looking at the Next Year for Society of American Archivists

Society of American Archivists - State of the Association, Fiscal Year 2020

Society of American Archivists - Accessibility & Disability Section Year One Retrospective

State Archives of North Carolina - Covid-19 Records in North Carolina State Agencies

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - How to Determine Fiscal Year End Retention Periods

The Problem with "Firsts," Part I: Archival Silence and Black Students at Princeton University

The Problem with "Firsts," Part II: Archival Silence and Black Staff at Princeton University

University of California at Los Angeles - Inner Meditations and Outer Resources for Understanding Library Conservation and Preservation as Racist or Anti-Racist

Universiy of California at Los Angeles - Naming and Honoring the Black Women Hidden in the Archives

University of Texas at San Antonio - Old Mexican recipes going as far back as the 1700s made available during lockdown as e-books

University of Pennsylvania - See Newly Digitized, Public Archives on Recitalist Marian Anderson's Life and Work

Brown University - Introducing theKEEPER: a Digital Archive of Womxn in Hip Hop

Rights Management: Pandemic Pushes Broadcasters to Monetise Archive Content

African Film Festival, Inc. launches AFF Digital Streaming Service and Film Archives

Internet Archives - Can you Help us Make the 19th Century Searchable?

Black Metropolis Research Consortium (Chicago) - Legacy Management Resource Portal

One Black Woman's Path to Librarianship (and Some Advice)

An artist colorizes black-and-white images, and they'll make you see historical photos in a whole new light

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia sign contract to begin digitising collection

National Archives of Australia to receive digital preservation system under new deal

New South Wales State Archives (Australia) - Tens of thousands of prison portraits captured in 15 jails over 50 years: Portraits of Crime now in remarkable digital archive

Queensland State Archives (Australia) - No survivors. Salvage… impossible: Alexander Morgan and the Lady Ann

National Diet Library - The Launch of Japan Search

Japan Museum for Everyday Life in a Pandemic

How an archive is being built to capture the history of queer India

Europe / Europa
Europeana - From airport to artport: how changes in aviation policies introduced art to the airport

Life phases of Finns in Russia after the October Revolution in 1917: extensive research project to be launched by the National Archives of Finland

Norway - Edvard Munch wasn't only a painter: a digital archive expands our knowledge about him

Germany - Politisches Archiv: 100 years

The Greek invasion of Turkey, according to archival documents

The Pope, the Jews, and the Secrets in the Archives

La Constitution belge préservée sous la poussière d'un vestiaire… ça en dit long!

Le travail sur archives : entretien avec Antoine Mandret-Degeilh et Jonathan Barbier

Isle of Man online newspaper archive to remain free permanently

British Library - Collections in the UK on Indian Independence and Partition

British Library - The History of Parliament Trust Oral History Project: Q&A with Dr Emma Peplow

British Library - Digitisation of the Sherborne Missal

British Library - Cats vs Dogs on the Archived Web

National Trust to scrap its experts

Unique Wellingborough film archives destroyed by water that flooded museum

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
Israeli archives censorship regulations and oral history

Israel State Archives refuses information request on settlements

Israel's Archives: Digitization, Delays and Nostalgia for the Reading Room

United Arab Emirates - The National Archives Gives Access to its Publications to Visitors of Popular Cafes in Abu Dhabi and Other Emirates

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt) - LinkGate: Initial web archive graph visualization demo

Ancestry Completes the Arolsen Archives Collection with 19 Million Holocaust Records

Ancestry Promises Holocaust Records Will Be Free

Putting the d'oh! in Adobe: 'Years of photos' permanently wiped from iPhones, iPads by bad Lightroom app update

IT blunder permanently erases 145,000 users' personal chats in KPMG's Microsoft Teams deployment: memo

Instagram Wasn't Honoring its Data Retention Rules Due to a Bug

Surprising secrets of writers' first book drafts