Thursday 25 March 2021

Vol. 14, no. 25

                                                       Ressources / Resources

De l'État / From the State
Library and Archives Canada - Policy on Maintaining the Canadian National Union Catalogue

Archives of Manitoba - Managing Ministers' Office Records (Updated Version)

Université de Montréal - Archivistique et numérique : notes de recherche 3

Historical Archives of the European Union - Research Guides Presenting the Audio-visual Material in the Holdings

NARA - Department of Defense Records Management Inspections: Fiscal Years 2017-2021 

NARA - Senior Agency Official for Records Management 2020 Annual Report: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement CoordinatorSoutheastern Power Administration 
Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator:

Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg - Rapport d'activité 2020

De la communauté / From the community
Canadian Research Knowledge Network - Heritage Content Priorities Task Group Final Report

Archives Association of Ontario - Archives Awareness Week 2021 Resources

Ithaka S+R - Teaching with Primary Sources: Looking at the Support Needs of Instructors

National Digital Stewardship Alliance - Good Migrations: a Checklist for Migrating your Digital Preservation Infrastructure

Digital Library Federation’s Born-Digital Access Working Group - An Exploration of Ideal Access Systems (for Comments)

Institute of Museum & Library Services - Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment of Museum Capacity Building Programs 

International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (and Others) - Open Letter: Include Culture in your National Recovery Strategies and Reactivate Cultural Life in Europe

Travail - La quête alchimique de Bill Morrison ou l'exploitation des archives comme renversement de la pensée archivistique

Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 9, no. 3 (2021)

Journal of Western Archives, vol. 12, no. 1 (2021)

IFLA Journal, vol. 47, no. 1 (2021)

Mémoire d'avenir : le journal des Archives nationales de France, no 42 (2021)

Library and Archives Canada - Documentary Heritage and Official Language Minority Communities Newsletter, vol. 2, no. 5 (2021)

Archeota: the Official Publication of the San José State University Society of American Archivists Student Chapter, vol. 6, no. 1 (2021)

Kitimat Museum and Archives (British Columbia) Newsletter (2021)

Mémoire de maîtrise (ESG école de commerce, France) - Musées et influenceurs digitaux

Book - The Future of Digital Data, Heritage and Curation in a More-than Human World

Book - Cultural Policy: Origins, Evolution, and Implementation in Canada's Provinces and Territories

Book - Suspended Conversations: the Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums (Second Edition)

Book - Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

Book - Positioning the Academic Library within the University: Structures and Challenges

Book - Digital Humanities and Research Methods in Religious Studies: an Introduction

Book - Herbert Ponting: Scott's Antarctic Photographer and Pioneer Filmmaker

Book - Ontologies of Rock Art: Images, Relational Approaches, and Indigenous Knowledges

Book - Liars: Falsehoods and Free Speech in an Age of Deception

Book - Help yourself: a Practical Guide to Finding the Information and Assistance you Need

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Cours en ligne massif et ouvert (Université de Montréal) - Bonici : repérer et gérer l'information
1 avril - 30 juin 2021

Ontario Jewish Archives - Yiddish Immigrant Stories of Arrival in Canada with Vardit Lightstone
May 2, 2021

Association of Canadian Archivists - 2021 Conference Workshops
June 7-9, 2021

Planning for Changes in the Archives: 12 steps for Undertaking Collection Relocation
April 6, 2021

Archives and Records Association Section for New Professionals - Dissertation Showcase #2
April 7, 2021

Archiving the Black Diaspora: Makiba J. Foster Talks Community Webs with the Internet Archive
April 7, 2021

London Metropolitan Archives - Repairs and Treatments through Time
April 15, 2021

The Information Governance Professional and the Future
April 21, 2021

Colloque Humanistica 2021: Association francophone des humanités numériques
10-12 mai 2021

Witnessing Presence and Absence in Genocidal Testimony
May 13, 2021

International Archives Week
June 7-11, 2021

International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres Online Congress 2021
July 26-31, 2021

Colloque international Archives audiovisuelles à l'ère numérique : préservation, accessibilité et gouvernance
30-31 mars 2022, Tunis

Dutch National Cultural Artificial Intelligence Lab - Kick-off Webinar (Recording Available)
February 17, 2021

Sur le web / On the web
Diefenbaker Canada Centre Online Exhibition - Pride on the Prairies: Queer History in Saskatchewan (1969-2020)

University of Toronto Faculty of Music Library Online Exhibit - Polyphony: Diversity in Music

From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton's Past - An Interview with Thomas Candler

European Commission - Open Research Europe Platform

Vitam : programme interministériel archivage numérique (France) - Version 4

Rare Book School Video - How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Document Camera

Video - From Collections as Data to Collections as Infrastructure: Building the GLAM Workbench

Society of American Archivists Student Chapter at the University of Alabama - New Podcast: Archives and Communities

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Library and Archives Canada - Modification of records: a case study with moose hair embroidered birch bark boxes

Library and Archives Canada and Canada's Sad Newspaper Digitization Situation

What coud Library and Archives Canada do to better serve Canadian Genealogists?

Library and Archives Canada - Co-Lab Updates for March

Arquives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archives - Queering Wikipedia: New pages created

McGill University - Finding the University : new research guides for institutional histories

Ryerson University Archives & Special Collections - Archives A to Z: Part 4

Le Chronoscope: à la recherche du passé perdu

World's biggest Inuit art collection revealed at Winnipeg's new museum within a museum

Colourful Vancouver street photos get acclaim, 45 years later

Someone is documenting all the old signs of this Toronto neighbourhood

Sidney Museum and Archives (British Columbia) names gallery after long-time executive director

Revelstoke Museum & Archives (British Columbia) weathers the Covid storm

Oxford County Archives (Ontario) - McIntyre and his Windmills

How a little blue suitcase held a wartime love story that resonates now

Century-old photo found in library book returned to its owner in Kelowna

Stories of Irish Islanders in Prince Edward Island's Bygone Days

Afrique / Africa
French move to declassify archive draws mixed reactions in Algeria

Algérie/colonisation: le directeur des archives nationales algériennes fustige l'historiographie française

Le Maroc va créer une unité pour la préservation de la mémoire et de l'histoire

Cameroun - Fonction publique : quand la demande boude l'offre

Amériques / Americas
NARA - The Public Interest Declassification Board and Sunshine Week: Opportunities to Promote Secrecy Reform and Greater Transparency

NARA - Finding its Way Back Home: the Saga of a Misfiled Document

NARA - 50 Years Makes a Difference! How Film Research Has Changed Since the 1972 Conference on Audiovisual Archives

NARA - The Adventures of Miriam Davenport, 1940-1946, Part II

NARA - Preparing for the 1950 Census

Library of Congress - National Recording Registry Adds 'Rhythm Nation' Among 25 New Selections

Library of Congress - Houdini and the Magic of Copyright

Library of Congress - Computing Cultural Heritage in the Cloud: an Interview with Olivia Dorsey

Library of Congress - Researcher Story: Kimberly Hamlin

Library of Congress - Another Little Piece: a New Way to Study Medieval Manuscript Fragments

Network of the National Library of Medicine and Covid-19: Adapting to a New Normal

National Institutes of Health is Documenting Covid-19 as Well as Responding to It 

US Supreme Court expands exception to Freedom of Information Act

Society of American Archivists Council Approves Dataverse Collection Development Policy, Revisions to Bylaws and Constitution

Society of American Archivists - Exhaustion / Exhilaration

Maine Contemporary Archives exhibit tells the story of our pandemic year

Texas State Library and Archives Commission - Copyright Records

Madison County Historical Society returns Civil War Records to Illinois State Archives

More Historic Images Added to South Dakota Digital Archives

Reclaim the Records - Our Legal Fight to Open 1.6 Million New York City Death Certificates Moves Forward

State's LGBTQ history coming out in Iowa City-based library and archive

Universities launch opioid litigation archive to ensure history doesn't repeat itself

First endowment for digital preservation spotlights a rising need and Yale University Library expertise

University of Minnesota archives the oldest Jewish newspaper in Minnesota

Yeshiva University Archives and COVID-19: Still Collecting After one Year

City University of New York - Choosing the Right Platform for your Digital Archive

Students, Shippensburg University archives work to document pandemic

Building a National Finding Aid Network: we need your help

Carl Reiner's Archives Will Go to the National Comedy Center

The Phillips Is Digitizing its Archives

Exploring Black and Asian American Lesbian Archives: Aché and Phoenix Rising

An Audacious Gaze on the Black Queer Archive

Here's how Bored Rich People Are Spending their Extra Cash (Digital Art Notably)

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
National Archives of Australia celebrates six decades keeping track of Australia's story

National Library of Australia adds protest signs from March 4 Justice to its collection

Queensland (Australia) archivist's warning over email scandal

Tasmania Archives (Australia) - Back to the office with a Victorian letter copying press

National Library of New Zealand - Documenting Covid-19: One year on

Meiji University (Japan) - A new sensation: recording and reproducing taste

South Korea - Seoul unveils 30,000 photos of landscape archives via online

India - University of Mysore Plans to Display Rare Collections of 34 Kannada Literary Giants

Europe / Europa
Europeana - Pioneering artificial intelligence for digital cultural heritage: an interview with Dr Maria-Cristina Marinescu

Europeana - Fanny Durack: winner of the first women’s Olympic swimming medal

Historical Archives of the European Union - A closer look at the artifacts in Antonio Cassese's private archives

Historical Archives of the European Union - Procedure files 1981 and 1982 of the Court of Justice of the EU available for consultation

National Library of Finland - makes life easier during the coronavirus pandemic: treasures of culture, science and learning available to everyone

Meemoo: Flemish Institute for Archives - Social media archiving: new tools available (in Flemish)

Italian Round Table on Next Generation Metadata: Interoperability, Sustainability and More

Archives diplomatiques (France) - Actualités des fonds : 1er semestre 2021

The Bayeux Tapestry Gets Digitized: View the Medieval Tapestry in High Resolution, Down to the Individual Thread

Historic Environment Scotland Archives: Future-proofing Scotland's Heritage in the Digital Age

UK National Archives - Reusing Standard RDF Vocabularies: Part 2

UK National Archives - A fellowship perspective: collaboration and challenging histories

UK National Archives - Playing cards captured at sea: Prize Papers of L'Aimable Julie

UK National Archives - The suffrage choose your own adventure thread: fact or fiction?

Contemporary Poetry at the British Library: a Quick Start Guide

National Portrait Gallery to champion the role of women in British history and culture

Library of Birmingham - How to start an archive project in lockdown

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel - Natan Sharansky's First Seder

National Library of Israel - From Amsterdam to Persia: a World of Wine-Stained Haggadot

Israel archives to be digitalized and made accessible to all citizens

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates launched an awareness program to educate its employees on the best methods to maintain good health and physical fitness

Qatar National Library hosts watermarks lecture series to Unearth Historical Data

United Nations - From Photostat to Overhead Scanning Machines: Serving Academia, the International Community and Civil Society

Wikimedia CEO on facts, hoaxes and the promise of Wikipedians

The Effectiveness and Durability of Digital Preservation and Curation Services: Case Studies in Sustainability

Pourquoi l'archivage électronique est essentiel à votre activité

How digital witnesses are documenting history and challenging the status quo

Teaching with Primary Sources: Pre-Pandemic Lessons for Post-Covid Futures

An Overview of Acquisition in Archives

Appraisal of Records of Enduring Value

History, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs

Authoring a fan-led revolution with Archive of Our Own

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