Thursday 25 August 2022

Vol. 15, no. 52

                                                         Ressources / Resources

De l’État / From the State
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec – Guide de numérisation 3D d’oeuvres d’art

NARA – Digital Preservation Framework Linked Open Data

U.S. Council of State Archivists – A Primer on Email Preservation Packages

U.S. Council of State Archivists – Email Management: Roles and Responsibilities

Archives nationales de Luxembourg – Tableau de tri du ministère de la Santé

National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago – 60th Anniversary of Independence: a Guide to Information Resources

State Library of New South Wales (Australia) – Digital Preservation Framework 2022-2024

De la communauté / From the community
Society of American Archivists – A*Census II: All Archivists Survey

Digital Preservation Coalition – Beginners Guide to Computational Access (General Release)

Fondation SAPA (Archives suisses des arts de la scène) – Rapport annuel 2021

American Library Association and Association of College & Research Libraries – Cultural Proficiencies for Racial Equity: a Framework

International Journal on Digital Libraries, vol. 23, no. 3 (2022)

Fontes Artis Musicae: the Journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, vol. 69, no. 2 (2022)

Data Technologies and Applications, vol. 56, no. 4 (2022)

Ph. D. Thesis (University of British Columbia) – Museums as Spaces of Belonging : Racialized Power in the Margins

Book – Strangers in the Archive: Literary Evidence and London’s East End

Book – Teach yourself Palaeography: a Guide for Genealogists and Local Historians

Book – Unleashing the Art of Digital Forensics

Book – The Ones who Remember: Second-Generation Voices of the Holocaust

Book – German Ways of War: the Affective Geographies and Generic Transformations of German War Films

Book – IP Laws and Regimes in Major Asian Economies: Combing through Thousand Threads of IP to Peace in Asia

Book – Re-Using Manuscripts in Late Medieval England: Repairing, Recycling, Sharing

Book – The Law of Public Communication (12th Edition)

Book – Mining Photography: the Ecological Footprint of Image Production

Book – Love Immortal: Antique Photographs and Stories of Dogs and their People

Book – Indigenous Reconciliation and Decolonization: Narratives of Social Justice and Community Engagement

Livre – Décès, disparitions et successions en généalogie (cinquième édition)

Conférences et événements / Conferences and events
Muslims in Canada Archives Project
August 28, 2022, Scarborough (Ontario)

Rohingya Genocide Archive: Launch Event
August 30, 2022

The GLAM Fam! Transformative Use and Creativity in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums
September 1, 2022

Lecture in Honour of Recordkeeping and Archival Pioneer, Dr Frank Upward
September 6, 2022

Text Encoding Initiative 2022 Conference
September 12-16, 2022, Newcastle (UK)

Information & Records Management Society – Regaining the Strategic Power of Records Management
September 21, 2022

Fix it! Aborder ensemble les collections de fichiers
27 septembre 2022, Berne (Suisse)

Nouvelles ressources, nouvelles approches historiques : l’apport des archives d’institutions religieuses (XVIe – XXIe siècles)
30 septembre 2022, Lyon (France)

Initiatives in Accessibility to Holocaust Archival Sources and New Ways of Presenting Digital Archival Content
November 22-24, 2022, Jerusalem

Sur le web / On the web
From the Vaults: Audio from Edmonton’s Past – An Interview with Gerald ‘Gerry’ H. Wright, Part 2

Video – Shelf Life: Preserving the University of California, Berkeley Library’s Collections

Video – Writing Women into Wiki History: Experiences and Best Practices

Worldcat – New Version

Bulk Reviewer 0.3.1

Nouvelles du monde / News from the world

Making Sense of the Copyright Act’s Making Available Right

Federal Court dismisses awkward solicitor-client privilege claim

New Library and Archives Canada website

Library and Archives Canada – Co-Lab Updates for August

Canada Foundation for Innovation renews its support for Coalition Publica

Addressing a tragedy: Postcards sent to homes where soldiers lived commemorate Dieppe raid

Institute of National Remembrance (Poland) – Paying tribute to Canadian soldiers and commemorating officers and sailors of ORP Ślązak

BAnQ – Habiller le théâtre

BAnQ – La lune t’embrasse fort

Moshe Safdie, one of the world’s most acclaimed and influential architects, gifts his professional archive to McGill University

McGill University Library Map Collection Now on Canadiana

McMaster University – Meet Saman, cartographic resources librarian

University of British Columbia – Building Digital Collections in support of Teaching & Learning

Whistler Museum and Archives Society – What do you love about summer vacation?

Kitimat Museum and Archives (British Columbia) to hold community meeting to discuss shared facility project

Société historique Pierre-De-Saurel – Les entreprises en 1942 : sélection dans le livret du 300e anniversaire de la ville de Sorel

L’oeuvre-archive et ses mutations

Meet the woman on a mission to reclaim Yukon’s history for its First Peoples

Famed Karsh photograph of Winston Churchill replaced with copy, Château Laurier says

Churchill portrait stolen from Chateau Laurier may have already been sold

How a Hudson’s Bay canoe sailed from the national archives to the Glebe

Afrique / Africa
La mémoire en péril: en Afrique, on archive peu et mal

Cameroun – À Yaoundé, Emmanuel Macron annonce l’ouverture d’archives déjà publiques

Ghana – Nana Ato Arthur hails the prospects of a new Records Management Manual

Amériques / Americas
NARA – A User’s Guide to World War II-Era Radio in the National Archives

NARA – An Indigenous Woman’s Legal Fight After Forced Sterilization

NARA – Hitting the Books! Colleges and Universities in the Records of the National Register of Historic Places

NARA Weighs Records Digitization Deadline Extension Toward ‘Zero Click’ Goal

Not a simple mistake: Previous cases of missing documents at the National Archives

It’s not Just Trump: Lyndon B. Johnson Took Classified Documents Too

Why all those Trump documents exist in the form of physical paper

Library of Congress – Collaborations with Embedded Audio Metadata: Reusing Cue Chunk Data for IIIF Web Annotations

Library of Congress – Volunteer Vignette: the Youngstown State University Transcribing Club

Library of Congress – 25 Years Later, Tuesdays with Morrie Still Resonates

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Issues Guidance to Make Federally Funded Research Freely Available without Delay

White House launches new war on secrecy

Encoded Archival Standards: a view from ArchiveGrid and Building a National Finding Aid Network (NAFAN) research

Yale University Film Archive receives grant to preserve second film by pioneering Black director Kathleen Collins

University of Virginia Library archive collects community’s perspective of August 12

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – The Archivist for the Lost Cause

University of Texas – Digital Archive at the Ransom Center Shows How the Theatre Industry Made it Through the Pandemic

New Digital Resource on the History of Slavery at University of Georgia

Brown University Acquires Personal Archive of Former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal

The new director of Florida A&M University’s historic Black archives says understanding the past is key to understanding the present

Arizona State University librarian on a mission to reclaim and repatriate Indigenous knowledge

An Interview with North Carolina State University Libraries

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission launches free digital archive of designation photos

Pioneering Photographer Captured Bohemian Area of New York in the 1920s

Boston City Archives – The Mary Eliza Project: Ward 8 Voter Records Now Available

The Spark and the Flame: the Circle of Preserving Black History

The Trace of an Implied Presence Explores the Legacy of Black Dance

Journalists continue to lean on Twitter as fewer Americans use it as a news source

Asie-Pacifique / Asia-Pacific
Protecting the indispensable: Australian libraries campaign to safeguard library, archive roles in broadcasting organisation

Australia – An Ode to my Grandmother: remaking the past using oral histories, theatre and music

South Korea – Prosecutors raid Presidential Archives over early closure decision for Wolsong 1 reactor

South Korean prosecutors raid Presidential Archives for records on North Korean fishermen’s repatriation

Vietnam – Les archives contribuent au développement socio-économique national

Island Culture Archival Support Returns to Pacific with Maps Project in Fiji

China – Cultural Heritage: National Archives of Publications and Culture preserving historical records in Guangzhou

The establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to achieve peace in Papua

Saving India’s History: Archive Merger Poses Numerous Problems

Europe / Europa
Malta – 800 manuscripts dating back to 1786 donated to the National Archives

Flemish archive institute to digitise 170,000 historical photographic plates

Manuscrits, partitions : la Bibliothèque nationale de France veut les archives d’Offenbach

Institut national du patrimoine (France) – Neige blanche et voile blanc : étude de différents produits de finition/protection pour des matériaux sensibles à la photo-oxydation et aux polluants

Institut national du patrimoine – Influence des paramètres de mise en œuvre : température et temps de chauffe sur l’adhésion de la colle de peau

Ireland – The Dublin Port Digital Archive Is Now Live

Jesuits in Ireland – Michael Collins’ last letter

Papers of former Prime Minister Arthur Balfour bought for the nation

National Library of Scotland – Our experience with these pilot projects has been very positive, with volunteers enjoying the work and some extremely useful datasets successfully gathered from our maps: interview with Christopher Fleet, Katie Haffie and Jenny Parkerson

University of Stirling – Historic children’s home archive opens with donation from former resident

UK National Archives – Garveyism: A letter from the black working class

British Library – Remembering historians of Ukraine on the Day of National Independence

British Library – Massacre on the streets of Paris

British Library – Empires, Oceans, and Emotions: Unexpected Encounters in the Archive

British Library – Papers of Penelope Chetwode

Curious Cures: Cambridge to Publish Astonishing Medieval Medical Manuscripts

Moyen-Orient / Middle East
National Library of Israel – How Did Jews Flee to Israel from the Arab World?

National Library of Israel – The Hebrew Manuscript that Dared to Depict God

Israel Mulls Declassifying 1948 Files that Defense Ministry Had Locked Away Illicitly

Israel concealing archives of Nakba civilian killings

Section on Literary and Artistic Archives of the International Council on Archives – What do we mean by Literary Archives?

Web Archives Research: Return of the Cohorts

International Council of Museums approves a new museum definition

Some people archive video games for a living: here’s what they feel about the state of game preservation

The Fate of Video Game Preservation Is in your Hands

Tracing our digital footprints: how do we archive screen cultures?

The culture of records management

Digital Forensics: the Ultimate Guide

Seven reasons why LTO won’t die

Hitting the books: how can privacy survive in a world that never forgets?

We Kill People Based on Metadata and Other Metadata Things

Old laptop hard drives will allegedly crash when exposed to Janet Jackson music

Research Graph Augment API

Five Emerging Design Trends for Data-Heavy User Experiences in 2022

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